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  1. On 8/19/2021 at 2:52 PM, Mungo said:

    I guess in total 12 channels:

    4 channels (XLR 1 and 6) + 8 channels (XL-AES 4x TA3)


    If you need more, use Dante.

    can all 6 xlr run on aes? I thought it was only 1 and 6

  2. 8 hours ago, DanieldH said:

    If AES output is fine, the PSC Multi SR may be worth a look.


    EDIT: I'd also humbly assume, that the A10 would output 16ch of AES audio via the XLR outputs. I'd request some pre sales support though, also with the PSC Multi SR 12. Both products predate the MCR54. The MCR54 analog vs digital outputs are set in the menu. Analog channel 2 corresponds with AES CH3/4 and that AES pair would be send the same path within the units wiring scheme.

    I was looking at the PSC 6 pack. Not sure If I can determinate how which channel can transfer from the Superslot and which one can go with the top panel.  

    4 hours ago, rich said:

    if you loop the antenna input of one rack to another, that will give you the 16 channels of audio with one pair of antennas.

    This totally answers my question.

  3. I am looking for an all-in-one rack mount solution since my client wants a more compact solution for a 4 MCR54 system. I was looking at the a10 rack, and it seems like there is no chance to output 16channels from what I know. However, on its website. they said


    A single pair of antennas can be used for up to 16 audio channels.


    So I am assuming it makes be able to output more than eight channels. 
    I know there is an MRK16 coming out later this year but based on current states from Wisycom. I don't see any possibility for me to get it no later than next year. Or is there anything else that can to a signal and power distribution for mcr54?


  4. 23 hours ago, RadoStefanov said:

    I was told RRC are copies made in China and not using the best Panasonic cells. 

    I had 2 “third party” fail on me after 40-50 charges. I will disassemble one to see what is inside. 

    just some Panasonic  18650. so in some cases you can turn them into a 3054 with NCR18650F

  5. **I am no an Aaton canter mini user (can't afford), Asking for my friend oversea since he doesn't speak much English. Everything happened after he reset the system**


    1) under the Session page. He can only have one rec.project. If he creates another one, the existing one will be replaced instead of creating a new project. Also, he can not select any previously created project.


    2) He can not save the poly and mix records onto one SD card under live.rec format. But he can do it up under idle formats


    We are trying to find the exact setting that might mess up since he could do all those before the resets and firmware updates 

  6. On 7/26/2020 at 5:23 AM, Vincent R. said:

    What is your line of work, that you need 14 wireless in a bag, vs. the conventional, more relaxed way, of a cart with the optional mixer board, real estate, etc.?


    CH1: 411A with HMA

    CH2: 411A with HM ( rent out, not in photo)

    Both goes into the M32 CH1 (Pan left) and CH2 (Pan right) with a mind output 

    CH3: MCR54 with MTB 40S

    CH4: MCR54 with MTP 40S

    CH5: MCR54 with MTP 40S

    CH6: MCR54 with MTP 40S


    Mixpre 10 II

    CH1: SRC B1 with SSM B1

    CH2: SRC B1 with SSM B1

    CH3: SRC A1 with SSM A1

    CH4: SRC A1 with SSM A1

    CH5: MCR54 with MTP 40S

    CH6: MCR54 with MTP 40S

    CH7: MCR54 with MTP 40S

    CH8: MCR54 with MTP 40S


    Powered several smart batteries (fit on the back of the bag) with a OEM power distributor.




  7. 14 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    Are you changing out the 633 for a 10 II? 
    As I count 13 channels of wireless!
    Not even the 10 II can handle that. 

    633 with the mixpre 10 II. add up to a 14 channel system. two plug on will go through the sonosax m32

  8. 5 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    Do you really need TEN(!!) cameras running all at once?? Seems like an awful lot, especially for a low/no budget passion project. 

    Which GoPros specifically are you using? As if you're using an older model (such as the GoPro4 Black), then their TCS Ltd SyncBacks are selling dirt cheap for next to nothing, as I reckon they're just trying to clear out old stock:

    Unfortunately all gopro hero 8 and Max, Not 10 at the same time but around 5 to 6 because might have some outside POV 

  9. 11 hours ago, Mobilemike said:

    Turn them all on point them all at you and clap. They’re probably gonna drift but at least they’ll be in sync at the start. 

    I was thinking of getting an output from a Tentacle. And use a Belkin RockStar kinda thing and feed the audio into the GoPro.  Since it is actually a sound signal it might work and I do not have to purchased a lot of Tentacle.

  10. Hello everyone. 

    Recently I am doing a passion project about racing cars. GoPros turns out into the most affordable camera we can get. Right now I got around 10 GoPros and looking for a syncing solution for all GoPros.  I saw some Timecode Systems SyncBac online. They seems good but getting ten of them is almost like the cost of my GoPros. Really looking for any solution to feed time codes to the GoPros or even just sync them up.



  11. On 5/31/2020 at 7:26 AM, chrismedr said:

    Can you do the jobs you have with your current gear?

    Do you enjoy working with it?

    Do you have money to spend?

    Do you have enough jobs that pay rental for new items?


    I don't have to worry much about the money so far.  My 633 had some tiny issue and those issue pops up some times. 

    7 hours ago, VAS said:

    If I had to upgrade something, that will be for better wireless system.

    633 is fine recorder and easy to use.


    Do you need more than six channels in your workflow?

    sometime I needs more than 6 channels.

    4 hours ago, Trey LaCroix said:

    Your main bus went out? Like the L and R won’t record? Outputs won’t work? Not sure I understand. The 633 is a workhorse and if it’s working properly should make you very happy.


    i would t change to Wisycom unless you’re unhappy with Lectro. Do you like the sound and performance? If yes, I’d stick with them (Although Wisys are very nice).

    The machine does turns on and been sent back to SD for warranty. 

    2 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    If you sell everything then you'll no longer have a back up recorder, perhaps factor in keeping one of your 633/MixPre10, or getting a cheaper F8/MixPre6 to act as your back up. 

    I got a F8 with a 552 as my second unit. 

  12.  Hello, everyone.


    I hope everyone is okay. Recently got some thought with equipment updates. I hope I can find a better solution here with all those pros like you guys. 😀


    -Mixpre 10 II. 

    I purchase it because of the inputs and channels; once or twice a term, I will need that many inputs and also the 32bit recording. This usually comes as a back up for my primary system and also most of the time VR sound recording.


    -633 with Sonosax M32

    I got my 633 last year, and it is not a good one. The main bus went bad on my first set. Later I purchased the M32 to benefits those three channels without phantom power. I got an SRC A1 and an SRC B1 and a 411 BLK 24. for it. The problem is that I got 3 SSMs in B1 and an HMA in B1. Only 1 SSM in the A1 band. Should I got another HMA in A1 or another SRC in B1 and also another SSM in B1.   It would be way cheaper to get another HMA A1 so that I got full use of 5 channels and have an SSM B1 for back up. But having 3 SRCs makes total usage of all six inputs of my 633.


    Should I get rid of everything and get an 888 with an SL2 and two MCR54 kits on promotion right now. Or should I stay where I am at making some minor adjustments to my current system? And also, how well does the Wisycom receiver fit the Lectrosonic transmitter. I do enjoy the size of the SSM. I ask is because the wideband technique and the four channels may benefit my system by sharing the transmitter for different situations. 


    -Mixpre 10 II + 2 SRCs

    -633 +MCR 54 + 411.




    I know it isn't very easy, but. I do struggle it for more than a week; Please let me know what do you think. Thank you so much 


  13. 1 hour ago, Constantin said:

    what would be the advantage of that? Every individual item would have the same warranty anyway, wouldn’t it?

    Remember there was a $80 fee for the warrant. Remember the 641 was considered as two parts. 

  14. 19 hours ago, Allen Rowand said:

    Can the international versions of products like this be brought into the US by an individual? For example, if I happened to be in Vancouver, B.C. on vacation and went by Trew Audio could I buy this (or an Audio Limited A10, etc.) in person, bring it back to the states and use it as long as the frequencies are legal? I assume the biggest issue might be ensuring that firmware updates are the international version and not the crippled US one.


    Looks like an interesting system, although the lack of a volume knob on the output dings the usability as an IEM a bit.

    I believe it is possible to order it on TAOBAO or some other chinese website

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