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  1. This is a great little piece on the studio. Never visited the original but I did recently do some session work in the new spot. Bruce is a trip, super sweet guy!
  2. Just use phantom blocking cables... DCHT + M2r is a very reliable and versatile setup. You won’t get quite to -20 on a Mini but that’s a small drawback IMO
  3. Not sure if Zoom has an approved media list like Sound Devices does, but I would try another type of SD card and test under the same conditions.
  4. As an SRc owner I definitely understand the lack of excitement over the slot receiver format. Dealing with two channels in such a limited interface is clunky enough, but moving to four within one slot is approaching "Nintendo keyboard" level efficiency.
  5. All these people saying "just keep a lockit on" clearly forgot about all the shoots where the producer declined to pay for it.
  6. Love the internal SSD recording, EQ, and two separate auto mix groups!
  7. I keep getting asked to send tax documents and contracts over email to producers, which makes me super uncomfortable. When absolutely required, I encrypt the document and send a text with a password to the requester. But, people seem annoyed sometimes with this system, and it's cumbersome. I try to avoid as many annoyances as possible when dealing with producers (for obvious reasons), but I feel pretty strongly about not transmitting sensitive information this way. What is the general approach around here to this problem?
  8. Can you cite a specific timestamp from a specific episode with a good example? I watched that whole series and never felt there were any overall issues with sound. Other than the fact that they obviously rely on wires a lot for those super wides/one takes.
  9. Thanks for getting the thread back on track, though it was an interesting tangent! This seems a little excessive on all counts: size, weight, power, and so forth. I don't see any benefit of a rig like this over something like the options mentioned previously (SPDR, ZFR, H1, etc.) I'd definitely rather keep a separate recorder in the car as a full backup option. Which brings me to my other main question, to those using a stereo backup: What situations do you envision or have you experienced where this stereo backup was necessary? How often does a mixer f
  10. How many of you illustrious sound recordists utilize a separate stereo recorder, capturing a two-channel feed from the outputs of your mixer/recorder as a backup? I haven't really considered this until recently, upon hearing a horror story about corrupted files taking down a whole gig due to non-approved media in a Sound Devices MixPre. Accounting for the fact that I'm using approved media in my 633, it seems like a relatively unlikely situation (I can think of a small number of potential failures that wouldn't also take down the aux outputs). So... what are your thoughts on backup
  11. It's so interesting to read threads like this... external/internal seems to be a highly personal choice, also heavily influenced by location. I can't think of any boom ops I know in LA defaulting to externally cabled poles, even at longer extensions. Seems to be more common on the East Coast and overseas, but I don't have much experience outside of LA. I played with an externally cabled pole when I was getting started... I didn't have the money for a good internally cabled K-tek so it was partially out of necessity and partially curiosity. The external thing is a huge learning cur
  12. I purchased the SCX1-HC with the intent of it being my main interiors mic, but was disappointed every time I put it up next to an Oktava MK-012. Worse rejection, worse tone quality, worse off-axis response than the much-cheaper Oktavas. But since I have both, I'll check tomorrow to see if the capsule threading is the same.
  13. Hey there, just purchased my first two Ursa straps, and I'm disappointed to find the sewn pouch (on the "big pouch" version) isn't actually big enough to house a G3 transmitter. They are just big enough to fit the clip in, but I thought the whole point was to put the whole transmitter in the pouch! Am I missing something here?
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