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  1. Using this ultraflex 7 or 10 since years. Usually the ultraflex 7 for runs up to 35m. https://messi.it/dati/layout/files/CartellaElementi/Ultraflex 7 - Full Datasheet ENG.pdf https://messi.it/dati/layout/files/CartellaElementi/Ultraflex 10 - Full Datasheet ENG.pdf
  2. Hi Richard, using 3 822 since summer with hybrid transmitters ( smqv, hma, smdb ). All rocksolid from day one. I like that you can throw anything lectro at them, makes my small kit for cars/trailers etc. very flexible as it will tune to any active transmitter. That was also the main intention, i didnt try digital tx till now. greets
  3. so am i cant put too much effort in this, there are as always plenty of other things to do... will just let it run in the background unattended (hopefully) and only as long as it doesnt mess with my workflow. but very curious about the outcome. continuously uploading the audiofiles would be extremely handy on this next project, but it felt too early to present this as a possible solution to production.... will post my findings at a later date
  4. AWill be doing a testdrive of c2c on the upcoming project. Everything is set up and working under lab conditions. But to make it work under reallife conditions with fluctuating or nonexistent network performance, there are some things quite unclear. There will be days/locations when LTE network will be weak or nonexistent. In the case of this project, the cloud backup wont be too time critical. Files from different recording folders can be uploaded some days later without problem. Main goal: every recorded file is in the cloud by the end of the project. Is it possible to mirror a whole project folder including all the subfolders in the cloud ? So the system automatically checks, what files in the different subfolders are already uploaded and whats still missing? Up to now i only see the possibility of mirroring the currently selected folder. When switching to a different folder, the former upload queue is lost. What about local metadata changes of already uploaded files? Are they reflected in the mirror? Greets Marco
  5. Optional side adressed lemo would make the profile even smaller in certain situations ( similar to dpa mmp-gs/es )
  6. This! sort of a gain trim for linked inputs would be essential. I stopped working with linked gains because of this ...Maybe, in linked-input-mode, the overridden gain pots could be used to trim the gain of the corresponding inputs in relation to the "master" gain? That would be really great. Now you can "only" link 2 inputs. When working with mic-arrays consisting of 3+ mics (DMS, D-Ortf...), it would be handy to link more than 2 inputs, also with gain trims. Powerwise i dont know yet. It feels like the 833 sucks substantially more energy than 633. But this is just an nonscientific observation...and the only grain of salt. Will stay with the 633 for the remote jobs with lots of travel... And you can feed the 633 with AA, in case everything comes different as planned...
  7. Offaxis The Buttplugs Mos Deaf Overmodulator The Weird Harmonics Leave before the Others The Final Shortcut
  8. hi paul, that was, to some extent, also my first impression after using 4060s for years and years. definitely missing some brilliance and definition. i have to say that i just bought one 6060 to see what its like working with them. i will definitely stay with the 4060 as main lavs, but when space is limited, the 6060 is stellar, in spite of a slight quality loss (IMHO). forum members: what is your experience, when comparing 6060 to 4060 ?
  9. Yes, i have got the cables from audio with the filter built into the plug. Works well with dpa 4017/4018 and ok with senn mkh 50. With Schoeps ccm lots of noise. Tried removing the connection XLRshell/ground in the Cinelas, but that didnt make any difference.
  10. Hi all, Its about Audio ltd A10 for wireless boom. I recently changed to this setup and got some trouble with rf/noise picked up by the mikes/cabling. Especially my ccm41's in cinela osix are unusable. Does someone have similar experience?
  11. Same here, after setting it to factory defaults. I didnt yet find out what routine causes the problem. Did u already inform SD about this?
  12. Hi Dalton, will get back to you if youre interested. The project likely spans for 2+ years, as alot of the targeted situations are seasonal. If you missed it this winter, you gotta wait 10 months. Some of the picture is already done, but mostly without sound ( long lenses, noise, etc). Yes, nature docs are fun to do, lots of improvising. In the last weeks we did some tests to bring micarrays on heliumballoons high up in the middle of big birdswarms. the outcome is promising, very interesting perspective.
  13. Hi Dalton, Thanks, very interesting! Do you have experience with mics/transducers of this brand?
  14. hi all, for a wildlife documentary, i am researching possibilities for longtime mic-installations in full out weather... as this sounds like quite a contradiction, i wonder if anyone of you has experience to share regarding this topic. the mics ( at least the capsules ) will be high up in trees, installed by crane, as are some endoscopic cameras. everything is cabled down to ground for signal, powering etc. once breeding season starts, we cant get close anymore. i am posting in the diy section, because i think the solutions from the shelf will not work here....
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