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    I've made feature and short documentaries, corporate videos, and many tiny budget shorts for NGOs. In addition to sound work, I am a freelance documentary editor.
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  1. I just got a used :wave, but I'm having a hell of a time operating it as the master in an RF network. My other Timecode Systems devices (2 Ultrasync Ones) are configured as RF slaves on the correct RF channel, but they don't connect to the network unless I hold them within an inch of the :wave. Any further than that and they lose the RF connection. I have updated the firmware on all devices and reconfigured everything several times, to no avail. Has anyone else had an issue like this? (I'm hoping it's fixable with a new antenna or something.)
  2. Paul's solution seems like a good one. I recently did a job in which we synced in Tentacle, exported synced sequences to Premiere, and delivered a Premiere project file along with the footage. Worked fine because we checked with the editor ahead of time.
  3. @Ty Ford listening to different mics seems like the optimal way to choose. Out of curiosity, do you usually do that by renting them and using them on jobs? Visiting a showroom/rental house? For those of us who live far away from retailers that carry decent mics, it's sometimes hard to compare these things in the flesh.
  4. @Dejan Ceko, thanks! Looks like plenty of access to that headphone dial. I'm going to go for it. How's that Hirose connector holding up?
  5. Thinking about an OR-30 for my new MixPre 10t. Is it a good fit? Are you able to use the headphone knob on the side pretty easily, or is it a pain to reach in there and fiddle with it?
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