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  1. Haggy38

    Fostex PD606

    Well guys, No worries, I just found the DVD drive on eBay pretty cheap, I will use this machine just for home stereo music recording and amusement. Gustavo
  2. Haggy38

    Fostex PD606

    Hi guys, so I found a nice Fostex PD606 in good condition, unfortunately the DVD Ram unit it’s faulty, anyone knows where can I get a replacement? Or a good usen one? i just wanted to use it to record music. Thanks, Gustavo
  3. I would love to meet Mr Dugan, my Nagra III sure needs more maintenance, unfortunately I live so far (Bogotá) it’s financially impossible to me to send it to the real experts, so I got to work with I have locally and you guys. Gustavo
  4. Hi guys, Long time since my las post, hope you all are doing fine in this weird times. Just to share my story, my Nagra III started to develop a rumbling sound in the motor, I was shocked when I was reading all the process to replace the internal bearing, special tools and lots and lots of courage!! Then I just read the manual and I found an interesting section “Dirty Commutator “ so it was a simple process and without the brushes I can confirm it wasn’t the bearing..... I just proceed with the cleaning with deoxit and get rid off the brushes dust between commutator section with an exacto knife, in my case That was it!!! A beautiful silent 58 years old motor, lots of torque, full rewinding, etc. Just cleaning!! A humble advice, start with the easy one. And there’s she is, beautiful and silent with new reels this time. Gustavo
  5. Hi guys, Long time since my last post, I got to say I really love my Nagra actually I'm using it very often and this is the final display show..... Regards, Gustavo
  6. Hi guys, A short video of my beautiful Nagra III, finally with its oown psu and tuchel connector, it's amazing how she sounds, pretty happy guy, hope you guys use and enjoy your Nagra recorders......
  7. Hi Mike, I would love to but they're almost impossible to get and wayyyyy to expensive, I'm just grateful to have a 1963 working machine and probably in the future the BM-2 mixer...... Regards, Gustavo
  8. My beautiful Nagra III with few reels, she looks lovely or what, new tuchel connector ready!!
  9. Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone here can help with the Nagra III service manual, I'm looking the head azimuth adjustment in particular. Thanks, Gustavo
  10. I'm not expert at all, but I do used lots of reel to reel machines a long these years, let me tell you how gratefully I am with the sound quality of a Nagra 1963 mono recorder, I'm not discussing terms of practicality or hi fi quality, just a beautiful vintage piece of machinery working as it should. It took me years to afford one and I love it! The thing is this machines are in high demand now, not sure if is just for the looks or history or audio quality. Gustavo
  11. Hi Jez, I'm glad you're getting interest in those machines, they're truly beautiful recoding/playback gadgets from 80s, by the way a good Sony WM D6C can be as expensive as a Nagra. I finally was able to get a tuchel connector for the external power supply, new fresh LPR35 tape, beautiful 7in aluminum reels and a gooseneck lamp for a dramatic illumination !
  12. You are right the Walkman precursor was the Sony Bm-12(78), it looks very similar to the TCM 600B(79-81) though. Gustavo
  13. Thanks, actually this is the Sony TCM 600B, the pre cursor of the TPS L2, the same mechanism but the recording factor and mono, I do really love the evolution till the 90s when the Logic series appears, most beautiful and Japanese micro technology. And the great but delicate Sony TCD D8 Dat walkman....
  14. Hi Philip, Well thanks, time to get a new microphone then..... Gustavo
  15. So, what should I do if want to connect a regular microphone? Should I get an adaptor. Thanks. Gustavo
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