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  1. I'm replacing my ME2 and ME4 lavalier mics for my Sennheiser G3/G4's. My top consideration at this time is the omni Countryman-B6. I would love to hear any pros/cons on this Countryman-B6 decision or any other replacement recommendations ? LivingAudio,
  2. I've successfully use my F8-ZOOM and Sennheiser G3/G4 lavaliers on several outdoor assignments resulting in very clean audio capture. I recently used the same F8-ZOOM and G3/G4 lavalier setup in a indoor setup where there was a panel of professional people at a table discussing their specialty topics. I took every professional precaution that a good audio person should take, including "Scan New Frequencies" on location prior to video rolling. Even though there was quiet on the set after the call of "ACTION", because of the shear boredom of the panel discussion, several crew members were STREAMING their choice of entertainment (football, music, Tv shows, etc.,) with their CELL PHONES and headphones. COULD THE USE OF THESE CELL PHONES during my audio capture, cause intermittent, random, unwanted, cracking, hissing, static noice during my audio capture LivingAUDIO,
  3. Thank you so much Jeff and Peter. I greatly appreciate your answers. And now that I know that PFL stands for" Pre Fade Listen", I'm going to continue reading my manual and practicing on my F8, to make sure I get comfortable with using PFL. Thanks again !!! Byron San Diego
  4. I recently purchased my Zoom F8 and even after using the F8 manual to learn how to set the PFL settings, the manual never defines what the PFL acronym stands for? I would appreciate any answer on what PFL actually stands for ? Byron,
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