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  1. While this has been discussued before, we have seen some recent additions to the market. I would be interested in hearing opinons regarding the the new Sound Guys Solutions QL and the Orka OR-45, (and others I may be unaware of) and how they compare to the Ambient system. Thanks, Tom
  2. Is the beam wide enough on the Ikea? I have another USB LED light that has too narrow a beam to be of much use. Tom
  3. I buy these all the time off of ebay and put a 4p FXLR on them. They have worked great for all the audio applications I have tried, and there have been quite a few! APS AD-740U-1120 http://www.ebay.com/itm/APS-Advanced-Power-Solution-Power-Supply-Model-AD-740U-1120-MDP3-12V-3A-/231361744296?pt=Multipurpose_AC_to_DC_Adapters&hash=item35de3c0da8 There is also a 13.8 volt version, model #: AD-740U-1138 that I frequently use as well. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ASP-Power-Supply-AD-740U-1138-13-8V-2-8A-6-PIN-/400213396584?pt=Batteries_Chargers&hash=item5d2e93cc68 Tom
  4. I don't know guys... If the OP was never going to purchase any other shotgun (in other words, if you could only have one) I'd think the MKH60 might be a better choice due to it's weight, versatility (attenuation & presence switches), etc. I understand (for whatever reason) that the '60 is THE mic of choice that Trew Audio sends out in it's "standard" ENG sound packages. Tom
  5. Yes. I use the supplied screen protector for both my 633 and 664. Thet both fit fine, you just have to bend them to side into place behind the front "edges". Once slid into place it should lay flat just fine. Tom
  6. Senator, I think you are wise in your observations and counsel and have provided some real "balance" here. Sometimes we, as we should, (especially in our early years) move forward in our craft, while some of our clients do not. To this day I can think of quite a number my early clients who still continue to do low budget jobs and can no longer afford me. It is no criticism of these clients. In fact most of them have a good business, employ a number of full time people, and are providing a reasonable income for themselves and their employees, while delivering a much needed "economical" product for their clients. However there are a few of these low budget producers, who I really like and view them more as friends. They still don't pay a great rate, and their budgets have not increased much, but they took a chance on me when I was "green" and we developed some very close relationships. As a result, I continue to work with a few of them (at a rather low rather rate) BECAUSE I WANT TO! There is no reason to be angry with someone who is unwilling to pay your rate. That is their prerogative! Your prerogative is to turn them down. Contrary to popular belief, not all producers are evil! In fact MOST are not! Tom
  7. Well... I'm sure Jon Beattie had quite a task and worked his tail off, however in much of the footage showing him supposedly walking backwards, the footage itself is played back in reverse! Either that or a whole bunch of people and cars are traveling backwards. Tom
  8. Was wondering what experiences people have had using the Tig Q28 with the "Reds". Since the tig allows you to adjust the output level, does that help at all when syncing with the Epic? Tom
  9. I've said the same thing. It doesn't exactly make you many friends however. Tom
  10. I could be mistaken but, while I believe that applied to the SRa's, is not an issue with the SRb's. Larry...? Tom
  11. Agreed! Never needed more than a 1/4 turn!
  12. I have used the paste. This is a different problem. It seems it is possible to tighten the thumb screw just a little too much to where it appears some sort of "short" occurs. This is characterized by the power LED lighting up red almost immediately with a new battery, which will drain the battery VERY quickly. If however, I loosen the thumb screw just a little, then the LED turns green and all is well. Tom
  13. Anthony, Did you ever figure out what was causing this battery drain issue and a possible solution? I just today started experiencing the same problem. I'll give Lectro a call when I get a chance, but things are pretty real busy right now. I hope i don't have to send them in! Tom
  14. Well... let us know if it's any good. That's quite a decent price for that cable. Tom
  15. These are pretty good and very reasonably priced. I have a half dozen of them that I use for live events. As I understand it, these are the same units that Electrovoice was selling for a number of years. MM Audio made them for EV. http://www.microphonemadness.com/products/mmpsm.htm Tom
  16. Sadly I DO notice an increase in noise when using the hi pass filter on the Oktava. Often the ambient noise or air handling systems in the room are such that the additional "hiss" is not noticed, but in a quite studio it defiantely is! Tom
  17. I have a three 10p Hirose' to Neutrix snakes wired for the PSC standard and they work correctly on both of my 664's. Tom
  18. Senator, You are correct, and we in this business have much reason to be grateful. Often we forget that the "median" individual income in the US is about $30,000 a year. While there might be a few "new folks" on this site that are only bringing in that amount, most of us are doing quite a bit better. Now, of course, as good business men and women we should negotiate the best rate we can possibly achieve. But we are in a free market with all the benefits and competition, and competition is usually a good thing, provided it doesn't turn into "war". I have never understood people/companies who want to "crush" their competition. Why? The competition are people too with families to feed just like you and me. I think we should focus on doing the best we can for ourselves and our families, but never with the "intent" of making the others suffer. I certainly would like to get a higher rate for my sound package, and this sort of discussion may actually promote such (unless someone here uses it to undercut everyone else). With so many cable channels and an increasing number of our society receiving their entertainment via so many diverse internet channels, we will likely continue to see an increase of work, but at a lower rate. Sadly, the "golden" age of film production (and the rates we used to get) is over, however, comparatively speaking, we all can still do quite well. I find this fascinating. Studies have shown that there is no difference in a person's "happiness" who has only a "moderate" income, to that of a billionaire! Many of us (including myself) often think we would be happier with more money. But it is not so! So go ahead. Be shrewd, cleaver, and conduct you business wisely, but with honesty and integrity. Remember however, while you may end up with more stuff, your happiness with not likely improve. That comes from somewhere else! Tom
  19. I suspect you are already familiar with the BetaBox by Ravencourt. I love them when they work, however they will not fit every camera. The other negative is that they fit so nicely on the camera that it is easy to forget it's on there and you end up leaving for the day with it still attached. http://filmebase.pt/Ravencourt/index.html tom
  20. I've been giving this issue a lot of thought. What if you built a "y" cable from the camera return AND a second "y" cable (of sorts) that went to your IFB transmitter with an A/B switch that would in one position route X3/X4 to the IFB, and in the other position connect to the "y" cable of the camera return to the IFB? Tom
  21. Sadly, I believe you are correct. This does appear to be a hardware limitation, as well as the fact that you can not route return audio to the auxes. I have high hopes they (or some one else) may eventually offer a mod to make these things possible. Tom
  22. It looks like B&H has the same or similar deal. Tom
  23. How about this? http://tritonaudio.com/index.php?option=com_simpleshop&Itemid=30&cmd=product&product=13&catName=Pro%20Audio Tom
  24. That's what I have for my license plate. Really! Tom
  25. Check out this thread at Sound Devices forums. Apparently timecode on an audio channel is "on the list" to be included in a future firmware update. http://forums.sounddevices.com/forum/field-mixers/-633-mixer/30689-feature-request-tc-to-record-track-for-mp3-transcription Meanwhile, it is possible (howbeit a real pain) to take the timecode output of the 633, send it to an unused input, and route that input ONLY to say the left channel of the SD card and mono mix of the dialog to the right channel of the SD card, or something similar. Tom
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