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  1. Hello, does anyone has successful experiences of wiring cable of Wisycom MTP40S to PHA48 adapter? I carefully read through the manual, there has nothing of the wiring method.
  2. Hello eagle eye, man, the dashboard is custom made by myself, meanwhile I'm to ready to print the dashboard for my Mixpre 10ii in the coming days, I'll pm you when it comed out if you are interested.
  3. No problem,I'll let you know if I did that.
  4. UCR100 same as R1 and R1a, Just the knob is smaller than R1 and R1a, so why not😌
  5. Mixpre 6 MCR42s +MTB40s+MTP41s EK6042+SK5212II L×2 UM450+UCR100×10(for CAM hops & IFB)
  6. Bought from Gotham sound on September, maybe can be turn it back.
  7. Thanks for your response, I have plug in two XLR connectors, TA5F to XLR CH1/XLR CH2. when I switch on tone at RX200, RX200 display two signal channels, SD633 only CH1 has signal, CH2 is super super low level, and noise. 56FF8CD7-E330-477B-A07C-5475C9E28BAA.MP4
  8. Hey fellas, I discovered the phenomenon is,first of all,I use SD633, Zaxcom RX200 and Trx743stereo, when I switched the SD633 and RX200 from digital to analogue, then two channels(CH1&CH2) output became one channel output(only CH1), and cable is fine,anybody know what going on?
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