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  1. Thanks to all for the replies. Very helpful!
  2. I have a couple UCR 195D receivers tuned to 592.350MHz and 605.125MHz respectively. Would I be able to tune a block 23 SM transmitter to exactly these frequencies? Anyone else have experience using these receivers with newer transmitters? Thanks!
  3. Thanks Trey. I assumed so, but I couldn't find a definitive answer anywhere!
  4. Will the LT transmitters work with the Srb receiver?
  5. Hey Jez, New Brunswick is certainly not as humid as the tropics, but where I am located can become quite humid in the summer. I had the mkh50 start squealing and give out while shooting an interior scene on a particularly humid day. Had to switch it for the 416 which has proven unstoppable! Cheers, Blue
  6. No problems with RF, but I have had my mkh50 succumb to humidity!
  7. Cool. I'm going to test out dialling my MM-1 back a couple a notches to 36db for use with my 416s and see if it cleans up the signal in a noticeable way.
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