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  1. thank you for your compliment jeff, in the most recent version of the holder i have made a little hole that allows you to tuck the antenna around the TX instead of along the microphone. it is still not perfect antenna placement but better than under somebody's fingers. will work just fine for most close range situations. i understand that there is a dedicated zmt style plug on transmitter that frankly will be faster to setup than this. My idea was that i get asked maybe once or twice a year for a stickmic so i can t justify buying a 2000$ dedicated tx just for that so i came up with this as an alternative for those few and between occasions. it takes about 30 seconds to setup and you can change battery quick. thank you OSA that was the reasoning behind it. fell free to reach me if you d like me to make you one. cheers dominiquegreffard@gmail.com holder.mp4
  2. Hello sound hive, i m dominique greffard, a sound mixer based in montreal canada. I have recently got a zaxcom nova and a couple of zmt transmitters that i really like. a few times a year i get asked to provide production with a wireless stickmic and i can t justify buying a dedicated xlr transmitter for those rare instances. i decided to come up with an adaptor to allow a zmt transmitter to work with the sennheiser md-46, shure sm58 and the electro-voice re-50. i am now selling those with the xlr-f to lemo adaptor for 110$ Usd paypal. I would really like to know what you think about the product. I understand that bending the antenna around creates a rf compromise but after some testing it works fine for those close range applications. i can be reached at dominiquegreffard@gmail.com thanks, dominique holder.mp4
  3. Not perfect but that’ll get me started on the nova. New custom bag with magnets✔️ Nova with wings ✔️ Headphones to the right and boom to the left ✔️ 3d printed Solid Battery sled ✔️ Stands up solid, 4 points attachements and weights under 6 pounds total ✔️
  4. I got a brand new lectrosonics sraes adaptor for sale if anybody is interested. Dominiquegreffard@gmail.com
  5. i tottally agree with that. My main headphone jack broke on my nomad years ago and the hp2 saved the day. I ll probably do a heaphone 1/4 to 1/8” jumper to protect the connector from tension.
  6. This is my DIY bag, it has a 3d printed frame to hold everything and some choroplast and fabric shell. Everything just over 5 pounds. Very pleased with it, working with the sonosax sx-r4+ is a threat. ✌️ FBAE437B-5F71-4998-B740-583DF28D0939.mp4
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