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  1. TomBoisseau

    Favorite Slate

    Has Denecke stopped making the TS-TCB? At least one site says it's "discontinued", and another site says "limited quantities remaining". I'm growing increasingly interested in the Timecode Systems line, especially the Ultrasync One (although I do wish they had chosen a different connector). For my purposes I think the TS-TCB, the Ultrasync One and the ":pulse" would make a great system!
  2. TomBoisseau

    The "Less Suck" Fader

    I always liked this one. Rane PI 14 Data Sheet.pdf
  3. I kind of liked it. It was a little like listening to Ben Stein! Boring, but slightly humorous. tom
  4. TomBoisseau

    lavs in wind and clothing

    I use the Remote Audio Micro Cat under clothing (or when acceptable, exposed). The only issue for me is if there isn't much room underthe clothing, in which case to Micro Cat may create a little bulge. https://www.trewaudio.com/product/remote-audio-micro-cat/
  5. TomBoisseau

    Multi Tasking !!!

    That's a tough call! Frankly, I have worked with some wonderful, kind, "good ol boy", small producers that operate just like that. They are obviously accustomed to a simpler style of production and usually from a very small market where everyone is buddy, buddy. Generally they just "don't know better", but are terrific people. On the other hand I've worked with others just like that who had every intention of taking advantage of me. It's hard to say. Either way it can be a little tough on the pride. None the less, the ones that were legitimate and like that, I usually really enjoyed working with them. Tom
  6. TomBoisseau

    Sound Devices Approved Media for 633 - SanDisk question

    Well, the 688 is saying 15hrs for a 128GB card. I might be able to get away with a 64GB card, but that wouldn't give me any wiggle room for some of the "all day" events I've been doing. 128GB is much safer (assuming of course that it works reliably). So far the Sandisk Extreme 128GB SDXC card (UHS-1, 90MB/s, 600X, model SDSDXVF-128G-ANCIN) seems stable! Tom
  7. TomBoisseau

    Sound Devices Approved Media for 633 - SanDisk question

    I really need a 128GB SD card for my sound Devices 688 and 664, however the "approved" 128GB SD cards are no longer available. So I decided to order a couple Sandisk Extreme 128GB SDXC cards, UHS-1, 90MB/s, 600X, model SDSDXVF-128G-ANCIN. I have begun to test the card by recording to it until it is full, using my 688 with 16 channels "armed", tone generator turned on, automixer (Dugan) turned on, and occasionally going over to the 688 and turning a bunch of knobs and fiddling around with the menus. After the card is completely full and the recorder stops, I do a quick format from within the 688, then I start over and do it again. So far I have "filled" the card and reformatted 8 times (about 15 hours and 3 minutes record time), and best I can tell all appears to be okay. Any suggestions as to what else I should do, or consider doing as a "test" before I put these cards into service? Thanks, Tom
  8. TomBoisseau

    Sound Devices Approved Media for 633 - SanDisk question

    So... anyone know of a 128gb SD card that works reliably? None of the 128gb SD cards on the "approved" list are currently available. Thanks, Tom
  9. TomBoisseau

    Wireless in Europe

    Christian, Thanks for posting that. It may prove quite useful, however, as I view the link for Belarus, it does not seem to specify what frequencies may be used for wireless microphones. Perhaps I'm just misunderstanding how it's "phrased". Tom
  10. TomBoisseau

    Sound Devices Approved Media for 633 - SanDisk question

    I would really like to know of some reliable (aka approved) high capacity SD cards (say 128gb) that I could use. I recently did an event where we were recording 12 tracks for nearly 10 hours, and it's looking like I might have some more of these with even a greater track count. I have no problem with Sound Devices selling their own "approved" cards, but for goodness sake, give us something bigger than 32gb! It looks like I can still get the approved Sandisk 128gb CF card, but it appears the 128gb SD card is no longer available. Tom
  11. TomBoisseau

    Wireless in Europe

    Anyone have a source for legal wireless mic frequencies in Belarus? I've been searching and having no success. I contacted Shure in the USA, who told me to contact Shure in Europe, who told me to contact the authorities in Belarus (I have no idea who that would be)! Tom
  12. TomBoisseau

    SD688/CL12 Maximum Allowed Power Consumption Warning!

    Cujo, So are you saying you no longer use the "factory" USB cable? What are you using then? I thought using the factory USB cable was pretty important because of that large "choke". When this happened to me, I did NOT use the headphone cable from the 688 to the CL12. I just plugged my headphones directly into the 688. Do you suppose that could have anything to do with it? Thanks, Tom Tom
  13. TomBoisseau

    SD688/CL12 Maximum Allowed Power Consumption Warning!

    Really... has no one else ever seen this "Maximum Allowed Power Consumption Warning" message before? Tom
  14. Just had this message appear today while shooting a LONG meeting. The unit was recording on average about 2 hours, then a 15 minute break, then 2 more hours, then lunch, then 2 more hours, then a 15 minute break then 2 more hours. I was using the Sound Devices 688 with the SL6 and the CL12 control surface. I used the supplied USB cable to connect the 688 to the CL12, and used an external AC to DC power supply that was connected to the SL6. I also had an NP-L7S in the SL6, but had the priority set to "external" supply. I did NOT connect the 1/4" TRS cable to the CL12. I connected my phones directly to the 688. It all worked fine until the last 3 minutes of the day, when the message below appeared. Now I realize that if using a 664 or 633 with the CL12 it is necessary to supplement the power to the CL12 using some external USB power supply, but I was of the belief this was not necessary with the 688. Fortunately, I had with me the appropriate USB power supply. I quickly ran for it (while the event was still going on), plugged it in, and the message went away. Immediately after the event I called Sound Devices. They told me there are now recommending users of the 688/CL12 combo ALWAYS use the micro USB power input in addition to the USB cable from the 688. I said, does that mean others have had the same problem? The answer was yes. Have others here found that to be true? Do you always need to used the micro USB power input? Thanks, Tom [Edit 11/5/17] I failed to mention, I did have a small USB keyboard attached to the CL12.
  15. TomBoisseau

    Podcast Microphones

    I've been doing quite a few podcasts for a company in the Atlanta area. Typically they involve 3 people at a time. I just put lavs on them. I considered using mics on table stands for more of an "FM radio" type sound, but the people on these podcasts are "amateurs" and not accustomed to doing this. My fear was they'd never get close enough to the mic, or they'd move around too much. Granted it's not the pristine sound I'd like, but it is practical, and the client keeps calling me back! I usually record with the Sound Devices 633 using the Dugan automixer. Tom