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  1. In this time of crisis, people are stepping up: https://www.radioworld.com/news-and-business/news-makers/sound-devices-face-shields-covid19
  2. Great advice. 🙂 It is nice when manufacturers back-port features where possible, but as we have seen many times (from many companies), even features that were promised when a product was announced do not always ship - sometimes they just cannot be made to work. If the hardware cannot do it, the hardware cannot do it. As the owner of a 688, I look forward to the software update that will add DANTE support. 😉
  3. Resolve 16 is pretty nice and at free or $300 (not a year, just $300 until some future update that may cost money) 🙂 it is a great price. For those with Mac Minis that need more power, consider getting an eGPU from Blackmagic (two models, available at the Apple Store). Also, Apple’s educational bundle for anyone who qualifies (lots more people than one would think) is only $200 and includes Final Cut Pro X and Logic (along with Motion X and Compressor). Final Cut Pro X has really become competitive and, unlike Premiere is a one time purchase. Coupled with something like Affinity Photo or Pixelmator Pro (to replace Photoshop), one can eliminate the monthly subscription fees using either of these Resolve or Final Cut Pro X.
  4. Curious why you think it is doubtful? With Gigabit Switches almost free and 10 Gigabit switches becoming affordable, it seems like a reasonable solution for even large shows. I am not advocating for it, just wondering why you think it is unlikely.
  5. Love that it supports the SL-6 out of the box giving 6 wireless inputs in a bag, centrally controllable. On the other hand, for giant shows one can also use an A-10 Racks and bring the audio in via DANTE. Looking forward to playing with it at NAB next week. Now if I can just win enough money to pay for my NAB travel, and all the new gear I want to buy. 😄
  6. You can sync one to a regular UltraSync, any other Timecode Systems Gear, an Atomos Ninja V with the Timecode module or a Deneke TCB slate. I would also presume that one could sync with an F8n, as I know it can provide timecode to the F8n. Given that it can talk to 4 devices at once over Bluetooth, one seems like it would serve fine in many cases. I would also expect that as more devices add Bluetooth, more with be able to pair with the UltraSync Blue over time. The option for talking to 4 devices at once would work nicely, especially if the devices can hold timecode even as they move out of range. That is an advantage of the Tentacle E over the UltraSync Blue, but not of the Tentacle system over the Timecode Systems system. In other words, if you only need a single Tentacle E, it is more comparable to the UltraSync. If you need to have more than one device (e.g. to sync with iPhones, GoPros, etc.) and if your gear supports Bluetooth, the UltraSync Blue adds value to the system as a whole, as well as its standalone use for Bluetooth capable environments.
  7. Not sure what you mean by “sync it with an external source”. It supports Timecode Systems’s Blink protocol that lets it sync with UltraSync One, MiniTRX+, SyncBac, :wave and :pulse units. Or by this product today, not at some future point. You mean like Mavis and Apogee on iOS? Like the already announced support of the Bluetooth connection from Zoom and the already shipping support for Timecode Systems's Blink protocol on the Atomos Ninja V? The UltaSync Blue is $179, vs. $284 for a Tentacle-E. Combining an UltraSync Blue with an UltraSync costs $478 vs. $512 for two Tentacle-e boxes. If one only wanted UltraSync modules, one could buy 2 of them for $495 vs. $512 for a pair of Tentacle-e units. In other words, the TCS gear is cheaper, has more options and is already supported by third parties in hardware, not at some future date. Overall, I am unclear as to what advantages you see in the Tentacle-e system.
  8. That is my understanding as well. I do not claim to understand the patent reasoning, but that was what I was told.
  9. Just tried that with a TRX+ at their demo booth at SMPTE on Wednesday and it worked great. It detects it as LTC timecode and attaches it to the video as such, not as audio, so no chance for problems that way. The built in mic was shockingly good (that is not to say it was stellar, just that on camera mics are usually terrible and this one was not). 🙂 This was the first time I have held one of the final units (played with the prototypes at NAB) and I was surprised at how much lighter it was. The prototypes were pretty heavy but the real units were much better. I cannot wait until mine comes.
  10. Just discovered that the :Wave was discontinued, I presume that the :Pulse will work in the same way, but I have no experience with it. Also, there is a rumor that there will be an upgrade to the iPad Mini as part of the announcements next Tuesday, so that might be a nice option. 😄
  11. I have been pretty happy with the Bluetooth range connecting my iPhone X to my A10-tx transmitters. The connection speed is pretty quick as well.
  12. The A10-tx has a built in recorder with timecode. I have not yet used it, but my understanding is that one can use both simultaneously. I just did this last weekend and it was great. We were shooting a concert, and there were a few mics to which we could not get cables. I pulled the A10-RXs out of the SL6, attached the XLR adapter and fed it right into the ProTools rig. On the A10-TX, I used a lemo 3pin to XLR and was able to provide phantom power to the mic. They were a bit hard to reach where they were mounted so controlling them via Bluetooth worked out well. Having the full 20Hz to 20KHz range was really nice. It was also great being able to switch between lavs and XLRs for the A10-tx transmitters. Overall, I have been really happy with my choice of the A10 system with my 688.
  13. From their website: We’re launching UltraSync BLUE initially for iPhones, and the new generation of H3-VR Handy Recorder and F8n MultiTrack Field Recorder that will be released towards the end of the year. However the possibilities are endless for integration with professional, prosumer and consumer sound and video equipment using Bluetooth® wireless technology. We’re working with a variety of manufacturers and app developers to adopt our Bluetooth protocol so watch this space.
  14. Maybe, but we have used their SyncBac units on the backs of GoPros for places we cannot mount regular cameras. With low cost, but very high quality gear like the Sound Devices MixPre series, and the great cameras on phones today, less expensive gear is becoming more and more common. As an adjunct, it makes a lot of sense, especially if the devices to which it is talking have solid clocks built in, so it is there just to prevent drift. One would not want it talking to more than 4 devices just because of distance constraints. Their Blink protocol connects these devices over long distance, so one would be able to use multiple of them on a single shoot. I have not used the UltraSync Blue, but I expect that they are expecting the local devices to maintain a reasonable clock and just use the bluetooth to maintain sync.
  15. It talks their Blink wireless protocol, so it integrates into an existing system to provide TC to devices like the iPhone and (coming soon they say) the Zoom H3-VR Handy Recorder and F8n MultiTrack Field Recorder. It is cheaper than an UltraSync and can support four devices in proximity simultaneously. It seems to be designed to be an adjunct to their existing line, more than a standalone item right now. If they get any non-cinema camera makers to support it, it would be a nice standalone solution for small shoots with lower end gear.
  16. We have used MovieSlate's "Pro Features" on several shoots with a 688 coupled to a :Wave and miniTRX+ units on all the cameras (or in the case of the A7S connected to the PIX-E5). It works pretty well overall. I would, however, strongly advise anyone considering their $300 lifetime purchase not to do so. After they created it, they came up with another higher priced set of features that includes script supervisor support, but offer no discount to those who have the $300 version.
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