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    Film Producer / Director, an audiophile who loves good sound to match great visuals.
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  1. Zaxcom Nomad 12 vs Zaxcom Deva 5.8 - Which one would you choose & why?
  2. There has been backroom whispering, and a lot of online chatroom cacophony about the Rode Wireless Go II patent infringement issues. So far, there has not been any announcement from the company. From Rode's vantage, it is a smart business strategy to play mute in the hopes that all the dissonance will die out and possible legal challenges will not be pursued. Given the costly process of litigation for the patent owner, Rode perhaps has taken the higher ground in entrenching itself against possible lawsuits by playing mute. What appears to be missed here is the implications of the
  3. Anybody know when the RX8 is going to be available?
  4. Very impressive Sound Cart.

    Sound carts

    I have many good things about Cannibal Industries out of CA. Anyone own one of their carts?
  6. Does the 4018C fit in the Cinela XS? Or which is the best fit? If anyone know please post.
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