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  1. Thank you for the input Graham. Do you, or do you know anyone, who has real world experience with using the SL6 in wideband mode without the filters on? I just wonder how it performs in a congested RF environment like LA or NY.
  2. Hi Guys, i am looking at adding an SL-6 to my 688. I have an SRC-A1, an SRC-B1 and an SRC-941. I see Sound Devices has updated the 688 firmware to support the SRC-941. I assume the SL-6 would need to be operated in Wideband mode with no filters on. Does anyone have experience with running an SL-6 in Wideband mode? How is the RF performance with all that out of band RF coming in? I know the latest SRCs have pretty good filtering, but would hate to have performance issues like I have had at times with using Wideband Venues with VRTs on multiple blocks without filters. On another note, it seems the analog input limiters will be bypassed on inputs 1-6 when using the SL-6. It is my understanding that the A to D conversion happens in the SL-6 ahead of the 688. I am not quite sure of the signal path. Is there any input overload protection when using the SL-6, or for any other digital inputs, for that matter? My mine product these days is iso tracks. Any postfader compression/limiting is a luxury for me, but input overload protection is what I need. Excellent RF performance, and clean iso tracks, are what is most important to me. As cool as the SL-6 appears to be, I can’t compromise on those things any more than I already have by not using a 788 and 411s. And I don’t want to run the retailer through the return process if my odds of success are low. Any input would be appreciated.
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