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  1. Be cautious! As I remember there are two different 5 pin XLR versions with different pin spacing. They look very similar, and may seem at first able to connect to each other, but they are different and you will find, as you push them together, that it will be very difficult (pretty much impossible) to completely "seat" them.
  2. When the time comes, will it be possible for us to replace the rechargeable battery in the BP-TRX ourselves, or will the unit need to be sent back to the local manufacture's rep? Also, if we are able to replace them ourselves, do they use some "standard" rechargeable that can obtained from other sources, or are they proprietary? Thanks. Tom
  3. I do a LOT of corporate live streaming! Frankly, other than a small snake to the streaming "table", my sources are mostly wireless microphones with the receivers right next to me at FOH (the rooms I work in usually seat only about 200 people)! I will often place a hardwired podium mic, and take a playback feed from a computer, but for me there is usually not a great need for long snakes. I would think however you'd want a mixer with faders. When you get into those interactive panel discussions, it's rather difficult to do fast "active" mixing on a computer. But if that's what
  4. Thank you Neil. That's very helpful. Tom
  5. Thanks for your input Neil. How well "recessed" is the Hirose connector on the Cable Techniques unit? It appears (from photos) that the "sideway" recess is greater with the Sound Devices adapter, which might possibly mean less strain on the connection when using in a bag and when running about. Tom
  6. I’m considering getting a Hirose adapter for my MixPre-3 II. I’m currently trying to decide between the Sound Devices MX-HIROSE and the Cable Techniques MX-POWERSLED. The The Cable Techniques looks to be more robust, however the Sound Devices unit appears to be smaller / lower profile (which I like). They both are about $100. Any words of wisdom? Thanks, Tom
  7. I was on a low budget corporate job a few months ago. We were shooting one of the executives on the sidewalks of downtown Atlanta. I was using my Sound Devices 633 in a K-Tek bag attached to my harness and wearing some Sony MDR7506 headphones. The cameraman was shooting with a small “palm sized” camera. As we were about to shoot on the sidewalk, someone came running out of the building and told us we could NOT shoot there. So we crossed the street and proceeded to try again. Someone else came running out of a different building on this side of the street and told us we could NOT shoot th
  8. Well... for me, the only work I've had recently is because of Zoom and Microsoft Teams! One of my corporate clients wants to continue to communicate with their employees, so they use Microsoft teams. But they're doing it a little differently. They have each presenter call into their own individual "Teams" meeting. The only other person on these individual meetings is "us", in the control room. This allows us (from their control room) to crop and grab almost a full screen iso shot of each presenter that they can switch to at any time and not be at the mercy of "Teams" auto switc
  9. I have used a Sennheiser 100 G3 transmitter on the camera and an G3 ENG receiver in my bag with good results. Of course it's just mono, but it's a very cost effective solution and reasonably small. Tom
  10. Well... it's expensive, but it works with any Bluetooth enabled phone and you don't have to worry about having any specialized cables or specialized adapters. I own one and use it occationally. I like it! Both XLR and mini plug inputs and outputs. The JK Audio Daptor Three. https://www.jkaudio.com/daptor3.htm
  11. No. Standard RG58 will NOT be adequate, especially for a 50m run! Even the heavy stuff that's about as big a round as a garden hose would be questionable at that distance. Unless you can somehow digitize it all and then "decode it at your end (I've never heard of that being done) you're not going to be able to send an RF signal work and have it "well" at that sort of distance. Tom
  12. Of course you'd still need the proper "adaptor cable", but many years ago both Shure and Electrovoice offered a "line level" stick microphone. They required a battery and essentially had a mic pre built into the handle. The EV mic was a model RE34. I have one! It can be quite handy especially for testing purposes. The Shure was a model SM82 and they may have had another one as well, I can't remember. I'm not really suggesting that OP consider using one of the above, just pointing out that such items do, or at least did, exist. Tom
  13. Ah! I remember those. My brother (a former sound guy) used to have a pair of A7's in his living room for his stereo speakers.
  14. Well, I have two "favorites". Here is the first; I'll share the second one latter. I love this little guy. I purchased this Etek MA400 powered mixer used off of ebay well after the product had been discontinued. they still show up every now and then. It was intended to resemble the "laptop" computers" from the late 1980's. Frankly some of the laptops back then really were this big (and almost as heavy). It has 6 XLR mic inputs as well as stereo RCA inputs and outputs. I actually played a very small gig with this unit, and it did okay. It has a 2 channel x 190 watt amplifier
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