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  1. You can order direct, but you have to email them. They will send you a price sheet. It will save you about 20%.
  2. I wanted a way to store some items at the top of my cart. I modified a Bucket Boss Bucketeer which happens to be the exact width of my cart. I shortened the height and moved the handle to the top. It gives me quick access to tools and other stuff on the front. In the back the transmitters and IEMs are ready for use. I wish it had one more pocket. In the back is a folding chair and umbrella (mostly for shade). It has two drawers; a cable and mic drawer and a drawer for Rycote overcovers, moleskin, topstick,, etc.. I put my bag on the top shelf. The second shelf stores a tablet (used to control the mixer) and a battery unit that has 2-AC, 1-12v, and 4-USB outlets. I toss dead batteries in the box at the bottom and store my thermos and other items in the box. .
  3. I want to do what Kishore did. I've sent him a PM, but I did not get a response. I tried pulling a knob off, but after pulling pretty strongly I stopped. I contacted Zoom and they said the knobs are not designed to be removed, but can be removed by pulling aggressively. The reason for going this way is that all the options I've seen for sale are overlays that are wider and cover up the dots on the faceplate. I know I don't need the dots, but space is at a premium for accessing the switches. I don't want replacement knobs taking up any more room than they already do. Also, I like the style of these knobs. Has anyone pulled off the knobs? Advice?
  4. Paul F

    Boom Pole Latch

    I gotta get out more often. Thanks all.
  5. Paul F

    Boom Pole Latch

    Does anybody know where I can get this latching pole holder (the grey item)?
  6. Are Mickey mic's still available? I can't find them.
  7. Paul F

    Leicozic SR2050

    One more question for Ironfilm - does it deliver mono to L&R on the headset or just one side?
  8. Paul F

    Leicozic SR2050

    I know one of you has this unit for IEM because I saw your unboxing on youtube. But I'd like to know: 1. How does it sound 2. What is it's range ? 3. Does it work with a G3 bodypack transmitter?
  9. Paul F

    Zoom F8n.

    I want to connect a Sennheiser G3 transmitter to the sub-out on the F8 to send to the boom operator. Has anyone tried this? I'm concerned about damaging the F8 by sending condenser mic power from the G3 mic input back to the F8.
  10. Thank you for the tips on the upgrade and the MKH 435. I emailed Pete. Unfortunately, I have a very old 415 with a Tuchel connector (Pete identified the connector name for me), that is not modifiable.
  11. Ok, good to know that. That wasn't a typo in my post. I have an old 415, not a 416. I am migrating from the Sound Devices 422 to a Zoom F8, so I will miss the switchable T power and have to dust off the T-power adapter that I got with the Sennheiser. At least there is plenty of room in the bag for it with the little F8.
  12. At a recent shoot, two brands of hypercardioid microphones became susceptible to RF interference. But my T-powered Sennheiser MKH-415 was not and it saved the situation. I did some reading and found anecdotal information that some people believe T-powered microphones are less susceptible to RF interference. My experience supports that opinion. That made me think I might want to add a T-powered hypercardioid to my collection. Is there such a thing as a T-powered hypercardioid? Does anyone have any comments about T-power and RF interference?
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