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  1. Unfortunately all gopro hero 8 and Max, Not 10 at the same time but around 5 to 6 because might have some outside POV
  2. I was thinking of getting an output from a Tentacle. And use a Belkin RockStar kinda thing and feed the audio into the GoPro. Since it is actually a sound signal it might work and I do not have to purchased a lot of Tentacle.
  3. Hello everyone. Recently I am doing a passion project about racing cars. GoPros turns out into the most affordable camera we can get. Right now I got around 10 GoPros and looking for a syncing solution for all GoPros. I saw some Timecode Systems SyncBac online. They seems good but getting ten of them is almost like the cost of my GoPros. Really looking for any solution to feed time codes to the GoPros or even just sync them up.
  4. I don't have to worry much about the money so far. My 633 had some tiny issue and those issue pops up some times. sometime I needs more than 6 channels. The machine does turns on and been sent back to SD for warranty. I got a F8 with a 552 as my second unit.
  5. Hello, everyone. I hope everyone is okay. Recently got some thought with equipment updates. I hope I can find a better solution here with all those pros like you guys. 😀 -Mixpre 10 II. I purchase it because of the inputs and channels; once or twice a term, I will need that many inputs and also the 32bit recording. This usually comes as a back up for my primary system and also most of the time VR sound recording. -633 with Sonosax M32 I got my 633 last year, and it is not a good one. The main bus went bad on my first set. Later I purchased the M32 to benefits those three channels without phantom power. I got an SRC A1 and an SRC B1 and a 411 BLK 24. for it. The problem is that I got 3 SSMs in B1 and an HMA in B1. Only 1 SSM in the A1 band. Should I got another HMA in A1 or another SRC in B1 and also another SSM in B1. It would be way cheaper to get another HMA A1 so that I got full use of 5 channels and have an SSM B1 for back up. But having 3 SRCs makes total usage of all six inputs of my 633. Should I get rid of everything and get an 888 with an SL2 and two MCR54 kits on promotion right now. Or should I stay where I am at making some minor adjustments to my current system? And also, how well does the Wisycom receiver fit the Lectrosonic transmitter. I do enjoy the size of the SSM. I ask is because the wideband technique and the four channels may benefit my system by sharing the transmitter for different situations. -Mixpre 10 II + 2 SRCs -633 +MCR 54 + 411. I know it isn't very easy, but. I do struggle it for more than a week; Please let me know what do you think. Thank you so much
  6. Remember there was a $80 fee for the warrant. Remember the 641 was considered as two parts.
  7. If they consider this kit as one piece when they do the warranty. That would be decent
  8. I believe it is possible to order it on TAOBAO or some other chinese website
  9. I would go with the Panasonic DMW-XLR1. It is cheaper than the mixpre 3. It also provides the phantom power, and it is on the hot shoe but not individually.
  10. Hi all. I was searching online for some Lectrosonics SR series information, and I realized that it seems like they update every four years. Any rumors about the SRD?
  11. I think schoeps have the green screen color mic. it should be gone automatically
  12. yizhye20

    Inovativ cart

    There light weight cart is good enough, even checkable.
  13. I had an issue before with the wet weather situation. Felt like the key to it is that you have to let the mike stay inside the case for a while so that it can adapt the weather. Mine goes bad in the middle of the shooting. Switch to a CMC641 instead.
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