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  1. lindabarzini

    LT/LR vs SRc

    Of course the first option is to hire a professional sound person. The problem is passion projects and indie narratives are usually zero budget. I asked a basic technical question. I would like to hear opinions based on professional experiences and my circumstances. What makes you think I want to hear your pissy ranting or the other guy speaking in damn riddles. Quit trying to be a smartass, when you're just an ass. Thanks Codyman, Ryanpeds, and Daniel for actually helpful information.
  2. lindabarzini

    LT/LR vs SRc

    I I have no idea what you mean. I have 2 transmitters because that is how many wireless mics I need and I got a great deal on them. I spent a few hours at the shop yesterday going over the options. They are pretty solid location sound guys and didn't seem to have a clear distinction. Keep in mind, I am primarily a cinematographer, so the versatility of straight into camera on many smaller shoots is appealing. I know I could technically go from the SRC into camera, but it would require a power solution. I frequently have all d-taps filled with teradek bolt, bartech follow focus, and monitor.
  3. lindabarzini

    Sanken COS11-D vs SERVO

    When would you want to use a reduced sensitivity SERVO wireless microphone vs regular as it relates to the Sanken COS-11D?
  4. lindabarzini

    LT/LR vs SRc

    I have 2 LT (A1) band transmitters and need to decide on receiver/s. The LR offers the versatility of easily mounting on a camera with AA batteries. The SRC is smaller, lighter, and has a top display. Pretty close to 50/50 decision. Any opinions?
  5. lindabarzini

    Lectrosonics LT/LR ranges

    I am looking into getting a Lectrosonics LT/LR kit. I'm not quite sure how to read the spreadsheet on their website city-by-city. In Chicago, it looks like there are only 5 possible ranges, all of which are in the B1 range, except 1 in the A1. It looks like the old Block 22 would be the best. Therefore, it seems like the B1 range would be best to buy for the LT/LR kit. Am I reading this right? A1 - blocks 470, 19, 20 (470.100 - 537.575 MHz) B1 - blocks 21, 22, 23 (537.600 - 614.374 MHz) C1 - blocks 24, 25, 26 (614.400 - 691.175 MHz) https://www.lectrosonics.com/US/images/FCC-documents/City_by_City.xlsx