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  1. Hey I'm looking for a carry case for my Nagra 4.2. Looking for a case that fits the 7" lid. If anyone has any leads let me know! Best, J
  2. Hey Tapesmith, Forrest at Trew Audio in Burbank, CA found me one, albeit with a funny color, and had to be modded (charged an arm+leg) to install. Now I'm wishing I'd gone after a 5" lid and switched out the 7" as its doubly hard to find a carry case that fits the 7". Will ask in a new thread but any thoughts on this (carry case) would be welcome! J
  3. Hey All I have a Nagra 4.2, however it is missing the hard plastic cover that comes with the unit. Any leads to this part would be very much appreciated! Thank you! J
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