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  1. I have a couple different versions of the RF Explorer. Personally I've found that the center of frequencies that appear in it's "scan" can be off by as much as 5Mhz. For that reason I don't trust the specific frequency numbers that it displays. However it is helpful for showing "relative" frequencies especially when you see two on top of each other, but only one is coming from you! I'd rather trust the scan on the Lectro receiver, in spite of the limited info that it provides. Tom
  2. I suppose I'm that last to know, but I was shocked today when browsing Sound Devices website that the 688 has been discontinued... (they've put it in the "legacy" category) but they still have the 664! Amazing! And the 664 now sells for $5000! Was that bumped up? I thought is was a fair bit less. Why would you buy a 664 when for only another grand you can get (they still are available on some sites) a 688? I was thinking about picking up a second 688. For my needs, the 688 is more than adequate, although I will admit I'd love to (although I don't need it) the Dante capabilities of the new Scorpio and the 888. Tom
  3. I've had some varying good results, assuming I'm running the FOH PA on a decent digital console and recording through the same, by putting the ambient mics on a compressor with a sidechain being that of the talent's main microphone(s). This way, the audience response quickly and "automatically" opens up the moment the talent pauses for a reaction, and quickly is pushed down when the talent begins talking again thereby also greatly reducing the "hollowness" normally associated with recording and a live PA. Tom
  4. Frankly, there are a number of applications I'd love to use the 688 / CL12 for, but I'm fearful that it will lock up on me or have the dreaded "power issue". For instance, I do regular live events for CSPAN where I'm recording continuously for 3 hours or more! There is no opportunity for a "take 2". I have another "live event" client that tends to run even longer. Sadly, it seems I can not trust this combo for anything that does not permit a second take. So sad. I agree with the poster above. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED!! I'm tired of excuses and "work a rounds". For what we pay for this gear, it should be far more reliable than this! Tom
  5. I still have a few clients that prefer "record run". I usually use my G3's to feed timecode wirelessly to the my Sound Devices. Tom
  6. Someone here, a long time ago, said they were using what was considered a technically slightly oversized Pelican case for "carry on" and said they had neve been stopped. I'm curious what model that might be. Many cloth carry on bags when "stuffed" often do exceed the posted dimensions, but I've never seen anyone stopped for that. Tom
  7. I'd be more than happy to go with Zaxcom and, yes, they do have a number of additional features that I would really like to have such as encryption and a built in recorder. The only serious objection I have is that I don't believe they offer a true discrete 2 channel "Super-Slot" receiver. Do they? Right now with my current configuration using Sound Devices recorders, and the need to frequently pull the receivers out of my bag and repurpose them for live sound events and webcasts, the "Super-Slot" issue (believe it or not) is probably a higher priority. Tom
  8. Ah! Very good point. For some reason that never crossed my mind. I'm not sure that would be a deal breaker, but it is certainly something to consider. Thanks.
  9. I will likely be purchasing 8 channels of wireless in the near future. I've always been a Lectrosonics guy and currently have 6 SMV's and 3 SRb's all on block 26. I don't want to try to "re-block" what I have, and so I see this as a good time to purchase something new. I've been quite happy with the Lectrosonics products and support but, being that I use Sound Devices recorders and that Sound Devices now owns Audio Limited, I wonder if I should consider Audio Limited and what the pros and cons there might be. Perhaps my biggest reason for considering Audio Limited is the concern that Sound Devices might give priority to Audio Limited products in the future with special features and programming built into the firmware of their mixers that might not be available for Lectrosonic products. I assume my Lectrosonics "OctoPack" should work with either the Sound Devices or Audio Limited "shot in" products? How is the support here in the US for Audio Limited products? Any thoughts and insights into this subject would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  10. Has Denecke stopped making the TS-TCB? At least one site says it's "discontinued", and another site says "limited quantities remaining". I'm growing increasingly interested in the Timecode Systems line, especially the Ultrasync One (although I do wish they had chosen a different connector). For my purposes I think the TS-TCB, the Ultrasync One and the ":pulse" would make a great system!
  11. I always liked this one. Rane PI 14 Data Sheet.pdf
  12. I kind of liked it. It was a little like listening to Ben Stein! Boring, but slightly humorous. tom
  13. I use the Remote Audio Micro Cat under clothing (or when acceptable, exposed). The only issue for me is if there isn't much room underthe clothing, in which case to Micro Cat may create a little bulge. https://www.trewaudio.com/product/remote-audio-micro-cat/
  14. That's a tough call! Frankly, I have worked with some wonderful, kind, "good ol boy", small producers that operate just like that. They are obviously accustomed to a simpler style of production and usually from a very small market where everyone is buddy, buddy. Generally they just "don't know better", but are terrific people. On the other hand I've worked with others just like that who had every intention of taking advantage of me. It's hard to say. Either way it can be a little tough on the pride. None the less, the ones that were legitimate and like that, I usually really enjoyed working with them. Tom
  15. Well, the 688 is saying 15hrs for a 128GB card. I might be able to get away with a 64GB card, but that wouldn't give me any wiggle room for some of the "all day" events I've been doing. 128GB is much safer (assuming of course that it works reliably). So far the Sandisk Extreme 128GB SDXC card (UHS-1, 90MB/s, 600X, model SDSDXVF-128G-ANCIN) seems stable! Tom
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