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  1. I always thought it was anodized, until I had my friends in my possession, and it was flaking paint. Gaff tape was pulling it off...it was disappointing how easy it came off with tape. Yeah, my hope was $400 but my intuition knew better. Valuable info thanks.
  2. Hi, I've seen a couple CMITs now with paint flaking off where a shock mount contacts the lower body. Once it starts, it doesn't take much for it to get really bad. Has anybody gotten a price for how much to fix this? I've come across one for sale for a good price, but it's got the worst paint I've seen so far (owner actually removed most of the paint on bottom half). Too late to call Redding on the long weekend, though maybe somebody can pass along their experience.
  3. Theres plenty of times cheap cameras have to be used on real shoots with big budgets. This is going to make a lot of editors lives easier.
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