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  1. By the way, I asked the guy at Aeta who was sorting out my replacement keypad, if the pre-amps in other equipment could be the same design as the 4Minx or Mixy - he thought it quite possible as the same designer has been designing the whole range (analogue side? Many be digital too).. I did buy a Scoopy (for audio over ISDN) for €50 a bit ago to see if I could remove the pre-amps to compare. On the Scoopy at least, they are a sperate board with physical controls, a seperate power board (handles both batteries and 12V input) and an output amp board. I don't think it would be too difficult to combine them all, disregarding the rest. I think the Scppoy came before the Mixy... The Scoopy+ looks more like the Mixy but I think has software controlled elements for the pres, probably meaning the rest is tricky.. Anyway, it would be good to find that the pres in a Scoopy are almost as good... you can regularly find them for around €50.
  2. If you don't mind asking, that would be fantastic! At the same time, he can be backing up the internal card too for the future. I'll see what software I used to back mine up - it worked and I did transfer it to another SD card to test, just it wasn't a faster one, so have no idea if the software would speed up or not (possibly not). Thanks for the tip regarding the ambisonic option - I don't yet have any ambisonic mic, but was thinking of possibly trying one in the future. My 4Minx is 4-track so can work with one ok, and of course with your suggestion could monitor as you recommend.
  3. Do users of the 4Minx still exist on this forum? I opened mine up the other day (I'm replacing the button pad) and see that the software/firmware is stored on an internal 8Gb SD card. Has anyone else noticed this and have any improvements been made by swapping this for a faster card? This means you can back-up the SD card by making an SD card image which can then be transfered should the original go bad. That's probably good practice for the future seeing as its not an officially supported product any more (although they do still have spare parts). To this end, I was wondering if anyone with 8 channels and ambisonic features enabled might want to make anSD card image and store it somewhere publicly availble to help others who may experience corrupted internal cards at some point.. that would be a lot of investment to loose! Of course, no ulterior motives here.....
  4. I heard this story before but as a new story (rather than a parable) on a talk radio show and with a roast chicken cut in two. There's an important part missing in the way you've told it: An important part is that every person thought their mother's roast chicken tasted great and was better than other's cooking. That's the important part because they were looking for why it tasted so good and immediately fixated on the unusual method that stood out. It's a very common human trait to assume a direct causation between something that stands out and a particular result - it's the basis of superstition, very bad science, real witch trials, political populism even (e.g. associating economic downtown with arrival of certain people to their community)... and worse of all, audiophile-nervousa : ) So, your headphones are recommended to you as being great. and then you have a happy client. Automatically you've associated the good result with your headphones and confirmation bias kicks in. So they are in turn recommended to others. Could just be that everyone in the chain isn't really listening to the results very clearly and the client is happy because they know no different. I am only a hobbyist in this recording field, but as a production carpenter, I am always surprised how happy many end clients can be with really shoddy work!
  5. I have a 4 channel 4Minx but wanted to rent or borrow an 8-track with Ambisonics.. Does anyone know of a rental company that still has them? I'm UK based.
  6. LuckyNat


    Ebay asking prices are not always relevant prices. Better to search for completed listings to see prices things actually sold at and how many times the silly-priced items have been listed without any interest.
  7. Not about a skill area suiting women but more about how concepts of what men and women do are entrenched by surrounding human culture and how that makes one behave and believe about oneself to fit in with being a man or a woman. Even within those areas people act and change their behaviours to fit in - talk in certain ways, try hard to look knowledgeable and confident, have a fixed idea of how it is to be "professional" etc. - and so will again attract (or more like, make others feel they don't fit in) a narrow personality type. It's even funnier when you see folks in the same industry all practically wearing the same clothes, same colours, driving the same cars.. I see that all the time in the film industry - chippies, lighting, camera, sound all look the same in general. What does an industry look like that is open to all people and equally to each gender? Looks like a wide mix of individuals and personalities. I see men joining industries because they enjoy the male dominated culture. It attracts a certain kind of man who wants to join a male dominated club. So in many ways, it's the opposite happening - they push away women by being attractive to a certain kind of male company loving men - a positive feedback loop. That's the kind of image that pushes me away too as a man - I hate that kind of environment. I'll stay a hobbyist or go into a creative area instead. This sound device is a joke though. Their other products are also jokey products like a guitar looking like a tuning fork. Media see a joke out of context and make out it was serious.
  8. Thanks to finding these schematics from Soundmanjon, I'm going to build a couple of circuits to power my ex-theatre DPA 4061s.. (both cut at the wire..) A small question before I do so: My recorder can give 12V Tpower. Will adjusting the circuit above for T-Power and making an adapter for T-power instead, save me recorder battery? If T and phantom both have same current draw, I'd guess that would be correct.. ?
  9. Interesting discussion from a few years ago. My immediate thoughts are about the assumptions people in the thread have made in general about the holder of patents (and rights to defend them - i.e. the assumption that they are always valid and in a moral sense should be defended) and also the assumptions people have made when a company doesn't want to reveal their technology to a rival. Even Glenn's wording seems to heavily imply he fully believes his own confirmation bias that Sonosax don't wish to because they are hiding something (e.g. repeating that he has the e-paper trail of the conversation) ... Likely the truth is he doesn't really know (unless he's received some kind of inside info/tip-off?) . When people choose to make an assumption and fall on one side or the other, they are only reflecting their internal biases and that has nothing to do with the truth or reality. Confirmation bias is even stronger in groups (e.g. within companies) and anecdotally more so when it comes to defending something the group believes could be under attack (e.g. technology, market position, reputation of appearing weak/not protecting themselves legally - I get the impression that is strong in US business culture - etc ) That it is under attack is just one level of possible confirmation bias. An opinion more close to the truth as we know it here is "I don't know". It's interesting that Zaxcom didn't or couldn't apply for a worldwide patent. I'm not sure if that says something about the technology, the process, the US patent system, cost or what... anyone with some bias could read into that too! www.techdirt.com is a good website for reading about the problems with many granted patents by the US patent office (it's a US based news site).
  10. I'm looking at secondhand recorders and would like to find more opinions on the 4Minx. Alas - reflecting the future of so much modern culture and writing - your friend's review has not been kept on the internet 6 years later. Do you know if they have it hosted elsewhere or if they have it saved anywhere? Or could even upload it to jwsoundgroup as an attachment? Thanks in advance..
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