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  1. No problem,I'll let you know if I did that.
  2. UCR100 same as R1 and R1a, Just the knob is smaller than R1 and R1a, so why not😌
  3. Mixpre 6 MCR42s +MTB40s+MTP41s EK6042+SK5212II L×2 UM450+UCR100×10(for CAM hops & IFB)
  4. This is safer way,I think,thanks a lot!
  5. Bought from Gotham sound on September, maybe can be turn it back.
  6. I have tried, only XLR Channel 1has signal.
  7. Thanks for your response, I have plug in two XLR connectors, TA5F to XLR CH1/XLR CH2. when I switch on tone at RX200, RX200 display two signal channels, SD633 only CH1 has signal, CH2 is super super low level, and noise. 56FF8CD7-E330-477B-A07C-5475C9E28BAA.MP4
  8. Hey fellas, I discovered the phenomenon is,first of all,I use SD633, Zaxcom RX200 and Trx743stereo, when I switched the SD633 and RX200 from digital to analogue, then two channels(CH1&CH2) output became one channel output(only CH1), and cable is fine,anybody know what going on?
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