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    Instructional videos including sound. Field recording for pleasure. Back when tape was a thing, I did a bit of recording and editing for radio.
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  1. RØDE has just released a tiny audio interface that will allow you to use just about any mic terminated in a 3.5mm jack. https://rode.com/interfaces-and-mixers/ai-micro?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EDM - AI-Micro launch&utm_content=EDM - AI-Micro launch+CID_55372acfbca4199d66959d551cbf974b&utm_source=eBlast Campaign Monitor&utm_term=CHECK IT OUT#buy_now_links Lightening cable is included but it is not restricted to Lightening. It came out a day or two ago so I obviously haven't tried it. The Shure Motiv MV88 is a good and flexible mid/side plug-in microphone I have used and can recommend. Ryoichi Sakamoto used it for sampling sounds for his 2017 album "async". https://www.shure.com/en-US/products/microphones/mv88
  2. The Centrance Mixerface R4D is a high quality compact solution at $400 new. I think it would fulfil your requirements except does not deliver P12. - but get that 416 converted to 48.
  3. Haven't tried, but if no one have better suggestions, I'd say try 3M Micropore. Don't let anyone stand behind the horse when you pull it off
  4. You normally don’t record dialogue and ambience at the same time. Record the ambiance separately with a stereo mic.
  5. Don't know the Sennheiser EW 100 G2, but Rodelink works better than than Deity Connect. Deity often tend to oversell their stuff, at least with the few things I have tried.
  6. It would have to be in order to work correctly.
  7. If going that route, it may be worth reading the SPDR thread first. There are some observations that may or may not be of interest depending on intended use:
  8. This is very old. I bought it from an amateur recordist, who in turn bought it used from a religious film production company in the early 80's (I have the receipt). I read somewhere that the 416 T-powered version was only produced a short period after the the 416 replaced the MKH 415 - I think the 415 were all T powered - although many were converted to p48 later. There was a lot of T recording equipment in circulation back in the 70's thus still a demand for T powered mics when the 416 was introduced. I don't know when it was converted to P48, but it was done before it came into possession of the previous owner - So my guess is late 70's. The mic actually included the parts required to reverse the mic to T power again. It still sounds sweet, and there has never been any rattle or noise that I have been aware of.
  9. Just for the fun of it. This is my acient 416T, if anyone ever wondered how that one looks inside. It is P48 modified at at the factory at some point. Serial no. 01812.
  10. Well, it looks well used, perhaps even slightly abused - which may explain both that the paint is worn smooth and something rattles. The electronic board looks genuine, no faker would go through the trouble of copying the innards in such detail.
  11. Røde makes a $25 headset for a Ø4.5mm lav. That’s only 0.5mm more than the COS11. It may fit or a little tape may do the trick.
  12. Given what I read from your question, it doesn't sound to me like this is in preparation for a critical project. Many fine personal/YouTube/low budget projects has been done with what you have already. Just borrow that H4N - and find out what works for you and replace what doesn't along the way - when you know why it doesn't work.
  13. +1 I have been quite happy with the AA Ladda 2450 for more than a year now, and while I can't claim to have done any structured testing, I haven't noticed any variance.
  14. Agree. Only time can tell if the M1 is equally rugged. I imagine that was the reason why the RØDE marketing team decided to make this the only lifetime warranty mic in their lineup. Anyway - these are all relatively inexpensive microphones and it wouldn't break the bank to buy the candidates and decide from there - and sell off the leftovers at a modest loss.
  15. I like RØDE M1 better than SM58. The M1 is heavier, is a little cheaper (where I live) and sounds better to my ears (marginally) - and it has a lifetime warranty.
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