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  1. 1 year distributor said they got to send it back to Germany. Looking for an mic to replace it for this 5 weeks period right now.
  2. The CMIT I am using was purchased last year, April, and it mainly stays in the Blimp Windshield. Last week I went a set. It is a genuinely dusty indoor environment. So I paid extra attention asking the boom OP do not take it out of the Windshield. However, on the second day of shooting, The mic starts making weird noises like this. It is recorded in a quiet indoor condition. But the self-noise is extreme. I do saw on Schoeps website saying Not too sure if I should send it to do the services. It happened twice on my three-day shooting, so I do have a strong concern about it. If I sent it back, do I have to send it back to Germany, or I can do the service in the state. Thank you
  3. 105 is not as good as the 4018VL to my PA experience
  4. yizhye20

    Best Lavs?

    willing to see that LOL
  5. impressive picture. Quick updates Got a Beta 52A for testing and will received 4 DPA 4099 for interior sound maybe the enginel.
  6. Thanks, I might have trouble searching. Got a link above so that I can take a deeper look.
  7. Greeting everyone I recently joined a student documentary about the racing car. They want to see if I can record those the racing car exhaust pipe's crazy sound. I have been trying with my 5U, and the sound is clear but not much bass as I can feel by the side of the race track. Wonder if anyone has a suggestion about racing car location sound recording. Got a CMIT 5U, a CMC641 and a pair of KM184 (might not fit this project), and a MKH 50. willing to see any technique or mic suggestion for this.
  8. yizhye20

    633 lockup

    I had the same issue, that's why always keep a mixpre 3 with me all the time. The 633 should be produced recently
  9. Hello everyone. There is a problem that occurred on my 633. I plugged the battery in and turned on the machine. There is nothing showed on the screen, but a yellow led light was on. The device can not be turned off unless I force turned it off (long press menu) It never happened before. Would that because of the wingman accessory I just put on last week. Should I send it back to SD or there is any way to fix it myself. Thank you
  10. yizhye20

    Wireless GO

    Can be a cheap IFB feedback to the camera
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