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  1. Hi guys, I'm making the recording cable, got one technical question, Nagra accepts two banana plugs, one for ground and one for signal, should I merged both (Source) Right and Letf channels in one cable? Or should I choose right or left channel only? Thanks, Gustavo
  2. Hi, yeah Colombia is a 60Hz country.
  3. And...... Its recording very good, not bad for usd$280!!
  4. Thanks!! I was very lucky, it’s working, FF, RW and playback, tonight will try recording, heads looks ok to me, I’m very happy. Just polished the acrylic cover with Novus 2 and wow, and S-721H for heads and pinch roller, it’s getting there. Gustavo
  5. Nagra III is home! Finally, it arrived well packed, now inspection and hope it’s working....
  6. Great to see people taking care off for this old machines, some may need recap, new pinch rollers, demag and cleaning, maintenance is important to keep them working properly. I think reel to reel keeps its magic for its sound, but all the procedures you need to learn how to use them, splice tape, leaders, demag etc this is the different between everything else out there. Gustavo
  7. Well I got some components to start my banana cables for recording and playback, presentation is important, theres a guy(Mikefilmsound) selling those cables for Nagra but I do prefer to do my own. Good quality banana plugs RCA connector Metal Braid(Termination) Gustavo PS, Sorry to be so annoying with 1.000 questions, Im very exited about my Nagra III
  8. Tascam!! Great professional tape decks, I just sold my Tascam 48OB, really nice transport and build to last Thanks I will try to buy a good quality banana plugs and the touchel adaptor, still looking for a power supply I can adapt and don't get to much interference. Gustavo
  9. Oh my God!! thats Analog Heaven!!!! What a beautiful collection you have, I know this is very addictive but you need deep pockets for that. I can see two Nagras III, do you still use them? Hope you can help me with the banana plugs(pics) for recording and playback and be able to connect my Nagra III to my rack Pioneer, I know is mono but its just for the pleasure.... Thats my brothers analog cat!! Thanks, it took me a couple of years to complete my Pioneer rack, you got a beast tape deck!! The RT 1050 is one of the best out there for professional recording on 2 tracks!!
  10. Hi Dela, Great information, thanks. I would like to see your collection!! I was looking information regarding the banana plugs and rca conversion, Gustavo
  11. Wow thanks for the tip, I didn't know this type of adaptor still exist, I got a ton of AA Eneloop rechargeable batteries, now Im studying the owners manual and schematics, I got fresh Emtec LPR35 tape to use my Nagra III, Im looking for a good 5in metal reels, they will look amazing!! Gustavo
  12. Hi Jez, Thanks for your feedback, I really like how it sound like this, congratulations for your Nagras IV-S, I really love this decks but prices are above my budget way way to far hahahaha. Now I just finished to restore my Revox B710 MKII cassette deck, this old analog machines bring magic and pride when you bring them to life. Will check "images of interest". Regards, Gustavo
  13. Hi Philip, the seller confirmed me before shipping, it's actually working with 12 D batteries, playback and recording functions. My beautiful Nagra is traveling now to Colombia to reunite to my vintage audio collection
  14. Thanks to all replies, as I said before, I got some experience with rtr machines but never with Nagra, I'm been digging through internet for information and parts, wayyy expensive by the way, I will try to make my own power supply with the touchel connector and see if I can make some recordings, of course it won't be my daily use machine but time to time so see her working. According to the seller, he bought it in 2002, do some recordings and the las couple of years hiding in a closet, cross my fingers is working, as soon get it I will report back. Gustavo
  15. No one?? I'm in the wrong sub forum or group??
  16. Hi guys, This is my first post here, Ive been using reel to reel more than 10 years and I really love them, I always wanted a Nagra deck but prices are crazy this days, finally find a Nagra III, as description its working but no more info, I just wanted to do some simple music recordings, I know is mono but its all visual to me, no experience with the banana connections and would like to adapt some type of power supply, this beauty works on 12 D batteries. I wanted to learn as much as possible from you guys, and try to find a nice top cover, mine has some cracks, please feel free to give some advice where to start. Regards, Gustavo PS, From far far away.... I really mean it. Bogota-Colombia
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