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  1. Benjamin

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    After reaching out to Sonosax again, I've heard back that they've been able to replicate the issue under some conditions. The case has been sent to the hardware engineer, who is quite busy these days/months, presumably with the new preamp/AD. It seems like I'm the only individual who has run up against this, but I'll report back once Sonosax has concluded their investigation.
  2. Benjamin

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    I had thought that it would rule out that the machine was self-oscillating at those frequencies. In any case, I'll reach out to Sonosax again. In the meantime, can any owner of an R4+ confirm whether their machine shows similar peaks?
  3. Benjamin

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    I don't have one lying around, unfortunately.
  4. Benjamin

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    Good suggestion and and I double checked to see if a monitor was the culprit. No such luck. The peaks are nonexistent when testing the recorder by itself with nothing connected. So I had thought that perhaps the issue was with my microphones or even cables, but I've used them with a number of other recorders and have never come across this issue.
  5. Benjamin

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    Per Constantin's suggestion, I've transposed the files using Logic and find a couple of interesting things: one, at -36 transposition more peaks appear, and; two, once audible, I hear what sounds like crickets. The curious thing is that the same "noise" shows up in recordings taken in my place in Portland, Oregon and at my relatives' place in Los Angeles, California and seems to disappear with an external preamp.
  6. Benjamin

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    Because it's so high. I haven't pitched down yet, but will try that. Quiet is relative, of course, and these recordings captured the ambient noise inside my home with levels cranked up. On louder subjects, such as a recent capture of a stream, the levels of the subject are greater than the ~17kHz peak. I've yet to encounter a subject that exceeds the ~34kHz peak (though perhaps this summer I'll run into some crickets!). For reference, I'm attaching snippets of the recordings. There were captured within minutes of each other in my living room. sx0dBextpre.wav - R4+ with External Preamp, i.e. Line Level sx20dBextP48.wav - R4+ with External Phantom Box, i.e. internal mike Preamp with no phantom powering sx20dBP48.wav - R4+ with internal mike Preamp and phantom powering engaged sx0dBextpre.wav sx20dBextP48.wav sx20dBP48.wav
  7. Benjamin

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    I've picked up a unit and find it excellent. The mike pres/AD sound lovely, detailed and effortless. The DAC/Headphone amp is especially nice. I do have a few questions. The wifi operation is really convenient for my purposes: I throw the R4+ in a backpack, run 2ch mikes handheld and I'm off. I was chasing down some frogs through thick chaparral in So Cal the other night and loved having the unit fixed to by back. Am I right that it is not possible to adjust gain via the wifi web app? One other question: has any one noticed a low-level peak at ~17kHz? When recording at 96k, I notice another, possibly harmonic peak, at ~34kHz. I've attached a spectrogram to show what I'm talking about. The noise seems invariant between P48 and +20dB and +20dB with external P48 powering (though the levels are about 6dB lower). The peaks disappear when P48 and +20dB are disengaged and an external preamp is used. To be clear: I only noticed this when looking at the files in a sonogram. I can't hear it and I can notice no discernible degradation in the sound file. But it is there, so I want to check to see what might be going on, if only for the purposes of knowing the recorder better. I have an email out to Sonosax, but it's been a couple of month since I've heard back.
  8. Benjamin

    Remote Audio MEON Hi-Q batteries

    Thanks for the responses, all! Glen, might you happen to know if the ELC-SMB charger calibrates? I'm wondering if I might get away with having only smaller portable charger. But if not, and if calibration is important, then I'll pick up a desktop version.
  9. Benjamin

    Remote Audio MEON Hi-Q batteries

    I might be overthinking things, but I recall reading that mixing battery and charger brands might not be a good idea, so I'm checking to see if it's OK to use the Audioroot ELC-SMB portable charger with the MEON Hi-Q batteries. Further, does anyone know if the ELC-SMB portable charger calibrates? It's SMBus 1.1 compliant, but I was unable to determine wether or not that includes calibration. Please forgive the naive questions: I'm uninitiated to this way of powering.
  10. Benjamin

    Aeta Systems 4MINX

    Wow that peak is truly awful. It would drive me nuts. I've heard that the preamps are primo, but who cares if that peak is "built in"? Surely this is the result of some bad batch?
  11. Benjamin

    Etymotic or other brand for low-cost earplugs?

    I love the regular Ety's. They're relatively cheap and seem to have a decent linear attenuation.
  12. Benjamin

    NYTimes sound backgrounds from around world

    This is very interesting and portends much from NYT and its paperless future. I do wish there were more sections of longer form, non-dialogue sections.
  13. Benjamin

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    Excellent thread. I wonder: is anyone in the USA using the R4+? I'm interested in the recorder but would definitely want one with the full dynamic range. Is is possible to buy abroad and have one shipped stateside?
  14. Has anyone used the Leo-20 MSN basket with the OSIX suspension? It's an elegant wind/suspension package that mounts a CMC body with an MK capsule directly on an OSIX and floats the CCM8 in the basket itself. http://www.cinela.fr/catalog.php?pid=86&language=en I know Cinela gets high marks around these parts, but I given how susceptible the CCM8 seems to be to handling and wind noise, I wonder how this might work running handheld. I know a full basket is best, but the compactness of this rig is very attractive.