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    Why do anything else in this world if you can be a production mixer? Everything else is ultimately a job -- if you can't be happy in this business you probably cannot be happy.

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  1. FredS

    Cleaning My 01V96

    After years of covering unused slots on my 01v with 2" tape motivated by a couple of expensive trips to Yamaha, an A-Ha! moment hit me. For most of that time I'd been keeping my ballpoint pen handy by taping a little disk magnet to it and letting it stick to the mixer's side. Why not find magnetic strips that sucked themselves down over the slots on top? The essential features were 3/4" width, and non-adhesive on any side. 5 linear feet is more than enough. An outfit named Magna Visual, Inc. (9400 Watson Road, St. Louis, MO 63126-1596 1-800-843-3399) produces it, and sells it locally here in SoCal through a handful of dealers. I used Economy Office Supply Company (EOSC. eos@economyofficesupply.com). PLAIN MAGNETIC STRIPS -- Non-Adhesive Item # Size Pack Roll List Price P-0675-5 1/16" x 3/4" 5' No $5.55 And despite all the nostalgia about how good we had it during the Nagra days, I'm glad not to worry about magnets around my 1/4" tape reels any more. (And yes, in the photo that's my new Venue 2 with three channels in A1 and three in B1. It's proving to be the next best thing to solid copper...) Cheers to all, Fred
  2. FredS

    Substitute for Denecke TC Tooolbox

    I miss this badly, Charlie. It was spectacular at grabbing true TOD and jamming it into a cold system at call. Everyone has to do that, and TC Toolbox did it with complete accuracy and zero monkeymotion. I'd pay $10 without blinking and probably twice that after a blink or two. This is a small industry, and we're all in it for life. We remember and respect leadership. How many do you need to sell? When can I buy one?
  3. FredS

    RIP - Haskell Wexler

    I'm so sorry to hear this, Jeff. While I'm pleased to see how widely his decades of accomplishments are being held aloft to remind us that he was a titan who regularly enriched our lives in manners great and small, what really matters is that your Pops is no longer with you. That's a loss I know, and I extend my condolence at this painful time.
  4. FredS

    o1v96i powering question

    Using a borrowed oscilloscope I just got a look at the "modified sine wave" output by my Xantrex Freedom HF1000 inverter. As easily seen, there's nothing remotely sine-ish about it. It's not a square wave either, since square waves hop from full positive excursion to full negative without spending any time at zero as this does. I'm presuming they chose the rise- and fall-times so the area under their curve matched the area under a true sine wave curve. Contemporary power supplies are switching rather than built around transformers which this squarish waveform would gak up, so why not -- all my stuff works fine with it. So despite my irritation at the liberties they took with their marketing-speak I am happy with the unit and it's performance.
  5. FredS

    o1v96i powering question

    Larry, since my initial contributions I added a new 01v96i as my daily driver over a year ago. It's never had enough acoustic buzz for me to notice when on the inverter (Xantrex Freedom HF1000, version 1). My original 01v96v buzzed maybe only a quarter of the times it was fed inverter power. Neither has put any noise into their signal streams. My current take is that there's no lurking problem pairing these two devices. But of course YMMV.
  6. FredS

    Cos 11 repair

    Wilcox replaced noisy cables on 3 of mine. One took some time due to employee vacation, but all have worked great after return. Thumbs up.
  7. FredS

    Zoom F8

    Much of the speculation above is based on earlier products manufactured to be competitive in a market space different from our own. The F8 could be a bullseye in our space depending on the skills and commitment of it's Product Manager, the quality of detailed information he/she has about how we target customers actually do our work, and the backing from Corporate to press for a win. A fully pro F8 can come from the same company as all those earlier products. Our best interests are served by giving their Product Manager the crispest possible view into our workspace -- both cart & bag.
  8. FredS

    Lester William Polsfuss aka Les Paul

    His performing career with Mary Ford would have been enough. His unique take on the electric guitar would have been enough. But by inventing multi-tracking he shattered the hegemony of perfection in real time. With that he singlehandedly bent the flow of history and vastly expanded what could be art. So who should I meet one year at SMPTE...
  9. FredS

    Booming in rain

    This one's been working for me. Cut from plastic air conditioner filter (polypropylene?), laced together with cable ties, and used Goop adhesive to hold in a lining of Saran Wrap to keep water off the Zep itself. Held on with a small bungee. Drains & dries quickly, minimal shedding, and under $10 all in.
  10. FredS

    New Frontiers in Locations

    +1 to pp
  11. FredS

    Inverter suggestion needed

    Charging is smart and takes care of itself. It always starts in Bulk mode at the rate of its highest setting. As the battery voltage rises it will switch to Adaptive mode where the charger's voltage is modulated to provide fastest charging without overpumping the battery chemistry. Then when resting voltage is reached the charger goes into a Trickle mode to maintain the battery in it's topped-off state. All those changes take place without impacting operations on my cart. My only operational issue is that when my AC power line gets killed and the inverter takes over, my Lectro VRField glitches. The VRF displays don't change but it ceases outputting audio, and requires powering down then back up. My 01V and all other gear are completely oblivious to changes from shore to battery and back to shore power. The fan's not particularly noisy, and certainly not a problem child. When I mounted the Xantrex on my cart (underneath my middle tray) I installed a toggle switdh in the fan power line to let me over-ride it. Unless I'm working in very hot conditions, the fan comes on only at the beginning of Bulk through a little of the Adaptive charging cycle. When our workspace is very hot, like our daytime exteriors now in Palm Springs, the fan occasionally comes on for short periods during ordinary operations (it is still trickle charging after all). If my cart is so close the fan noise threatens to get into the track I switch it off. Usually after I kill it, by the time the take or setup is over and I turn the switch back On, the unit has cooled by itself without the fan and all remains quiet. I've accidentally left the fan killed for several hours to no consequence. So far no treatment has put the unit into thermal overload. FWIW my batteries are a couple of Pelican-cased AGM's, 33AH & 50AH. For them I've selected 20 amps as the max rate. A better unit may exist and newer ones will doubtless become slicker, but this one gives yoeman service. Thumbs up!
  12. FredS

    Inverter suggestion needed

    The hassle of recharging the battery off-line made me swap over to their inverter-charger line. http://www.xantrex.com/power-products/inverter-chargers/freedom-hf-newgen.aspx They describe its output as modified sine wave, but it has given me a year of solid and noise-free service powering my 01V and full cart. My only note is that the unit needs to see neutral tied to ground, and in a separate post I've described the in-line adapter that let's the unit see putt-putt power.
  13. FredS

    Les Paul - Sleepwalk

    Here's me and my hero, shot at SMPTE. His invention of the multi-track recorder truly bent history. It freed us from the hegemony of getting everything right in real time and the impossibility of contributing more than a single part. As much as I loved his music with Mary Ford (the first songs I can remember from the radio in the earliest '50's), and as indebted as I feel for the spectacular body of music his guitar made possible, they pale in comparison to the enrichment his multi-tracking brought to us all.
  14. FredS

    Happy Birthday Jeff Wexler

    Happy birthday, Jeff, and congrats on another year of a well-spent life (you efforts have certainly enriched mine).
  15. For you post-folks who are experienced using iZotope, I'd be most appreciative of a chance to drop by and watch you treat some tracks. I'm a production mixer with a real need to calibrate my understanding of how well iZotope can fix our basic daily problems, and at what costs in skill and time. I'll happily work around your schedule. Fred Fred Schultz CAS 818-395-1432 fredschu@earthlink.net