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  1. This thread was not intended to take anything away from Pete. I inquired with him first about my microphone conversion. Mine is very old with the Tuchel connector, which is a version Pete does not service. So this is a solution for that case. I'd go to Pete first for any of my other needs.
  2. Update on my conversion. All is well. The 2.5mm set screw was correct, but I misread the chart on the box of setscrews and tried to use a 3mm. The blue Loctite works well. The mic works as it did before, but now without that bloody T-power box.
  3. Actually, I'm not there yet. I thought for sure the screw was 2.5mm and it's not. So I've ordered a 2mm set screw. If that's not it, I may be making my own custom screw on my lathe or maybe tap the hole for a 2.5mm screw. Clearly more than the average tinkerer wants to do and more than I anticipated. But I like to fabricate and I'm happy to spend hours dinking with stuff that could easily be done with money by someone that knows what they are doing. I like to learn. But to answer the question, I'll use the blue locktite which has a lower stickage than the popular red locktite. Ahh! Maybe I spoke too soon about this working. Now it's even clearer why Pete said it can't be done. Ha! I wish Sennheiser did what Octava does, which is to have a set screw that has a smaller diameter at the top. The screw is inserted into the inner barrel first and then backed out into a hole in the outer barrel that is smaller than the set screw and the set screw cinches. It can't get lost or fall out. How do I know about the Octavas? I just had one go bad. Rather than try to figure out what parts have gone bad, I bought Bill Sitler's upgrade kit and will replace all the caps and the FET and get better sound as well.
  4. This conversion isn't for everyone. Even with instructions from the vendor, I struggled. I haven't done a critical check yet for self noise and such. But a brief test seemed to indicate self noise and performance are the same. I'm happy to be able to use the mixer or wireless transmitter as the power source instead of the old T-power box. I looked at a picture of the inside of the Schoeps CMC4-T. It looks like even less space is available. I don't think the converter I used would fit. Pete may be doing something custom.
  5. I didn't make myself clear. I was able to do the conversion using the converter I identified in my first post.
  6. Some time back I was told that my MKH-415 could not be converted to phantom power. I accepted that. But recently, I wanted to operate the 415 wirelessly on a boom. The T-power made that a problem. So I re-looked at the problem. I found this gem. This tiny bugger just, just fits inside the space available. Now I understand why they said it could not be converted. The mic is held together by a screw that goes across the width of the barrel. That's where the converter fits. The answer to that problem was to replace the long pass-through screw with a short set screw held in place by locktite. You may find that converter useful for your T-powered mic.
  7. I've looked for manuals, youtube videos, etc. I can't find anything about the feature on the back of my old Petrol Bag. Can someone tell me what these two features are for? Please take a look at 2:50 in this video. You will see a square patch on the back of the bag that is open on the sides and sewn on top and bottom. I'm guessing you can put a belt through. Over it is a short velcro strap. Both of these are a mystery to me. Thanks.
  8. I went through this a couple of years ago. Work was miserable for about 6 years. Intolerable for the last 2 years, but had to hang on to build up 401k and need of medical (or so I thought). On paper, retirement looked ok, but I was apprehensive. I was at the breaking point; willing to eat rice and beans rather than work another day. I wanted to have a retirement rather than find myself dead at work one day. Two retirees told me not to worry about it. That retirement costs less than you think. I stepped off the precipice and it has been great. Had I known what I know now (friggin wisdom, why can't you get it in advance?), I would have retired two years earlier. Summary of my experience - it's a real bugger to figure out retirement without being retired. Trust your financial analysis. It is correct. Things will be better than you anticipate. You will be busier than ever once you retire. You will wonder how you ever held down a job and got all your other obligations done. Not only do I not have time for a job, I don't have time for my chores. Chores now are more of a bother than ever. With the freedom of retirement, I want to spend all my time goofing off.
  9. The back box does not get in the way of my feet, but it does get in the way of going down stairs. The upper outer edge bangs into the steps so I have to hold the cart at a higher angle to prevent that from happening. It also has limited ground clearance. I'm going to improve that by making it protrude less. I only need the box to be about 2/3rds the depth it is for the chair, umbrella, and other bits. The cup holders are marine cup holders you can find many places. Their fine for my coffee cup, but they aren't so good for my boom operator's travel mug (tall), it flops around. I've switched those out for these which work better - https://www.tnutz.com/product/ac-015-f/.
  10. You can order direct, but you have to email them. They will send you a price sheet. It will save you about 20%.
  11. I wanted a way to store some items at the top of my cart. I modified a Bucket Boss Bucketeer which happens to be the exact width of my cart. I shortened the height and moved the handle to the top. It gives me quick access to tools and other stuff on the front. In the back the transmitters and IEMs are ready for use. I wish it had one more pocket. In the back is a folding chair and umbrella (mostly for shade). It has two drawers; a cable and mic drawer and a drawer for Rycote overcovers, moleskin, topstick,, etc.. I put my bag on the top shelf. The second shelf stores a tablet (used to control the mixer) and a battery unit that has 2-AC, 1-12v, and 4-USB outlets. I toss dead batteries in the box at the bottom and store my thermos and other items in the box. .
  12. I want to do what Kishore did. I've sent him a PM, but I did not get a response. I tried pulling a knob off, but after pulling pretty strongly I stopped. I contacted Zoom and they said the knobs are not designed to be removed, but can be removed by pulling aggressively. The reason for going this way is that all the options I've seen for sale are overlays that are wider and cover up the dots on the faceplate. I know I don't need the dots, but space is at a premium for accessing the switches. I don't want replacement knobs taking up any more room than they already do. Also, I like the style of these knobs. Has anyone pulled off the knobs? Advice?
  13. Paul F

    Boom Pole Latch

    I gotta get out more often. Thanks all.
  14. Paul F

    Boom Pole Latch

    Does anybody know where I can get this latching pole holder (the grey item)?
  15. Are Mickey mic's still available? I can't find them.
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