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  1. I have narrowed my list down to the following mics, based on no high end budget, advice (from here, Gearslutz, , Creativefieldrecording.com, pro engineers I know in person and knowledge re. brands), listening and reading on the net. Nobody around here have these mics for sale or for rent. Two thing seems too be worth considering re. outdoor use, and more distant recording: - How a microphone handles humidity and temperature fluctuations - Mic´s without a HF lift seems to get dull with distant/ambience recording - a user (Gearslutz) pointed that out, and I guess (but don´t know if) he has a pointe. Line audio cm1 and OM1: I guess, I will not buy these for outdoor, distant and very quiet recordings. I really like what i hear though, and would buy if/when i need to record indoor, not too distant. Lewitt LCT 540 S: Fascinated by the spec. (low noise) and the the blog post on their website re. use for fieldrecording. Se Electronics Se8: A friend (pro engineer for 35+ years) recommended these, considered a clone of Neumann Km184. It is new on the market and there is so far no user experience re. field recording. Audio Technica: Either AT 4022 or At 4021: I have good hands on experience with other AT mics, a lot of use in field recording Pro community. But no matched pairs? Røde NT55: A lot of use and positive feedback from the Field recording pro community. Certainly has the HF lift Comments are welcome BR Søren Bendixen
  2. Update: I bought a Mixpre 6 (b stock actually) - so far so good. I did spend some time listening to high quality samples of Mixpre vs. Zoom F8 and the Mixpre suited my ears best. haven´t decided on mics yet, would like to try before buy thanks so far BR Søren
  3. thank you all haven´t made any final decisions yet, are still looking to get my hands on some gear before buying. Søren
  4. It seems like Rode NT-SF1 will go for around 999 usd in USA i guess, that´s cheaper than the AMBEO. A soundfield would be nice - after reading post after post they still seems ahead. But the Røde - Soundfield combination looks interesting I won´t go near any of the Zoom handheld recorders. The only handheld I feel could do the job is Sony PCM D100. I have the feeling Sony will come up with someting new soon.. I got to find a person with a F8 so I can listen. thanks
  5. I don´t think I´m in the wrong place - you all seem to have an opinion on sound 🙂 I´m not doing audiowork for film, like going out in the field recording with a boom - but you never know what comes your way when working for a museum. I do work with film, doing foley/aktion sound, sound design, music, recording speak. and would like to do more. what I actually do: A short (!) description of the last exhibition: (On the steppes of Dhengis Khan, Moesgaard Museum, Denmark) Entry: 10 channels sound design (in a row on one side) - inside a train wagon - 4 windows with passing landscapes, cars, camels, horses, poles etc, train driving in and out of tunnels - evertime changing timeperiods (1000 years ago, in the 30´s, today). main room: two concentric circles with 8 speaker in each circle) 16 channels in total- speakers combined in Flux revolution - a sort of 2 x octaphonic sound or 16 channels of immersive sound. - Inner circle - inside a Ger (Mongolian tent), music, speak and sound design, - Outer circle (outside the Ger, on the steppe, with mountains in distance): sound design and foley for two film (one on the left wall, one on the right wall) showing different landscapes, ger - camps, sheeps, cars, motorbikes, camels, etc passing by (also "jumping form L fil to R film), weather change (first 6 min of winter, 1,5 min of heavy rain, 6 min of summer, 1,5 min of heavy wind) still in the main room: - A quad sound design (situated in a "circle tent") based on recordings of shamen from Mongolia. - an interaktive set up where you pack a camel and the the camel rides of into the film on the Right side of the wall (Stereo) - in the middle of the main room, playing in headphones, combined with interaction on the floor and the ceiling): sound design and music for a tale about Djengis Khan (stereo) In the next room (en suite): - a complete sound design of a mongolian Buddhist temple, complete with, rag duns, prayer wheels, hundred of monks chanting while banging gongs, bells, shaking rattle sticks etc. (stereo) - on the side of the temple two different exhibitions areas with environment/ambience sound design (mainly horses) - (Stereo) - Behind the temple - a movie on the wall, music and sound design, and speak in headphones - (mixed in binaural stereo) Every sound - coming from either music or sound design is composed in to one big composition to avoid chlashes of sound/pitch etc - and to create "room in the room". The idea was to create the place - a hybrid place, but basically a Ger standing out on a steppe somewhere in Mongolia...:-) and I did 🙂 Apart from that I´m doing electronica, writing classical music and teaching guitar, bass, ensemble and studio technics/production etc and...sound design Okay: I certainly have my ears and eyes out for Rode NT-SF1 I have the studio gear for working with ambisonics except for the mic... and the field recorder But mainly I see myself walking around in muddy fields or in one of the animal parks recording peacocks, or banging on big wooden drums in a a storage house, or sitting all night in the forest recording "the place". I´ve called out in my danish community/forum for people with mics, recorders and field experience - so far one tried to sell me a Zoom H6 🙂 Any (more) suggestions for mid priced SDC? And if I go for Røde NT55 (listening now - hmm..better than i remembered) what windshield/mount solution..!? two babyballs or does Røde have someting suitable for their own products... BR Søren Bendixen
  6. Hi First of all; Thanks to all of you for thorough feedback. I´ve got more to think about... I could raise my budget, but my choices (for now!) is based on where i guess i get the best quality for a budget around 2000 USD. but what I understand more now, is that i need to be more specific about my needs - also maybe stop wanting a "do it all" solution. Or, if so: I need to get the Sennheiser´s, right? The reason for starting out, is that I always need sounds that is not in a commercial library - or instead of buying a 30GB library, I could just go and record the one sound I need. I do work for cultural museums, and often has strange and interesting objects at hand, thet needs to be recorded. It could be instruments, drums, gongs, bells, flutes, things that makes spirits go away.. I also come short of (the last project) russian motorbikes, camels, better sheep recordings etc.. I live in the country side, nearby several(!) animal parks, so I´m actually surrounded by bears, wolves, camels, tigers, rhinos, cows, sheep, harvesters, tractors, birds, dogs etc. BUT also quiet fields and noisy seas. and the other thing i always comes short of is very quiet field recordings, the sound of a garden at night, the sound of a living room, the sound of the forest at night or a meditationroom... And last: Sometimes I need to record a single musician on location, or do an interview with an old man or.. I want a simple set up. I even considered a Sony PCM D100, but the lack of XLR/Phantom (i Know about denecke) and the stereo limitation puzzles me Recorder: mixpre is selected because of the quality of the preamps, and the mixpre 6 is because I want to be prepared for ambisonics (next step). I know about the 192 KHz issues. Zoom recorders: I have only experience with H4n and H2n, handy but I need better sound quality. The F4/F8 series: Only from internet, just liked the SD´s better (so far!) XY recording: I just want to be able to record with any config. but actually, after reading more I think I could go for ORFT most of the time. I´ve done some MS recordings and I think it is interesting, switchting/fading between stereo and mono. Microphone: I think thats the tuff part. Of course you need different mics for different situations. Nobody around where i live seems to have this kind of gear, so I relay on massive research and my knowledge with studio mics. Cm3: on www.creativefieldrecording.com a fair bunch of people use Cm3. I listened to examples and i liked the overall sound, but I´m a bit concerned re. their low sensitivity. Thats why I was asking for a good mount/windshield solution. Røde mics: there is something about the high frequencies that I don´t like. But I´m aware that they seems to have a low noise floor. I need a closer listen. I like better Audio technica mics and Magnus Bergsson has some interesting notes on AT mics. I consider buying One Sennheiser and then add another similar later on - but is that wise, re. stereo paired mics...? I don´t know what Sennheiser will fit me the best, maybe an 8040 They sound really really good. I have Sennheiser 418s and 416 on hand used (half price), and the 418s was tempting but then I saw remarks about noisefloor and the suitability for ambience recording. tuff one, right..? keep it coming I will go slow on this one BR Søren
  7. Hello Found this forum - Nice Been doing music and sound design for years (own producer studio with mainly high end gear like Mytek, Tubetech, Brauner mics), but now I want to record and make my own fieldrecordings - well recordings of anything from wind, rain, waves, camels, bikes, music etc. I need to record both mono and stereo I´m not on a very big budget, so no Sound devices 744 for me.. and I know that I might need different mics to cover all my wishes, but gotta start somewhere What I think I will go for: SD Mixpre 6 Line Audio cm3 X 2 Cables of course - in the studioworld I normally go for Mogami...? A bag.. maybe some extra power option (any suggestions are welcome) BUT I also need a mount/windshield solution This is new to me - spending my time in a studio... I will record outside in a windy country (Denmark) and the cm3´s are very sensitive What I would like is a XY mount system somehow protected with...a windshield (I´m new here..!), so I can use different mic settings and avoid wind issues. and the only solution I can find is Rycote XY cage - and that thing is EXPENSIVE! I found out that Rycote did make an XY mount that Watson Wu managed to get into a Røde Blimp and the prices for this combo seems in reach, but XY mount is no longer in production. What to do..? I´m not born a DIY guy...
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