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  1. yizhye20

    633 lockup

    I had the same issue, that's why always keep a mixpre 3 with me all the time. The 633 should be produced recently
  2. Hello everyone. There is a problem that occurred on my 633. I plugged the battery in and turned on the machine. There is nothing showed on the screen, but a yellow led light was on. The device can not be turned off unless I force turned it off (long press menu) It never happened before. Would that because of the wingman accessory I just put on last week. Should I send it back to SD or there is any way to fix it myself. Thank you
  3. yizhye20

    Wireless GO

    Can be a cheap IFB feedback to the camera
  4. Hello everyone, I got some questions about the DPA 4018 microphone. By wrap up my final quarter in school. There is a documentary class and I decided to cooperate with a local singer by planning to shoot mainly indoor and live performances. I come up a mind to see If I can find a bit high-end vocal mic for great sound quality. I saw the 4018 vocal version is the capsule embedded under a mic grid. So my question would be that passable for me to use that capsule with an MMP preamp to turn it into an indoor mic. I saw some different when they name it like 4018V 4018VL and 4018ES. But not sure if I can put a 4018VL as an indoor super cardioid mic or it will not be sensitive enough. Thanks
  5. I do use mophie power station ac for some cases. They do last really long
  6. I believe you can find some on an app call XIANYU 闲鱼, I do see some renting services on it. Some even come with a recording assistant. Let me know if you need further info. I was raised and born in Shenzhen and been in China for about 17 years before I came to the state.
  7. Hello, I got a question about the mic amplifier for so long. By upgrading my plug on from skp 100 to HMA. I got a question about the mic amplifier. So what if I am using the wireless system like HMA, will the internal mic amplifier still work or it only works when I turned on the phantom power. Thank you
  8. updates: Got an HMA and a 411A for $1600. Maybe upgrade to a some more 411 later this year.
  9. I was looking at it. The price is being super reasonable I am looking at the LMA, but to my small knowledge of the lectro kit, It comes with a different receiver. Not too sure if I may upgrade the receiver later
  10. my budjet is a little bit low, $1500 and less. that is the reason I am looking at Lectrosonics HMa.
  11. got it. I am now looking at Lectrosonics I believe the cheap Lectrosonics have an indeed entrance level receiver. I am not really into Lectrosonics. So it seems like the transmitter for different pricing package has the same transmitter (Lectrosonics HMa). would that means I might purchase a cheaper set with the HMa and upgrade to a better receiver when I need it? Thank you that looks like a good idea
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