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  1. Hello everyone, I got some questions about the DPA 4018 microphone. By wrap up my final quarter in school. There is a documentary class and I decided to cooperate with a local singer by planning to shoot mainly indoor and live performances. I come up a mind to see If I can find a bit high-end vocal mic for great sound quality. I saw the 4018 vocal version is the capsule embedded under a mic grid. So my question would be that passable for me to use that capsule with an MMP preamp to turn it into an indoor mic. I saw some different when they name it like 4018V 4018VL and 4018ES. But not sure if I can put a 4018VL as an indoor super cardioid mic or it will not be sensitive enough. Thanks
  2. I do use mophie power station ac for some cases. They do last really long
  3. I believe you can find some on an app call XIANYU 闲鱼, I do see some renting services on it. Some even come with a recording assistant. Let me know if you need further info. I was raised and born in Shenzhen and been in China for about 17 years before I came to the state.
  4. Hello, I got a question about the mic amplifier for so long. By upgrading my plug on from skp 100 to HMA. I got a question about the mic amplifier. So what if I am using the wireless system like HMA, will the internal mic amplifier still work or it only works when I turned on the phantom power. Thank you
  5. updates: Got an HMA and a 411A for $1600. Maybe upgrade to a some more 411 later this year.
  6. I was looking at it. The price is being super reasonable I am looking at the LMA, but to my small knowledge of the lectro kit, It comes with a different receiver. Not too sure if I may upgrade the receiver later
  7. my budjet is a little bit low, $1500 and less. that is the reason I am looking at Lectrosonics HMa.
  8. got it. I am now looking at Lectrosonics I believe the cheap Lectrosonics have an indeed entrance level receiver. I am not really into Lectrosonics. So it seems like the transmitter for different pricing package has the same transmitter (Lectrosonics HMa). would that means I might purchase a cheaper set with the HMa and upgrade to a better receiver when I need it? Thank you that looks like a good idea
  9. Hello everyone I recently received two Sennheiser SKP 100 G3 Plug-on Transmitters. Just noticed that it does not come with Phantom Power. So just wondering if there is any boom pole comes with a phantom power. I got a Denecke PS-1A for right now but it is not easy to carry around. So, what should I do? I think for 3 solutions but not sure which one will be better. 1) Found a shotgun mic can put a battery inside. Like an NTG 4+ or an MKE 600. I got a CMIT 5U already so it might be a downgrade to me 2) get a Sennheiser ew 500 Film G4 plug on kit so that I don't have to worry about the power issue 3) There is another solution is the Lectrosonics 100 Series Wireless UHF Plug-in. I don't see much pricing difference between this kit and the ew500, but sounds like Lectrosonics have a better reputation? Thank you for your help
  10. tried another day to find a place to rent it. Still don't get any info.
  11. Hello all, Trying to find out which is the better recorder for me. I know both of them are really beautiful recorders (performance, price). The only issue would be which one fits me well. sx-r4+ is a simple recorder. 4 channel input and really good mic amp (I don't get a chance to hear the sample yet) Cantar mini is a way much more complicated recorder. a lot more function. The only issue is that seems it needs a recording cart to hold it. I mainly use the 5U right now. Waiting for my DPA 4017B for interior location sound. I know for sure any one of them will sound way better than my F8. Let me know what do you think. It would be soo nice to hear any samples from any of those two recorders
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