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  1. There's app called Rec from LateNiteSoft that works with the Tentacle sync E to put tc on iphone footage. I've not used it much so I don't know how stable it is but I have tried it and certainly works.
  2. I've found that this is a good site to see what frequency mobile phone networks are operating on in different countries. https://www.spectrummonitoring.com/frequencies/ Doesn't tell you what frequencies are legal to operate wireless mics on but you can work out what you definitely can't use.
  3. Yes I've picked up a couple of Microns to replace my G3's and they are a definite upgrade, a fuller sound and a good limiter. Also Tanky at the Micron mothership is a great help. Of course this is all very 1980s-90s tech but it still works well and it the field that I'm interested in, no budget small crew documentary work, it's unparalleled bang for your buck kit.
  4. Little question a bit off topic, is it worth upgrading a 100 transmitter to a 500 without upgrading the receiver? Or do you only get the advantage of the 500 if you upgrade the receiver as well. Thanks for your in put.
  5. Finally found the answer I was looking for.
  6. Hi I'm trying to remix some files I have taken off my mixpre 6 by putting them back on and doing a remix. Does anyone know if there is a way to do this? I've tried just putting the folder back on the card, the mixpre sees the project but when I try and open it just won't do it. The card has been formatted since I made the recording and so maybe there's a file that's missing.
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