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  1. Tried this, it's really just the side of the transformer that makes any noise when I tap on it, but also, I think I might just be over sensitive. I did an A/B comparison to my audio interface pre and the noise floor was similar to my mp-1. I think I've just been cranking it way too high on quieter sets and back in the studio. Now that I did a more (or less) scientific test of it, I'm fine knowing that self-noise isn't an issue, but... I'm still a little concerned that I can hear myself tapping on the side of the transformer when the gain is up in the 7-8 range. Maybe the solution is "don't tap on the transformer?" haha
  2. That's what I thought! I'll definitely try giving it a once over with the iron. Thanks! I'm usually time and patience rich and cash poor, but you're totally right about resale and just my general "will this suddenly break on a gig" peace of mind. I sent SD an email, so I'll see what they say...
  3. I started noticing a little too much noise out of my MP-1, and then, when I got it home and started inspecting it, noticed it was picking up me knocking on the case. Opened it up and started tapping on components, and the transformer is the culprit. Has anyone tried swapping out a new one? Worth it? Any good sources for the new part?
  4. Nice. I think I honestly gotta try it out myself so I can explain it to producers/camera folks. I'm sure it's not that hard, it's just different.
  5. These are amazing, any updates on how they are doing in the field?
  6. They are great! Regarding the trouble getting perfect sync, I agree with the other comments, you have to make sure each box is matching the proper frame rate FIRST or esle the magic won't happen. Once it's working, though, it really does feel like magic, hah.
  7. gsmyth

    Zoom F8n.

    I sold my F8 to grab a 664 on an amazing deal, but honestly I'm just schemeing on how to get back another F8 and sink the extras into better mics for the pole. The limiters and the pres are obviously different, but it's in "eye-squint" territory for me, and if I'm relying on lavs, why even sweat the mic pres. The 668 seem to "have it all" but I'm just not there yet justifying that price.
  8. Yeah, I've turned on a few operators to them. Love how tiny they are and being able to check up w my phone. Still haven't tried out syncing a DSLR with them, most folks I suggested it to had no idea what to do with TC on the audio track...
  9. Depending on where you are, some universities have an audiology dept that might give you a free ear exam and fitting for custom plugs.
  10. This is something I've always wondered about. How is the camera team doing things?
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