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  1. Aloha Clay. Thanks for the recommendation! I will give these products a try. I appreciate the recommendation. Thanks for this information Phil, I appreciate it! I will have the guys at Trew in LA show me how it's done. i don't want to botch anything up.
  2. i Jez, I am still trying to figure this out. I found an old thread quoted below regarding the jumper. From a previous post from Glen Trew: Nagra's timecode version of the IV-S(TC) did not require the jumper plug to record timecode to the center track. It does have a cue track input as well as a LEMO separate TC track. I have a tC resolver device that plugs into these ports. I tried plugging them in and recording to see if it nulled the internal TC generator but TC was still recorded to the track. Sorry, I am a Nagra newbie so I am probably missing something obvious. Any suggestions?
  3. Nice pics tourtelot! I do have one of the old black briefcases but too small for my Nagra. Good stuff!
  4. Hi Jez, I looked in the manual in the cue track section. It would appear that you can set the TC input to external which is tuchel but it looks for TC and presents an error if there is none. Being able to use a jumper would be great. I would like the simplest way to disable TC but bring it back later if necessary. It looks like removing the TC board would require unsoldering the ground wire... I would love a simpler way if there is one. Also, great idea about the case in the case. The peli for flight and the Hali for street. A class act! Thanks for all these great suggestions guys. I am ever grateful for your wisdom.
  5. Thanks mono- pelican air looks interesting. Maybe not so bulky. I actually have an old Kangaroo bag that fits it, so I am good in the field work department.
  6. They look freaking awesome though!!
  7. Thank you for the info. Yeah, they are real pricey but they look great. Regarding what Philip said about them getting dented up real easy, I looked on eBay and most of the used ones were all dented! Thanks you both for the pointers on these cases. I might have to go with a pelican I guess. They just look so meh to me. That said, they certainly are rugged as hell! Maybe the Nanuk is a little more low profile and less bulky. I will have to keep researching..
  8. Wow, those Halliburton cases are amazing! Definitely belong with the Nagra. I also love the idea of the custom cut foam to hold it. Thanks or the excellent recommendation mono!
  9. Thank you for the great info dela! I have been trying to figure out how to disable TC for that reason. I can't hear any now but better to be safe. I would very much appreciate if you could send me a PDF of the shop manual if you have it. If not, just a scan of the page describing disabling timecode would be fantastic. Thank you! I will investigate the polish described, thank you for sharing that. Thank you David for this information. Yes, the photo doesn't really show all the fine swirls and scratches but they are there. Thank you for the idea of the orbital as well.
  10. Hi Phil, thanks for the reply. Yes, the machine came with a 1990 version of the manual so it is 1990 or later. For now I will be using it mostly for location music recording in stereo, so I don't nee the TC function yet... The gasket seems to be very solid still (aside from some discoloration). I will ask the tech at Trew to be sure though.
  11. Hello all, I am new to posting in this forum (been reading it for quite a while). After reading the epic Nagra thread in the "Images" forum I concluded that this is the place with the most concentrated Nagra knowledge around. Which brings me to my question... I recently acquired a very nice condition IVs (tc). I had been wanting one for years and this one for many reasons fit the bill. Everything seems to be working very well but nevertheless I am taking it down to Trew in Burbank later next month for a full service and calibration. I am trying to beautify it and have questions about cleaning the exterior parts. I read it is possible to polish the plastic lid so it is scratch free. Does anyone have any experience with this? There are no deep scratches but many small ones. I wonder what best practices for doing this would be. Also, in cleaning the exterior what would you recommend? Finally, I am looking for a rugged but quality travel case other than the standard pelican. Maybe something more Nagra like and beautiful. An aluminum briefcase would be neat but they don't make them that large I suspect. Any creative ideas would be appreciated! Thanks for the resourceful forum. Here is a picture of my new friend...
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