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  1. On June 8 Amazon turns on the Sidewalk mesh network. It runs on a few technologies 915 MHz “LoRa DTS” (Long Range Digital Transmission System) as well as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) [2.4 GHz ISM band] I'm concerned we are going to have RF spray and some major RF issues with part of the spectrum of older Lectrosonics D4 902-928 MHz system starting June 8. The D4 Tx was always Niche doing 4 channels on a digital stream. Obsolete now? June 14 Tile trackers start using the Sidewalk network too. Does any other pro audio wireless RF gear use that range (902-928 Mhz) a
  2. Is the Icon Pro Audio QCon Pro G2 Control Surface a possibility with the Sound Devices 8 series (or 633,688) in lieu of the Sound Devices CL-16 16 dedicated fader unit? Icon Pro Audio QCon Pro G2 $700. USD approx 8 touch-sensitive motorized channel faders universal control surface with Mackie Control and HUI emulation 12Volt2.5A DC powered USB 2 connector 14.6lb heavy.. https://iconproaudio.com/product/qcon-pro-g2/
  3. When I first started out we were doing a press day when Tori Amos founded RAINN organization and there were crews setting up for interviews in a few rooms in an old building in East Village, NYC. wooden floors and hard walls. One crew had treated their entire room (maybe 10x16 feet) with soundblankets on the floors only and when I walked past it it still sounded full of echo. So yes blankets hung vertically help a lot more. On a movie I dayplayed for another mixer we were in a large room. The boom op helped me use furniture blankets on C-stands vertically in a V-formation spa
  4. Let's talk about DCHT (Digital Camera Hop Transmitter) specs. Lectrosonics makes 3 digital wireless systems: DSW System Encrypted Digital Wireless System using DBa Belt Pack Transmitter ANALOG INPUT ONLY Sampling Size and Rate:24-bit, 48 kHz Audio Frequency Response:20 - 20 kHz, +/- 1 dB Digital Modulation:8PSK D4T Digital Hybrid Wireless Diversity Transmitter 2 or 4 channel operation line level analog audio signals and AES/EBU digital audio signals 48 kHz/24-bit audio, ruler-flat 20-20000 Hz frequency response and now just announced in 201
  5. I have a shoot there next month. Is there any update on RF Blocks ok in Costa Rica? Coffee Farms so probably way outside any city.
  6. I've also done this half a dozen times. Sony PDW-F800, F55, Amira. Using SD633, 552, 788T, 688 units. HD-SDI carries 16 channels of AES. The most I've seen available is 8 channels using a VCR such as a Sony PMW-1000 XDCAM SxS Memory Recording Deck but that is really just displaying 8 channels on playback. For AES digital in it is usually just 4 channels on camera, VDRs, if you use an audio embedder it will take up to 16 but you may require 2 embedder units to add audio to 16 channels since each one can only add 8 channels. Some really expensive units allow access to 16 channels of A
  7. The way I look at it is if you can use a camera's XLR inputs that conform to the AES3-2003 standard for digital audio @ 24-bit/48 kHz is you are just using the camera as a bit-bucket and no loss of quality. No awful analog circuitry to introduce noise or low bit quality A-to-D converters used in the camera itself. With 24-bit you don't even have to worry about low levels since the A-to-D converters are in the sound equipment not the camera and thus bigger dynamic range (without limiters if desired.) With a mixer/recorder like a SD 688 internal digital router you can send any Prefade
  8. I went from a SHURE FP12 HEADPHONE BRIDGING AMPLIFIER to the Sound Devices MM-1 for a boom op o over 12 years ago and it was better in a number of ways. first it wasn't just a headphone amp for hardcabled boom op. and I wasn't only providing mic pre from my mixer. I could do wireless boom. I agree with many of the others above for using as a boom good mic pre before a TX for wireless boom op. the low cut filter was nice but especially the limiter. For non-scripted corporate stuff I also use it when I only need 1 headphone at video village for a director/producer or if there is
  9. If a cameraman has the kit and is just hiring me as labor I bring my harness and headphones, toolbelt. I view them all as personal tools. No my toolbelt is not like a 1st AC bag kit. Keeping a few things in my bag of tricks like a Shure A15AS Switchable Attenuator XLR, a couple XLR turnaround & BNC barrels are lifesavers, and as an A2 a Whirlwind QBOX Audio Line Tester I live in NYC and on a labor-only day take public transportation and it's not like I am bringing my full kit and leaving it in my car parked at location "just in case" for À la carte item rental. Just as Wandering Ear men
  10. This is a good way to get Direct Outs when the FOH soundboard doesn't have them or there is an automated system. Thanks. Making my own mix is better and if a lot of inputs and using a the Dugan & MixAssist or Zaxcom Nomad (Auto-Mix) tool on some mixer/recorders is also an option for a better mix anyway than most AV FOH mix feeding the P.A. system.
  11. For a video shoot when documenting an event with a podium or dais table of speakers: When asked to get soundboard feed from an AV company contractor at an event or conference and it is of a low quality we have choices but as usual it depends (mostly on time.) sometimes there is a active press mult box but often I'm the only one taking a soundboard feed. I wanted to see if others came up with better ways... If it is at a hotel usually it is just an analog MONO feed out of a mixer that is doing the amplified P.A. system for the event. Sometimes it is a setup and walk
  12. Agreed. With the social media from SD stating "between 633 and MixPre-6" it puts this mixer/recorder/interface really for bag work. I don't think the people buying this are going to setup a cart and it becomes an interface for a computer-based recording rig running Boomcorder or Metacorder with a middleware software mixer that most interfaces offer for musicians such as MOTU or Focusrite, and use a MIDI or USB 100m linear fader 8-fader console to make a mix. Can they? Sure but it seems like a patchwork way of doing it a decade after Boomcorder was a cheap option of multitrack audio i
  13. real-time graphics & interactive: a new dimension in storytelling virtual reality, augmented reality. Lucasfilm and ILM have launched an interactive unit see the 2:30 length video here: ILMxLAB Launch https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=36&v=7T9Dv1aLMbw so very cool stuff with real-time interactive graphics in the Star Wars universe. This is the next type of gaming as well as next type of narrative-based storytelling for CG-animated TV shows and movies like Avatar (2009) but the graphics done in real-time during production. The actors recorded with lav mics wearing motion capture suits...
  14. I really enjoyed being able to go and meeting some older and new guys and always talking shop. Thanks for organizing it Alex!
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