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  1. Well i gave it a go for shoot today, and it seemed to work like a charm, not a huge diff in range, but decent enough, 10% increase id assume, will use this for now till i get my set of external active antennae. but i did gang the blocks 26 together , so they could respond to the whip antennae that i had them connected to.
  2. how do i wire a telex RE97LTX to a ta5 connector, tried almost everything but it still will not work ???? any leads pls
  3. can i us the standard ucr411a whip antenna to connect it to the main A and B OUTPUTS on The UCR200d multi coupler
  4. hi, "which external antenna to use with Lectrosonic UMC200D UHF Diversity Antenna Multicoupler i just picked on, but dunno which xtrnal antenna to use
  5. Yes, but mainly dropouts , loss of audio, then if i was getting a signal it seemed as weak as could be, causing a hissy sound that u get like when your transmitters are squeezing the last 2-5% of the batteries . even though they were brand new batts , changed thrice hoping that the batts could be an issue.
  6. hey guys, we finally up and running , so back to shoot , unfortunately the Cam rental house has been changed due to date issues, so a new batch of cams and Teradeks , Not facing any issue now, very unfortunate that i could not dig down to the bottom of the problem. But it addresses the problem we were facing , it was indeed the teradeks i think. these models that we are working on now are the same but i noticed a big firmware difference, These are the latest firmware that these guys are using they say, and if i am not mistaken those earlier ones were much older firmware, so i am narrowing it down to firmware issues. Pls do correct me if i am wrong, but this is the conclusion i think that seems the most practical. Hey Tim, Never gotten a chance to use Wisycoms , not easily available even on rental basis here either, so im not the right person to guide you with this buddy. but from the specs, it has a few limitations as opposed to lectros. but then again , i am a lil more baised towards analog gear being a studio engineer for years. try renting both for a couple of times first then take a call would be my honest suggestion.
  7. Hi Iron Film, Here in Mumbai India, as of today, it's a complete lockdown with police barricades and curfew all over the city. So even rental houses are shut. we only allowed to buy groceries (very limited places from 10am-1pm) and or medicine from pharmacies. Besides that it's all a complete lockdown, if seen outside of home post 1pm , a very valid reason is needed backed by proof of reason to be out of home. But im sure filming work will not start so early so once lockdown has ceased , i might be able to get the key crew involved, to get things sorted before our crew of approx 400 is back onto the floors filming.
  8. Hey guys, Everything is in Limbo due to the Co-Vid 19 outbreak, Had to shut down all operations before i could get to the bottom of this, will update once we resume work. Thanks for all your inputs and suggestions.
  9. Hey IronFilm, 110% should be trying this out first though! i tried swapping the cables of the teradeks that were not interfering with the lectrosonics with the ones that were, but the problem was not resolved, so i narrowed it down to the teradeks being the main cause, yes they are different models so im gonna ask them to give us the ones that do not invade the lectrosonics path, hopefully if available they co-operated and said they would swap with whatever was available with the camera rental house. Await for that to happen now . Thank you so much for your help. Hey Patterson, i tried the option you suggested, behavior was less erratic but the problem was not solved , so here i am sitting as far away as possible from them teradek fro now , Especially the 4 of em that are invading block 25 and block 26, Thank you so much for trying to help me out. hey Chris, i tried what you suggested and the problem still persisted , so narrowed it down to the teradek models, have asked the camera rental house to send me the ones that are not interfering with the lectrosonics blocks. Await the day all goes smooth. it's rather strange as they operating at a much higher frequency . so its baffling why this interference is still occuring. Thank you for your help, i will update y'all ASAP when i get this under control.
  10. Thanks IronFilm, i Got some time out during lunch, got all the teradeks next to my sound cart and tried each teradek at a time 2 of them did not invade my UCR411A path, but the rest of the 4 teradecks started to freak my UCR411A as they booted up , only solution i found was to stay in a spot that all of the 4 teradeks that invaded were away from my line of sight. asked them to get a bunch of new cables as feeds for the next few days ,and have also called for some shark fins to see if it works better, as i cannot keep dodging 4 teradeks all day. strangely when i switch to G3 systems the problem is no more , also going to try n run cables from my 788t to my UCR411As till up close to talent and far away from them teradeks next
  11. Hey guys, What beats me is why the F**k the cam ops keep the teradek so close to the cams , they have 5 Frikkin antennas pointed in all directions, When i ask them to distance themselves they say, they tend to loose signal, n it simply beats me HOW with 5 Antennaes u have a weaker signal than my lectros? The battle is on since its b een just 3 days of shoot, i have 97days to go. Please help me find a solution to this problem, All of you Audio Gurus, any kinda help in any way mentioned i will try. but i have to fix this . PLEASE HELP . Another important thing i forgot to mention is that im using the whip antennae only , no shark-fins, as im rather close to talents so i get a good strong signal. but these dropouts are driving me nuts. My saving grace for these past few days have been my 3-G2500 plug-ons that i use for my boom mics - Thanks in advance Audio brothers. Hey jason, They seem like brand new antennae on all the teradeks, cables and connectors that feed the video village, is what i have not checked, i will do that right away. Thank you for your help, will report back ASAP.
  12. Hey Barry, u feel me bro, its driving me insane, i sometimes switch to G3 A band if it keeps happening, that for some reason works better than the lectros in this case. Hey Jason, The Cams are not affected in the slightest bit, It's the lectros that take the beating, hence dropout signals get fed to the cams, cos my inputs on the lectros , the phase icon on the UCR411A Start jumping up n down and seem like they are struggling to find a clean path, especially in small rooms its a torture.
  13. Hi guys, facing some unusual dropouts on lectrosonics for this particular project with 6 red cameras and 6 Teradeks. Im using a lectro UCR411A Rx and a Smqv Tx, things look fine and work beautifully, but the moment a teradek comes around, my Phase indicator starts jumping up and down on the UCR411a, and i start getting dropouts, ive tried changing frequencies after rescanning . but the only way things go back to normal again is when i distance myself from the teradek and things work just fine, but when we using 4-6 cams the teradek is all around the place and i start to go nuts to find a sweet spot. is there something to combat this or am i doing something wrong, would appreciate any help u can provide. i checked with the cam ops and they work in the 5k Mhz range , so its rather strange that block 25 and block 26 starts to go nuts when them teradeks are around, Anyone facing similar problems thanks. Show less REPLY
  14. Thank you very much Jeff, I really appreciate you replying , and so quickly. Thanks again.
  15. Where can i buy this cart from, if u do not mind my asking, i'm really impressed with it, it is exactly what ive been looking for , for a very long time now.
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