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  1. -Yes! Somebody really need to buy those NTG8s
  2. With all due respect for Watson Wu and all the others that gets freebies and pre-launch loaners. Have you ever heard them talk bad of whatever they received? They know very well that if they do, they will loose their privilege. With that said, I think highly of Røde and what they do for the customer segment they serve. I love the fact that they make their stuff in Australia and still strike a favorable balance between price and quality.
  3. And it works! Straight on, no pop filter: https://www.npr.org/2019/07/29/732097345/lizzo-tiny-desk-concert?jwsource=cl (Explicit Language)
  4. Paul, The good people at TapersSection.com are reporting the same problem and are documenting the results in a detailed format in this thread: http://taperssection.com/index.php?topic=191314.0 cheers Niels
  5. I imagine it will be easier to suggest alternatives if you share what you don’t like about it, and perhaps even what properties you hope to find in the replacement.
  6. Stevie Wonder's "Come back as a flower" is one of my favourite songs! And I didn't even know it was from soundtrack! You made my weekend! Thanks.
  7. People tend to cheer for their own horse, and like to sing in a choir. Another day another choir will sing the praise of 416.
  8. Yes and no. While I see your point, it may hold true for % not actual $ -which is what matters to many: In the case of the Oktava Movie Set and the MKH50, the price is 185€ and 1545€ respectively (at Thomann.de). even if you can resell the used Oktava at only 40% of its new price you will still be out far less than if you manage to resell the MKH50 at 80% of new price (which would be the absolute max I would personally pay for a mint product without warranty). If you end up disliking the Oktava and buy the MKH50 you'd loose 111€ - compared to going for the MKH50 directly. If you go directly for the MKH50 and dislike it, you'd loose 309€ The dynamics on the second hand market is different, of course. However, it requires that you are able to comfortably navigate it - otherwise it may be very costly for you.
  9. This is the coolest legend interview, ever. Totally entertained! - 🙏
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