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  1. Looks like that, I've seen similar on other forums. Probably other posts will contain links to advertisements.
  2. I agree. And it's a shame that many companies are relying on Facebook for customer communication instead of setting their own systems. Of course it's cheaper. It reminds me a bit of the situation with the Flash plugin. I always refused to install it because of critical security and privacy issues and sometimes visiting the websites of pro audio manufacturers without it was a real nightmare. Of course Facebook is worse, their behavior seems to be outright criminal.
  3. Late, but for the record I connected my MixPre-3 to a laboratory power supply measuring consumption depending on the operating options. I found out that Bluetooth is essentially free. After all it's very low bandwidth status updates for the meters and time code, it does not send audio after all. The worst offender is the gorgeous screen that, at the same time, you can see under bright sunlight.
  4. True, but I was thinking about the non linear effects, ie, receiver saturation. In a link with enough interference to cause intermodulation on the receiver the directional antenna may be more beneficial on the receiver, as it will attenuate off axis interference (unless Mr. Murphy makes the powerful interference exactly on axis) And in this particular application there is more bandwith from the "transmitter" to the "receiver" (audio) than the reverse (feedback/control signals from the "receiver" to the "transmitter"). Just from a theoretical point of view
  5. I think some improvement can be expected. For starters, the transmissions won't be symmetrical with more bandwidth being used for audio from the transmitter to the "receiver" compared to the feedback signal sent from the "receiver" back to the transmitter. So, a properly aimed directional antenna would at least help reduce interference on the most critical point. Unless, of course, the worst offender is aligned with the RX and the TX. In that case, miracles don't exist
  6. The 2.4 GHz spectrum is a mess. I would bet for a properly regulated cognitive radio approach on the traditional UHF bands or even TV channels exploiting the fact that the whole band is not busy everywhere. As for the 2.4 GHz antenna, remember that it can be challenging to build a good one. Tolerances are tight and it must have quite a usable bandwidth.
  7. In Germany talk to WiMo. They have a good assortment of antennas and they sell both to hams and professional users. As you can't install an amplifier close to the antenna (the "receiver" in digital systems such as Deity is actually a transceiver) keep the cable as short as possible. Another advantage of Wimo is that they can build a pigtail to your specification and they have a good selection of low loss coax cables. Also bear in mind that a splitter will add losses by itself.
  8. Maybe they have been placing those mystery monolithes around the world
  9. I’ve actually seen something similar working. A friend built a prototype using ultrasonic transducers and beaming an amplitude modulated 40 KHz beam. He considered a product for museums in which statues would “speak”. I thought it offered endless opportunities for pranks. It was rather creepy to hear a voice speaking just behind you, really close, only to turn around and see nobody!
  10. AMD has begun to be a serious threat now, if only. It's funny because the Intel 64 bit instruction set was actually designed by AMD, Intel's option, Itanium (a satirical IT website from the UK called it Itanic) fell into oblivion. So, benchmarks are out and the new ARM processor surpasses even the fastest Intel based laptops Apple is selling. Interesting times, this will be like the Unix workstation wars with cutthroat competition among DEC, Sun, IBM, HP...
  11. It should be trivial to recompile (just tick a box so that it generates a fat binary with Intel and ARM code) if your software is somewhat modern. But I guess Pro Tools has a lot of legacy code written for vacuum tube based processors The same can happen to other pro audio applications such as Digital Performer, etc. First benchmarks are out and the results are indeed impressive. https://www.macrumors.com/2020/11/11/m1-macbook-air-first-benchmark/ My only disappointment and the reason why I think I will still wait for a year is, the Macbook Pro has just two USB-
  12. My apologies in that case! Maybe I tend to overreact to the antenophobia nonsense because it irks me so much.
  13. Actually, Quantum Physics shows a somewhat non intuitive property. If a radiation source doesn't have energetic enough photons to cause a non thermal effect, ie, it is non ionizing, no matter how many photons you receive no ionization will happen. Only thermal effects. Remember that the number of photons is the intensity of the radiation. Now, imagine you are in Normandie and you want to throw stones at England. No matter how many stones you throw, none of them will hit the target. This is important because there is no cumulative effect for non ionizing radiation. Using your Wifi,
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