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  1. I use a DPA 6060 as my lav which one do you guys think will have the most similar sound to that lav?
  2. Which do you guys think is better sounding for the majority of voices for handheld speakers at events?
  3. Here is my review of the Really Right Stuff Travel Size Boom. First off I want to start off by saying Really Right Stuff sent me this boom pole on loan. However, I was not paid anything by them and this is my honest review. I will also say that I own quite a lot of their products including their fluid head, plates, 15mm rods, ect.. I paid full price for all their products I own, I just like to own the best and highest performing everything. I finally will state that I do not buy because of a brand. I buy from research, reviews, and real-world use. Lets start off with what you
  4. Thanks all for the answers let me ask you this as far as input noise the Zoom F6 is -127 dBu vs Sound Devices which is -129 dBu. In real world do you think there is any real noticeable difference in the noise floor when using ray a ribbon microphone?
  5. The Zoom F6 has a dynamic range of 131 DB (I got that number from Zoom) and the MixPre II series has a dynamic range of 142 DB. Since the whole point of the dual AD converters and 32 bit audio is that you cannot clip and no limiters are needed. My question is do you guys think 131DB in the F6 is enough or the extra 11DB on the MixPre II series has any real advantage? -Alex
  6. On my Lextrosonics SMWB I have to add around 6db gain over the COS11D wired in universal. For the servo wired COS11D the gain is the same as the 6060. I am also using the DAD3056 Microdot adapter. Not a Zaxcom, but hopefully that will help answer your gain questions. There is probably diffrent wiring you can have done in the Zaxcom to give you more gain on the lav to lower the noise floor.
  7. Thanks for all the feedback. So many more brands to research! I wish I could try them all out somewhere before buying one. I have some Really Right Stuff equipment such as their fluid head and it is one hell of a head for their first fluid head. Not as good as my O'Conner head, but it is also less than a 1/3rd of the O'Conner's price. So I will stop fan boying and look into the more established boom brands, until reviews come out on it.
  8. What is the best carbon fiber boom pole in 2019? Panamic, Ambeint, Really Right Stuff's soon to be released, Gitzo, K-Tec, Ect... I am looking for my first nice boom that is not the aluminum Rode one I have. I am also conflicted on what size to get for example Really Right Stuff has a travel boom that goes 6.4 feet and can fit in my carry on which is a huge plus, however the non carry on size is a great 14 feet. Not having to check is always great when traveling, but having a longer pole is also beneficial. What are your guy's opini
  9. Anyone use a Sennheiser MKE-2 Gold on a Lectro transmitter? They make one terminated for TA5-F, anyone have good experiences with them?
  10. The nostalgia aspect had me intrigued. Will for sure wait for real world reviews.
  11. What is the difference between the DAD3056 and DAD6021? Is there any gain difference between the two? Also is there compatibility issues with either one with using the really old units that require the universal wiring? I have a SMWB that I use 60 percent of the time and have a COS11D on it with universal wiring and it has the perfect. For DPA is the DAD3056 or DAD6021 most similar to a COS11D with universal wiring? Thanks, Alex
  12. Not sure if DVE store uses the same supplier, but I use them or BH for 99 percent of what I buy.
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