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  1. DonovanBomb

    Show me your bag

    50 or 416 > MM1 > F8, 411/um400 x2 (cos-11d), Rodelink camera hop, Tentacle Sync, UM100 to UCR100 x2 IFB, Orca 28 bag/orca harness, Talentcell for power
  2. DonovanBomb

    URSA vs VIVIANA straps fabric comparison

    Thanks SeeSound! I was in the market and really debating between the two, but your input really helped me make a decision. Just placed an order so I'm looking forward to trying out my new URSA straps next week!
  3. DonovanBomb

    When Production doesn’t rent your kit

    A pair of headphones is like a pair of underwear... they're personal items meant to cover yer holes. So if you show up on set and start asking around to borrow a pair, people are going to make assumptions about your professionalism.