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  1. Hey Glen, thanks for the reply. I don't own the cameras, each projects is a different one. Sometimes, FS7, C300mk2, Sone F55, Alexa mini, you name it. I was mostly wanted to ask working sound recordist their thoughts on the sonic quality and versatility between those 3 models. Is there a difference sound wise between say the CS-1e and the M1 besides the 3 shorter inches? Trying to try the mics in TO isnt happening, Trew or Audio Services dont have those 3 in stock or rental. My main concern isnt the accesories but thoughts on versatility/sonic quality between those 3 mics. Wanted to know if somebody owns them or 2 of them and can tell me interior vs exterior performance for interviews? Thanks
  2. Hello guys, new member here. I am a cameraman out of Toronto. I am buying my first shotgun mic and considering this model or the CS 1e or perhaps the MKH8060. Just to use both on camera and on static boom pole for sit down interviews. I am not looking to own several mic, just wanted advice of what you think of these 3 models in term of versatility for the kind of use described. My concern with the CS M1 is that it might be too small to sit properly on a camera clamp and the lack of accesories so far. Thanks!
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