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  1. Stevie Wonder's "Come back as a flower" is one of my favourite songs! And I didn't even know it was from soundtrack! You made my weekend! Thanks.
  2. People tend to cheer for their own horse, and like to sing in a choir. Another day another choir will sing the praise of 416.
  3. Yes and no. While I see your point, it may hold true for % not actual $ -which is what matters to many: In the case of the Oktava Movie Set and the MKH50, the price is 185€ and 1545€ respectively (at Thomann.de). even if you can resell the used Oktava at only 40% of its new price you will still be out far less than if you manage to resell the MKH50 at 80% of new price (which would be the absolute max I would personally pay for a mint product without warranty). If you end up disliking the Oktava and buy the MKH50 you'd loose 111€ - compared to going for the MKH50 directly. If you go directly for the MKH50 and dislike it, you'd loose 309€ The dynamics on the second hand market is different, of course. However, it requires that you are able to comfortably navigate it - otherwise it may be very costly for you.
  4. This is the coolest legend interview, ever. Totally entertained! - 🙏
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