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  1. Very cool. You went from sad to glad. Cool beans. Jeremy, I'm jealous of your Italian leather upgrade. I'm stuck with cold aluminum dimples. Nicely done.
  2. A patent's claims are valid for 10 years and then suddenly, ten years later, the patent office decides all the claims are invalid. This is why I'm so glad I'm not involved with patents anymore. What a circus.
  3. Ok, thanks. I see now why I was confused about what you needed. I didn't realize that there was version that had a rubber overlay. I also wanted to see the picture to see if there was something that could be fabricated to replace it. You may still get lucky that they have some spares. Their spares prices are not unreasonable, so maybe a new set of collars won't give you too much sticker shock. The only thing I can think of in terms of DIY would be to use marine grade heat shrink tubing that has glue on the inside. Not a great solution, but maybe one or two layers would
  4. Do you mean the compression collar on the inside? I doubt you can get them from anywhere but K-tek. They still make that pole so parts should not be an issue. I'd make a new inquiry. Things aren't what they were in service departments with the pandemic. I made an inquiry to them about parts two months ago and I heard back from them in two days.
  5. I have four patents, have worked for many years with corporate patent attorneys, have been on a patent review board and reviewed hundreds of patent applications for a company, and with that, I still don't know dick about patents. It's madness. Regarding your question (in bold), as you probably guessed, no, it isn't over. It probably won't be over until the patent expires. Per IP watchdog "On May 26 [2020, four months after the judgement was made], Zaxcom filed an appeal brief with the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) requesting review of a Patent Tria
  6. The patent has had quite a history going back to 2010. Just last year, Lectrosonics filed a challenge on the obviousness of the invention, or as the lawyers like to call it "objective indicia of nonobviousness". The interesting thing is that the patent court found in favor of Lectrosonics in that the original claims were invalid as described in the National Law Review: "With respect to the original claims, the PTAB [patent court] deemed them invalid and determined that Zaxcom’s objective indicia evidence was insufficient.". But Zaxcom brought forth new claims that the c
  7. The lawyers are. They do like those billable hours.
  8. Showing us your rejects and why you rejected them would help people make suggestions. Also, it seems like you intended to post a link to an example of what you're looking for? Here is a simple solution: https://www.amazon.com/Bayco-KW-110-Storage-Center-100-Feet/dp/B000GAS3K8/ref=sr_1_17?dchild=1&keywords=hand+hose+reel&qid=1614095842&sr=8-17?
  9. The point of the Adobe example is not that it is a subscription service, but that Adobe found a brilliant way to monetize themselves and get more money out of customers without coming up with a new product. Their revenue shot up like a rocket on the simple switch to subscriptions. Likewise, SD is learning how to better monetize itself. We all know the margins on hardware are nothing compared to software/firmware margins. The more a company can move to upgrades, firmware, and software, the better off they are. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, it's foolish not to take adva
  10. They took a look at how stupendously Adobe is doing with their subscription service and wanted a piece of the pie. Adobe's move from selling releases of software to having a subscription service has provided them with an embarrassment of riches. Their financial report is startlingly good; the best I've seen regarding profitability. Even in the pandemic, they had their best quarter last quarter. It's hard to resist that kind of temptation. Many vendors are moving in this direction.
  11. Anybody? Help. I'm just wondering if I'm nuts (yes) as from what I've read, everyone seems to think the TL-40 noise level is ok. But when I listen to the attached sample above, the noise is very apparent. Am I wrong, too sensitive, doing something wrong, hearing things? I'd appreciate any input. Perhaps PM me with your opinions/comments.
  12. Begging your pardon for this re-post, but I received no responses to my inquiry. I don't think I really posed a question last time. Please listen to the attached file with headphones and give me your opinion about the noise level. It is a comparison of the noise level of an OST 801 and TL-40. The 801 compares favorably with the COS-11D and TR-50, but I find the TL-40 to have an unacceptable noise level. In the attached file, first is a sample of silence with the 801 turned up, then the TL-40 is turned up. Notice the difference in noise levels. Comments?Self Noise Sample.WAV
  13. When I gave tours to friends, one of my favorite bits of the tour was to turn that button on and off. For some reason, having toured the amazing facility, that little button made such an impression. People were always amazed at how complicated sound for film is.
  14. Regarding the comments in that piece about the quality of theater sound systems, decades ago, the post sound team at Sprockets (now Skywalker Sound) and the THX group (both a part of Lucasfilm) noticed how their mixes didn't work in a lot of theaters. They surveyed hundreds of theaters ambient sound levels (air conditioning fans etc) and developed a background noise generator that was added to the mixing console of their mixing stages. On every mixing console is a button that they can turn on or off that adds the noise into the mix so that they can hear what the mix will sound like in the aver
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