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  1. Hello both thank you for your comments! I have decided to go for a Rycote AE in the long term, and two smaller furry windshields in the meantime. I hadn't really considered how different 8050s in an ORTF would sound opposed to a pair of cardioids so might try and trade for a pair of 8040s instead. Will be interesting nonetheless to see what I can get from the 8050s. I am recording mainly atmos for the most part so hopefully can still get something useable with the hypercardioid mics. Whilst using the separate furry windscreens, I am also going to try some other stereo configurations to see if there are any which are more suitable to hypercardioids. XY perhaps might work nicely? Thanks for your comments. Ollie
  2. Has anybody got experience using both Rycote and Rode windshield solutions?I am trying to mount a pair of Sennheiser MKH8050s in an ORTF configuration inside some wind protection for recording atmos outdoors. I have found a solution using a Rycote WS4 windshield and by making a couple of low-profile XLRs to get it all to fit inside.The problem is.. it fits, but only just. Even with the small mics and low-profile connectors, there is only about a millimetre or two between the inside of the windshield and the mics. This is causing the mics to bang against the inside with the slightest movement.I need just a little more space and so I am planning on buying a Rode windshield as I know that they are two or three centimetres fatter in diameter.Does anyone know if the Rode Blimp basket will slide onto the Rycote modular system - or if it can be easily modified to do so?Many thanks for your time!Ollie
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