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    Freelance Sound engineer in film since around 2013. Before CTO in a conference equipment rental company...
    Besides, running a recording studio for film and broadcast audio post production.

    Mainly doing documentary and tv-series stuff.

    Based in Vienna, Austria

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  1. Jakobk

    Micplexer 2 vs. BSRF AS-122

    Thank you for your input! @glenn I trust you blindley! Still: Do you have sources where this is explained? In my mind, having two filter after each other should not be a problem (apart from adding noise...) Going with the micplexer would tie my qrx200s to block 23 if i need to use all my trx. I am upgrading the qrx100 to an 200 eventually. @ramallo What made you change the AS-122 (and to what)?
  2. Jakobk

    Condenser mic stored in a PVC pipe - technical question

    In a pipe or not, surrounding air pressure changes constantly. Any mic will handle this. Don't worry...
  3. Jakobk

    Micplexer 2 vs. BSRF AS-122

    I am considering buying one of them. I see an advantage in the AS-122 for having more inputs, wider band (so i could use one receiver in a totally different block) and a bit cheaper. My kit is all zaxcom (qrx200 and one qrx100 block 23 into a nomad 12) What are your thoughts? Have one of you compared these devices? Is there a potential issue with the qrx200 and the AS-122 regarding the filtering? Thank you and happy new year!
  4. Jakobk

    Zaxcom TRXLT3 discontinued :-(

    I just learned it when checking on my dealers website... Sorry to be late. What chargers do you use? Sound guys solutions one look nice. Is there a "smart" charger? Or is it not necessary with these?
  5. Jakobk

    Zaxcom TRXLT3 discontinued :-(

    I just learned that the TRXLA3 (The single AA version of Zaxcoms "normal" transmitters) is discontinued. Am i the only one who for maybe no particular reason feels uncomfortable when thinking of switching or adding np50 batterys to the arsenal? I am thinking of getting an ZMT3 phantom though... #showerthoughts
  6. Jakobk

    V-Mic D3 Pro

    So that means they run off 3V "plug on power" without batteries? They still need to be charged, right?
  7. Jakobk

    V-Mic D3 Pro

    I actually meant if they can be powered by some sort of phantom power or supply voltage... Thank you for the information!
  8. Jakobk

    V-Mic D3 Pro

    Can the mics be powered by something other than the (AAA and built in) batteries?
  9. Jakobk

    Alexa Mini TC sync

    She told me on the phone today that it is a new one. I don't know the differences apart from having to choose between different positions... I will tell you when it arrives me.
  10. Jakobk

    Alexa Mini TC sync

    Lemo has a new right-angle connector in the 0b series. I just talked to my lemo sales person and she told me that you can choose from 8 different positions. After assembled it is fixed. FSG.0B.305.CLAD32Z I ordered some and will post pics with it on the mini when i am done with my cables...
  11. Jakobk

    Zaxcom Nomad timecode delay

    Absolutely! As i said, it is no real issue. Hope you found the right cuisine for your feast! 😄
  12. Jakobk

    Zaxcom Nomad timecode delay

    Is there a way to fix this? It hasn't have to be accurate but at least be able to show the correct tc, no? If its like this on every Nomad it should be easy.. If you don't know that its the display one would think their tc-box is one frame late...
  13. Jakobk

    Zaxcom Nomad timecode delay

    It is not really an issue but i just wanted to ask you fellow nomad users if you have it the same or if it is a issue with mine... I had some problems with my tentacles not taking timecode accurately so i double checked timecode by conneting them to the tc in on my nomad to compare with the generator. When i had them synced correctly i thought ok, one frame off is probably the best i get but then i connected the nomad tc out to the input and still had the one frame difference. So i guess it is the display, right? I tried to find something in the settings where you could set a tc offset but didn't find any. Is your nomad behaving the same? The picture showing the tc out connected to the in with a short bnc cable. I tried it with several tc devices from tentacle and ambient and always had the one frame off...
  14. Jakobk

    Line input cable for zaxcom transmitter

    Thank you! That makes sense of course!
  15. Has anyone of you done one? Planning to do some. Short ones, lemo to xlr (from there, if needed i can extend and adapt...) I would put the resistors in the xlr plug, should work, no? Why is the "loop" from ground, around audio?