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  1. updates: Got an HMA and a 411A for $1600. Maybe upgrade to a some more 411 later this year.
  2. I was looking at it. The price is being super reasonable I am looking at the LMA, but to my small knowledge of the lectro kit, It comes with a different receiver. Not too sure if I may upgrade the receiver later
  3. my budjet is a little bit low, $1500 and less. that is the reason I am looking at Lectrosonics HMa.
  4. got it. I am now looking at Lectrosonics I believe the cheap Lectrosonics have an indeed entrance level receiver. I am not really into Lectrosonics. So it seems like the transmitter for different pricing package has the same transmitter (Lectrosonics HMa). would that means I might purchase a cheaper set with the HMa and upgrade to a better receiver when I need it? Thank you that looks like a good idea
  5. Hello everyone I recently received two Sennheiser SKP 100 G3 Plug-on Transmitters. Just noticed that it does not come with Phantom Power. So just wondering if there is any boom pole comes with a phantom power. I got a Denecke PS-1A for right now but it is not easy to carry around. So, what should I do? I think for 3 solutions but not sure which one will be better. 1) Found a shotgun mic can put a battery inside. Like an NTG 4+ or an MKE 600. I got a CMIT 5U already so it might be a downgrade to me 2) get a Sennheiser ew 500 Film G4 plug on kit so that I don't have to worry about the power issue 3) There is another solution is the Lectrosonics 100 Series Wireless UHF Plug-in. I don't see much pricing difference between this kit and the ew500, but sounds like Lectrosonics have a better reputation? Thank you for your help
  6. tried another day to find a place to rent it. Still don't get any info.
  7. Hello all, Trying to find out which is the better recorder for me. I know both of them are really beautiful recorders (performance, price). The only issue would be which one fits me well. sx-r4+ is a simple recorder. 4 channel input and really good mic amp (I don't get a chance to hear the sample yet) Cantar mini is a way much more complicated recorder. a lot more function. The only issue is that seems it needs a recording cart to hold it. I mainly use the 5U right now. Waiting for my DPA 4017B for interior location sound. I know for sure any one of them will sound way better than my F8. Let me know what do you think. It would be soo nice to hear any samples from any of those two recorders
  8. got it. Yes, I am with the SKP 100. Still, don't know should I buy the 300 or the new G4 which can receive two channels at the same time with only one receiver.
  9. That is so important info. Thank you Trying to answer all the concerns 1) My sound guy is not into the production equipment, that is why I am kinda asking those questions. He is really good with post sound design. 2) The G3 with the cable is not powering up my CMIT 3) I can afford one zaxcom wireless system. The recorder with the receiver is still a little bit too much for me right now. 4) The form would work but the mic still might be in the frame for some shots. even just with the form For real? I might need another cable. Mine is not working at all. Thank you. will be there after my trip to LA.
  10. Hello everyone. Finally got a chance to post my question here. I am an international student. Wish my English is not confusing. Here is the case. I am a DP/tech (I do not know the name for that department, like equipment choosing) direction. There are some questions about the sound equipment decision about my senior film. The film will contain a decent amount of dialogues and some moving scene. I have some concerns about what to choose to pick up sound for those scenes. My professor told me the easiest way to improve the film quality is by improving the sound. I got some equipment already and always happy to purchase new stuff. I got 4 pairs of G3 and an AVX. I do think the AVX has a better sound quality but not so sure yet. There is no XLR plug-on for the AVX and the G3 plug on does not have 48V. So what if I want to go wireless on for my boom mic there seems no good solution at the moments. Zaxcom had been on my wishlist for a while but I am not sure if the wireless system will eat up all my budget. please let me know if there is any good suggestion for the wireless XLR plug on based on my situation. Also based on the action scene, Lav mics sometimes pick up a really weird sound like the body movement. Wonder if there is a better way or a special tool to prevent the movement. I got a pair of B6 and some B3. They should be small enough and I do believe they been taped well by the Rycote undercover. Thank you so much. Do wish there is a way to pick up the sound by those lovely lavaliers. The other questions are about indoor sound pick up. CMIT 5U has already been my all-time choice. It sounds so good but the length of it with the super shield is kind of long. It might not fit some of my indoor locations. I also have a pair of KM184. I bought them separately. So they are not well matched. I was planned to use them for some room tones. I check some previous discussion about KM184 as a boom mic and it seems not good at all. So I might still need a mic for the narrow indoor situation. Also if there is any trick or advise for Steadicam shoot sound pick up please let me know. Thank you so much for any suggests or advise.
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