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  1. Vincent, I had no intention of punching below the belt. I do regret using the term 'mouths shut'. That certainly is not a polite way of expressing what I wanted to say. It's an unfortunate term that came to mind because of my experience at a major post house where I managed to shove my foot into my mouth on occasion even when I made complementary remarks. I learned that no matter what I thought, good or bad, I needed to keep my mouth shut and not have an opinion about anything. I was also a product manager. As such, I know that one has to have a neutral voice and not make opinions
  2. Sure, if I were in the post house for this project, I'd keep my mouth shut (boy, did I ever step in a big pile commenting on films when I worked at a post house). And yes, certain people such as your self who are product representatives or those who work in Hollywood on major features would tend to keep their mouths shut for purposes of not showing bias and staying employed. But for the rest of us, I would think if there is anywhere one should talk about a movie's sound, it's here. If one can't share and discuss art, what's the point of art?
  3. Clever, but the hype (their's, not yours) and the reality are quite far apart. The first product they hope to deliver by December 2021 is the size of a large speakerphone. I don't think I'd trade in my earbuds for that. Based on what I see, the effective range of where your head can be is probably quite narrow.
  4. With the rear wheels behind the cart and the casters under the cart, most of the weight is on the casters. That makes it all the tougher to get it moving. Also, since the casters are close together, the cart has a narrow wheelbase which makes the cart less stable; especially with most of the weight on them. The goal should be to get at least half the weight on the rear wheels or even more. The casters on my cart are such that the cart tilts back a bit so the center of gravity is shifted back to get more weight on the rear wheels. Thinner, larger diameter wheels on the back that ha
  5. One thing is the casters are so big that it takes quite a push to get them aligned to the direction you want it to go; especially with all that weight. More air in the tires will lower the friction and make it easier to move. I can't tell if the front casters are pneumatic, but that would make it a bit of a tough go even if they are fully inflated. The angle of the red handles is not helpful. You can't get a proper grip on those handles to push the cart. There's more of a lifting action in the back and a downward force in the front with that angle, which doe
  6. It's my attempt to put things in perspective . Many people suffer fear of that which is not well understood. For example, there is quite some hysteria about 5G mobile. For those that don't have the inclination to read the many papers on the topic, an example, such as the intense sun radiation and how we deal with it on a daily basis can put in perspective what might be the concerns for things that are of much lower frequency and much lower power levels. No, I'm not saying everything else is safe. But studies show no significant results that say we should be concerned unless we have
  7. Leaving me to wonder what health benefits there may be by me pasting a cell phone to my ear.
  8. Is RF radiation a concern? Of course it is. But only from the main source of radiation; the sun. As noted by Endian, the sun is the most powerful source of radiation any of us will normally encounter; far more powerful than the combined radiation we endure from all other sources. Yet we fearlessly expose ourselves to its UV radiation every day. In fact, sunlight is essential for good health. Given that the sun exposes us to perhaps 1000 times as much energy as any other source, I'd say we can rule the others out.
  9. Most excellent. Thank you Larry.
  10. Yes. I just did a with/without splitter comparison. I hear you. I was expecting to see about 7 db loss with connections and maybe poor splitter design. So 5db just doesn't make sense to me. The Anristu constantly recalibrates itself, so I'm assuming while actual power levels may not be accurate, the relative accuracy from reading to reading should be spot on.
  11. I tried to measure the loss through a 4-way splitter. But I'm getting odd results. I'm measuring a loss of about 5db which doesn't make sense. I am connecting an LPDA to the input of the splitter. I connect an Anritsu spectrum analyzer to the output. Some distance away is a transmitter. All connections and cables are 50 ohm. The coax is RG-316. The other 3 outputs are not terminated. Is this why I'm getting odd results? Do I need to terminate the other outputs? I don't have a way to terminate the other outputs at the moment.
  12. That is the exact definition of ignorance. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=ignorance There is nothing wrong with being ignorant. It's not a bad word. We are all ignorant about many things. I relish recognizing my ignorance on topics so that I can fill in blanks in my body of knowledge. Side advice: Don't get defensive. It looks bad. Never let them see you sweat. In your attempt to defend yourself against the word ignorant, you showed your ignorance. It would have been better to ignore my comment and get on with the discussion. Why di
  13. C'mon now. You are showing your ignorance. They don't get sick of doing that. They hire a utility person to do that. It's a paid position. It requires experience to be a good utility. Mic'ing talent is a skill requiring a lot of experience (for narrative) using those two dozen bits of kit I mentioned. Read the forum archives. You don't even know who does what, but you want someone to drag you along to slow them down. For homework tonight .... read, read, read. I made a suggestion and you ignored it. We don't even know your name. Not a good start.
  14. I'd say those two sentences contradict one another. Ok, I'm picking on you. Here's your chance. This is the place that has the big time pros. Tell them your story. Tell them where you live. Maybe one of them will be nice enough to do a meet and greet with you. That would be a start.
  15. Sunny Southern Ca is the mecca for professional sound work. Given the current conditions most people on this board are likely struggling for work, I don't think the mood would be over-zealously helpful toward a newcomer. The people on this board have invested many tens of thousands of dollars in production sound equipment and need work. This is the big boy forum. So don't expect too much in the way of open arms. But hey, everyone started somewhere. Maybe someone will offer you a chance to be on a set to see what it is all about. Before you work, you have to know what you are talki
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