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  1. *1535 But yes, that is the technically the largest carry-on. Not sure whether the risk would be worth getting another size.
  2. Jan reached out to me. Which is a welcomed conversation. Just wanted to clarify everything here: I spoke to representatives from resellers, they shared that the support was not as fast as they were accustomed to and that it was better for the European counterparts. I was also told that the slate was delayed (I was given 3 estimated dates that came and passed. I now know that it was a manufacturing issue.). The factors in the chain of support (shipping, customs, parts, etc.) might not have been accounted for in their perspectives. I have not dealt with their support yet and don't have a personal assessment.
  3. @gareth john that is the point that was raised: Europe seemed to have a standard experience. I have not had to request any support from them and I reserve my personal assessment of them until I do. Just shared the experiences of the representatives from some resellers.
  4. To preface, I'm locked to the Betso ecosystem at this point. I've had conversations with a couple retailers and they've all expressed concerns over support from Betso (not sure whether european consumers have it better) for the consumer and poor communication even with the retailers, I have also been waiting for their slate since September 4th (they haven't sent any to the retailers). Technically haven't had any problems, but these points have raised concerns. Update: Since Betso reached out, I wanted to clarify a couple things. The two thing were separate (slate and support). The slate was delayed because of manufacturing-related issues (I did not know this until Betso updated) and support was the thing that I was told was told to be mindful of. It was a general response that said that support was not as quick for North America relative to other manufacturer.
  5. Have used the Betso slate. Ergonomics and design-wise, I prefer it.
  6. Great to hear from your experience, not good to hear the experience.
  7. Just wanted to ask what you guys feel like, in regards to how you're treated in production? Coming from the visual side, I get recognized. I so far feel like sound is seen more as a tool than a part of the process. Would love to know your perspective to expect how things are going to be like and to improve future relationships with sound. Would love to get an idea on the varying levels of productions and how that affects the experience.
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