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  1. Mr Morisato

    Cardiod Microphones

    My Apologies John Blankenship, I found this website from an expert sound recordist - Jay Rose in which his works and suggestions to valuable sources such as this one from the University I studied at. And I know Universities aren't simply exclusively open to just professional sound recordists. But I'm glad you pointed that out to me.
  2. Mr Morisato

    Cardiod Microphones

    Hey IronFilm, Is it possible to attach a sound blimp to a camcorder? I'm looking at purchasing a rycote blimp that would house a mic upto 30cm long and then attach it to my sony Z90 via the hotshoe mount fixing however, I believe any sound blimp with windshield would be too heavy for the hotshoe mount fixing. If I can't mount the blimp onto my camcorder then was going to explore other fixings I could use to attach it separately to my tripod, any ideas? No worries if not.
  3. Mr Morisato

    Cardiod Microphones

    Hi Jim, I've just seen your review on youtube and I'm impressed with your analysis, I will of course be housing this in a zeppelin as I will be recording externally, the lack of other features such as a battery doesn't bother me as I will be using it with my Sony Z90 professional solid state memory camcorder that offers phantom power on the XLR handle. I think the price is a bonus as I was rapidly expecting to fork out well in excess of £500 for my 1st mic.
  4. Mr Morisato

    Cardiod Microphones

    wow IronFilm this is really helpful, I don't yet know all the benefits of a brass housing except for the sturdiness and ruggability in the build quality but this is the 1st super-cardiod mic I would seriously consider buying...I think I would have to increase my budget upto £1000 for others too. As far as the question about the 1/8 TRS input audio jack; I dont intend to buy ANY microphone where I have to rely on this connection as I'm ONLY looking for one with an XLR connector. The Sony PXW-Z90 offers phantom power so this mic would easily fit the profile of what I'm looking for
  5. Mr Morisato

    Cardiod Microphones

    This is a hyper/super cardiod microphone? I've seen the youtube video online and looks impressive for its design and price band however, I came to the conclusion that I need/or would be best suited with a cardiod microphone because a) I do not wish to hear myself whilst I stand behind my tripod filming and, b) as I'm rotating the tripod left and right to follow the track of the ball I want to pick up the noises from the surrounding crowd and players. I understand that any short rifle shotguns or condenser mics are never going to be ideal for this but, I dont want a long microphone attached to my Sony Z90 camcorder that will be housed in a zeppelin while I shoot - there'll just too much long snouty nose for my liking
  6. Mr Morisato

    Cardiod Microphones

    Thank you for your reply. Being new to this profession I'm only just seeing how expensive a good microphone can be....the Sennheiser k6/ME66 is about £650 combined which is a level that I do not want to go to however, if there is a mic that fits my bill I will buy it regardless of price (my apologies if you do not understand my turn of phrase) There is a 1/8" stereo input jack on the Z90 (I do not yet understand TRS) however, I'm only looking at microphones with an XLR connector.
  7. Mr Morisato

    Cardiod Microphones

    New member here, I need some help deciding what cardiod microphone to buy for my new Sony PXW-Z90 XDCAM Camcorder. I need to buy an external microphone for filming sports events such as football matches outdoor, of course I will be buying myself a zeppelin or blimp to house the microphone (to protect against wind noise) and my budget for this is up to about £250 for the microphone. I've already done some research on what to look for and will also consider buying a dynamic microphone if need be. Are there any outstanding popular choices for this purpose? When I was at University studying for my Digital Film production degree I had access to the sennheiser K6/ME66 shotgun super-cardiod microphone however, I do not wish to buy a shotgun mic if I can avoid it as this model is a bit long (10-12 inches in length) I will prefer buying a mic thats under 6 inches in length if possible (so a short cardiod mic is preferred) Thanx.