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  1. Even if the network is dedicated to Dante (it can get tricky if you have other high demand or bursty applications running) I would never consider an unmanaged switch. The price of a reasonable managed switch from a reputable vendor is peanuts compared to the equipment usually discussed in this forum. And you can't imagine the amount of pain that crappy networking gear is capable of inflicting. And indeed multicast Dante can be taxing for poor switches. And it can become a nightmare in case you plug a wireless access point to your network. If only thanks to the capability to show interface statistics (errors, etc) managed switches are, in my opinion, mandatory. (Note that I am writing this with my ISP guy hat on)
  2. It arrived on Friday. I had ordered a 16 inch model with 512 GB of storage and the 24 GPU core M1 Max, 32 GB of memory. The thing is insanely fast. I was installing software, including XCode, and it was still at body temperature given that I had it on my lap while I sat on the couch. I didn't even bother to plug it to do that. Funny enough, my odl 2009 Macbook Pro was sitting idle on the table and I looked at them with a small thermal camera. While the 16 inch was busy working, the 2009 MBPro showed hot areas (top left corner of the keyboard and power connector) while, as I said, the new 16 inch didn't sweat at all. Bringing back MagSafe is a very welcome change. Unlike previous models, the power supply does not have an unremovable cable. It is actually a high power USB-C to MagSafe cable so in case of need you can plug it to a different USB-C supply. Although only with a high power one you will achieve the promised 50 % charge in 30 minutes. The keyboard has an excellent feel reminding me of the old Powerbook G4 I got back in 2003 which was really impressive. This can be a game changer even for real time audio processing as using shared memory between the CPU and the GPU eliminates most of the latency. We'll see though.
  3. So I operated my old Mac Pro. It was easy although I really hate those tiny u.FL RF connectors. It looks like you are going to destroy them but they are surprisingly sturdy for their size. Bluetooth has improved (as has WiFi being now 802.11ac compliant) but it still struggles trying to use the Airpods Pro in duplex mode (microphone and hearphones) so it may be a deeper issue in Mac OS X (the Mac Pro is running Mojave).
  4. Aha, but it's an audio interface offering Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility instead of a full fledged Bluetooth controller, right? I have bit the bullet and ordered a Wifi+Bluetooth upgrade for my Mac Pro. https://www.ebay.es/itm/164830614939 I haven't received it yet but I know the seller, I purchased an AMD RX580 card for the Mac Pro from him several years ago and it works like a charm. I will report back Thank you!
  5. I am using a MixPre-3 as an audio interface for an iPad during concerts. Nothing fancy, I run SMAART Tools on the iPad and I needed an interface to connect a microphone. As I already have a MixPre 3, problem solved.
  6. The Spanish listing is this one I think. Both recorder and control surface. Maybe you can persuade him/her to sell just the control surface. https://www.ebay.es/itm/124981503007?hash=item1d197a641f:g:IwcAAOSwFwBhfpHk#viTabs_0 The seller mistyped the reference writing RC-P82 instead of RC-F82 but according to the photos it's the RC-F82.
  7. Some detail would be great. I purchased AirPods Pro last month and I am very happy with them. Except that they struggle to work with my 2010 Mac Pro running Mojave (10.14) but I think the only reason is the old Bluetooth version it runs. With the iPod and iPad they work really well.
  8. Behringer cracked the Stradivarius secret and now they are flooding the market with $100 Behringarius violins. Imagine how many briliant violinists you can find now! (I wasted a good April Fools Day joke!)
  9. I will try with my Sennheiser HD600 when it arrives (November) People tend to focus on processor GHz but the two elephants in the room regarding computer performance are disk bandwidth (a non issue unless you do databases or heavy UHD video editing) and memory bandwidth. Memory bandwidth determines the speed at which the processor can move data between memory and its internal registers. It is critical because memory is much much much slower than the internal registers, and that problem is mitigated using caches (faster intermediate memory). Sadly Murphy's Law applies of course and there are workloads that can represent worst cases for cache management algorithms. So sometimes ultra fast processors don't provide the performance you would expect. The big advantage of the current approach adopted by Apple (memory inside the SoC) is, you can make it much much much faster. The downside is, no memory expansion possibilities (you would need to replace the whole SoC). There is no free beer. Furthermore, GPUs are increasingly used to speed up parallel operations like video encoding and some signal processing tasks. Again, no matter how fast your CPU and GPU are if you must spend a lot of time (and energy!) moving data from slow memory to graphics memory. By sharing it and being inside the SoC the system can use zero copy strategies to exchange data between CPU and GPU. That can give a massive improvement. So, the minimum 32 GB in the Max processors makes sense. Part of it will be used by the GPU in heavy tasks.
  10. Well, things are getting interesting! I enjoyed reading Jason Snell's post "Exile from Dongletown". MagSafe is back, more ports, improved keyboard after all their problems... And an insane processor with more dramatic peformance increases than most people realize. The memory bandwidth of the Max version is incredible.
  11. The shot taken last week shows my trusty MixWizard3 14:4:2 in action And, by the way, I suffered a hard to debug quirk with it! An ailing Macbook Pro power supply was making an audio interface restart. The interface was connected to the mixer's direct outs in order to record, and the continuous restarting induced some interference through the direct outs which are not fully buffered ("impedance balanced"). It was crazy until I found out with the audience already sitting down! Other than that I really like it and I think it is much better than the Mackie we have been using so far. I don't see A&H, SSL or DiGiCO adding toasters to their line up so I imagine it will be fine!
  12. They offered headphones when they were owned by D&M Holdings, which is consistent with the recent sprouting of OEM stuff under the Marantz name. But I think A&H are pretty well focused now. Hey, this picture might have been prophetic!
  13. It has improved a lot these last days. Now the Cloudflare checking is working as it should, verifying that I am running a real browser and redirecting to the forum in short order.
  14. Yes, same problem from Spain. I have tried several providers just in case it was provider dependent. It seems to affect especially Apple's Safari, I have just reached the forum using Firefox while Safari was stuck. @Jeff Wexlerif you need help let me know. I would guess you tightened the denial of service protection settings too much, which, by the way, are mostly unrelated to "hacking".
  15. Great to know it's working for you! Just in case I would keep a couple of cheap attenuators in hand. If you see too much interference it might be the front end overloading due to strong signlas out of the displayed frequencies and attenuators help in that case.
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