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  1. I remember some years ago seeing one of these on ebay. I sure wish I had bought it. Probably would have looked great on my wall sitting in a gun rack (although I suspect my wife might have felt differently). Definitely a real good discussion piece. Shortly after seeing the unit for sale on ebay I called EV and asked about it. Apparently the outer "sleeve" (windscreen) was made of a similar material to the foam windscreens we use today. As a result you can be quite assured NONE of them would have survived. They just deteriorated over the years. Tom
  2. Here is where you need to go. Lots of info here. http://www.coutant.org/ev643/
  3. I think you might be refering to the Electrovoice 643.
  4. Personally I think the optional A99WS foam windscreen works noticeably better than the included windscreen and even a little better than the optional A412MWS wire mess windscreen. The other "trick" I do with the A99WS, that Shure mentions on their website, is to push the windscreen all the way on the mic, and then pull it back off about 1/2". This creates an air gap, not unlike but not as substantial as that of a zeppelin. Of course as soon as someone touches it, it usually gets pushed back on all the way, so you will need to secure the windscreen, so as to retain the "air gap", with something like Joe's Sticky Stuff. Doing so will make removal of the foam windscreen difficult, so hopefully you will be able to leave the windscreen attached. Sadly you will still have "some" issues with plosives, but this is about as good as it gets with this type of podium mic. Tom
  5. I've been using the Sanyo Enloop XX for probably 3 years now. I've been quite pleased with them, however, due to their "chemistry" and starting out with a slightly lower voltage, none of the battery meters on any of my wireless read accurately with the Enloops. For instance, I use them often in my G3's for ifb and timecode transmission, and they will go all day long, HOWEVER the battery gauge on the G3's will be down one notch as soon as you turn them on, even with a freshly charged battery. And then when they do die, the meter will just suddenly drop to nothing without warning. So you really just have to get familiar with them and learn to "trust" them for a predetermined number of hours. Personally, for me, I have chosen not to use the Enloops in anything mission critical such as my Lectorsonics SMv's, but I will use them most everywhere else. Perhaps if I was suing the SMQV's (that take 2 AA's) I might change my mind. Tom
  6. Thanks guys for your input. I'm probably going to head down to my local Trew Audio and check out the 688 myself. The more I consider it, I can't think of a better way to go, especially because I'm already heavily into the 600 series with 2 664's and 1 663. The fact the all of these devices work with (or soon will to some extant) the CL12 makes a 688 purchase sound rather sensible. Now I just hope my wife can see that same sense of "logic"! Tom
  7. Well... This is not very encouraging. Only one person here has used the 688 and is willing to talk about it? I'd certainly appreciate opinions from other users... if there are any! Thanks, Tom
  8. Derek, Thanks for your comments. How was the battery life? Did you have a chance to use the automixer? Thanks, Tom
  9. I am considering selling one of my 664's and possibly replacing it with a 688, mainly for the automix capabilities, the convenience of the SL6, and the somewhat newly released CL12. That being said, the comments on this board from actual USERS has been very limited. I would very much appreciate some personal opinions / reviews regarding the 688 in real day to day usage. I am concerned about battery life - how does it compare say to a 664 or a 788 - and how well the automixer works (my primary experience with automixers is with the Shure SCM810 and various Dugan units) and any other issues that you might care to bring up, either good or bad. Chances are if I were to purchase the 688, it would likely be used 50/50 between in the bag and on my cart. I did the usual searches here and via Google while referencing JW Sound, but the information seemed very limited. So here it is, an "new" topic. Forgive me if I erred terribly! Hopefully too much "tough love" will not be necessary. Thanks so much for those of you who are willing to help. I appreciate it. Tom
  10. Is it "legal" to order a DR10c out of Canada and have it shipped to the US? If so, does anyone know of a supplier in Canada who has them in stock? Tom
  11. Also, I always use the lemo to jam from the ouutput of my SD 664/633 to the TIG Q28, but then use the 1/8' connector to output to the camera. By doing it this way I can simply leave the pot at the 10 o'clock position and (almost) never change it. Tom
  12. I'm guessing the output levels of the 1/8" mini and the BNC are the same, but don't know that as a fact. For what it is worth however, when I mentioned that Mosegear recommends a "10 o'clock" position to match the output level of the Deneke devices, I was refering to the Q28 with the 1/8'" output. Tom
  13. I believe Mozegear told me that if you want to "match" the same level of the Deneke devices, set the output level of the unit to the "10 o'clock position. That has been helpfull for me. You might want to give it a try Tom
  14. Has the automixer been implemented in the Behringer XR18, or is that "still to come"? Tom
  15. I just picked up the Yamaha QL5. Same board, just more channels, ands larger. Obviously not for location. Pretty amazing unit! It will be used for live events and larger webcasts. I still use an 01V96i on my cart however. Tom
  16. Yup! Happened to me too! Didn't realise it until I opened the files in Wave Agent however. Tom
  17. So I wonder if the SL-6 will work with the 664? Tom
  18. Are you sure? I thought "input" delay was only available on the 633. Tom
  19. So... how much of it was edible? I assume most of the "decorations" were not. Tom
  20. No. No problem with either of my two units, although they do not get a great deal of use. I assume you do know however that the switch must be in the ON position for the unit to charge? Tom
  21. I do a fair bit of these. Usually it's the same rate for services, however they usually also need a lot of wireless. So at thhe end of the day, I usually make out better with equipment rental. Tom
  22. Do they offer a version with also composite and HDMI inputs? Tom
  23. I must say however that I really like how quickly you can assemble and disassemble the Cyclone. Tom
  24. I'm considering an Orca 30 bag for my 633 but, as I look at all these pictures, I wonder. Is there really enough room on either side of the mixer to use standard XLR connectors without "crimping" the cables at hard right angles, or is everyone using right angle XLR's to solve this problem? Tom
  25. I defiately agree with that. I find it difficult to use on anything other that just locked off on a c-stand for interviews. Tom
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