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    Im making by self tube amps on 845, EL12, tubes, phono stages on 6SJ7 , SP4B . tubes. Also have some Nagra 4S r2r, Studer A807, A810, Telefunken M15 recorders. Repairing it by my self.
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    New to Nagra!!

    Are you selling something from these machines?
  2. Hello, how is going with Nagra 4.2 capstan lower bearing changing? I have the same problem. New bearing already have. Now need to make magnetic shunt tube to place rotor during re assembling. but it seams that there is mistake :" keeper" tube of 40 mm in ID and a minimum of 60 mm in OD. I bought new rotor its sitting also in some magnetic shunt tube, but inner diameter is 57mm.
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