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  1. Glen, Delighted to hear the good news. It certainly will be very convenient for me if I need additional gear or just want to have a look at the latest and greatest. The only annoying thing, as you mentioned, is now having to pay sales tax! Tom
  2. With my 633 I'm have a different problem with the SD slot. The sping works fine, but the card will not lock into place. So, when I push the card in, as soon as I let go the card pops back out. Occationally, after 15 -20 attemps, I can get the card to lock in place. For now, I'm just leaving the card in place and only removing the CF. I've contacted Sound Devices and will be sending them the unit for repair in a week or two when work slows down. If need be I can always use my 664 to cover me for the time the 633 is in the shop. I'm certainlly glad the 633 has tow card slots! Tom
  3. Absolutely! If all you want to do is "link" to the L/R on the 664, that would do it. In fact, it would be very desirable to connect to the 664 that way, otherwise you'd need to use a couple of the higher numbered TA3 inputs on the 664 and route ONLY those to the L/R. However, if you wanted to "link" 2 Solice Mini's together, you'd need a few more pins. Tom
  4. That might take a bit more than a TA5. Consider you need to link the following: Left Right Auxes PFL However access to all the busses would be a desirable feature. Tom
  5. Nathaniel, Thanks for suggestion. I just ordered one to check it out. Tom
  6. I almost always get a full day rate for travel, but never have I charged rental for that day. Tom
  7. I must say, I've had some issues with the DC2's when trying to use them off of a common 12 volt DC power supply on my cart. I have actually had 2 of them somehow damage a G3 transmitter and a G3 receiver, and in fact causing the "smoke" to be released and necessitating a service trip back to Sennheiser. Additionally the DC2's also burned out. I assume it is likely a grounding issue. When this happened I was clipping the G3's to the metal of my cart. I don't dare experiment any longer however. It's too costly to do so. Now, if I need to use a G3 on my cart, I use batteries in it and Velcro it to the cart. I'd sure like to solve this issue however. Nowadays, I only use the DC2's in my bag powered by an NP1. Tom
  8. I'm not very familiar with the Mackie Onyx 1620, however I agree the DB25's make so much sense, not only because they are balanced, but also the fact that that is what they are designed for (true direct outs) and that it is a quick disconnect! Tom
  9. Yes it does. However it really needs to hold 3 receivers for the 664 and 2 for the 633. I also would very much like to see such a product. I ended up building my own for the 633, but I would have MUCH preferred purchasing something. Building it my self was WAY too time consuming! Tom
  10. Paul, I'm not challenging your conclusion, but do you realize that you can build a custom snake to make use of the inserts that you can push ALL the way in to get direct outs? You probably already know this, but all you need to is connect the tip and the ring together on a 1/4" plug and that will give you your direct out, if you push it all the way in, without interrupting the insert on the Mackie. Then just tap the signal "+" from the tip/ring and the signal "ground" from the sleeve. Of course it will still be unbalanced, but its line level, and you're probably only sending it a few feet anyway so it really would not likely be a problem. Tom
  11. I must say, I try very hard to respect everyone's political opinion, and believe strongly that I may gleam some insights and ideas. I am very glad that we have a system of government that, at least to some extent, has a way to balance out the powers. While in my own mind I suppose I often think we would be better off if one certain party had their way, yet history has shown me that is not true! I am grateful for the differing opinions and for those who make us think twice and consider the consequences before we pass a law or embark on a project that my have an environmental impact. In fact, I would go so far to say that the "extremists" from just about any group are valuable and should be heard. That being said, if any of them got everything they wanted, we would be in big trouble. Yet it is exactly those type of people, who are so vocal, that allow us to achieve a balance. I personally have no problem doing business with those having political opinions opposed to mine. Yet I'm grateful that we have the right to choose either way. Even if I disagree, I respect the fact that they at least they seem to care, something that so many now days do not! I also believe that most of us want pretty much the same things, we just differ on how to achieve it! And philosophically the differences are great. But I do not view others as "evil" or "stupid". The worst word I'll use to describe them is "misguided", yet I believe most of them have good intent. And I am not omniscient; therefore I could be wrong, and I would do well to listen. Certainly stand firm on the causes you believe in, and oppose the causes you feel are leading us astray. But every now and then, step back and reconsider even those things. But always, always, always, show respect to other human beings. I don't understand how we can have such an enormous emphasis on tolerance, but it seems we are not willing to let that extend to others who have a differing political point of view. It seems to me that is one of the big problems in government right now. We are never all going to agree, but we do have a greater chance of learning to treat each other with decency, and that will go a very long way in making this land a much better place. Tom
  12. That's pretty much my system too! Tom
  13. Siddho, Are you using the Oktavas with the low cut filter module? Tom
  14. For shoots of 1 -3 days, and a cancellation time of 24 hours or less, I have almost always been able to collect a cancellation fee for ONE day rate. I usually have not been able to bill for cancellation of equipment. However, when the shoot is cancelled with less than 24hrs notice and rescheduled for another date, I will usually let the cancellation fee slide knowing that I will be working the job, just on a different day. Bottom line... my decision is on a case by case basis. How will my client react to a cancellation charge? Is this a regular client? Is there a strong possibility of more work with them? Do I like working with them? Did I turn down other work? Can they afford the cancellation fees? After all, they're just trying to make a living like the rest of us! Tom
  15. I suspect part of the concept is to be able to connect and disconnect quickly to something like the 664/633. Having multipin connectors certainly would aid in doing so. Tom
  16. What outputs were you using for the return lines from the cameras? "Most" camera return lines I've seen for location sound have usually been unbalanced. I have occasionally had the same problem. Of course, if everyone was using batteries only, you'd likely eliminate this this problem most of the time. Alternatively, you might (slim chance - but possible) get it to go away by using a grounded AC power supply with your 788! Sometimes there is no easy solution. Tom
  17. My last job with an Epic was 5 months ago, but I too could not get the camera to accept external timecode. Tom
  18. Yes. That is true. But it was extremely difficult to use the Oktava before the lo-cut module, and even with it, wind protection is still a major issue - even for interiors! (Not to mention the lo-cut filter increases the noise floor). You just can not swing the boom quickly regardless of what windscreen you're using. You also have to get a decent shock mount. The included "mount" is not suitable for our types of application. Tom
  19. Marc, I understand what you are saying and I too find it odd, perhaps even humorous! My underlining concern has nothing to do with the product or the codex, but rather is a reaction to the hatred that some seem to have towards the rich. The fact is most wealthy people are terrific philanthropists who often want to see the same opportunities available for other people. While we may at times argue about the "evil" rich conservatives, or the "evil" rich liberals, I truly believe most of them (not all) are doing what they believe to be the best for their country. They may be wrong, but most of them have good intentions. Right or wrong, I believe ALL people should be respected, even rich people (and yes even politicians we don't like!). Besides, why hate rich people? Most of us want to be just like them, and if one day we were to achieve their wealth, would we want people to think us as we now do of them? We have made such amazing progress towards "tolerance", but sadly it does not seem to apply to the wealthy or anyone with a differing political opinion. Of course, disagree and oppose anyone who you do not with feel is doing the right thing, but always treat them with decency and respect. Tom
  20. Well... sure. "It depends". However I'll take a shot at answering this. I've used the 012's for years. At times I love them and at times I hate them. The later being when I need to "swing" them around on a boom. For a static interview, I'm pretty happy with them and I don't think it will matter much if you get the cardioid or the hyper. None the less, I have found a few occasions where I will intentionally back the mic off further than need be to introduce a little more natural sound. You certainly can do the same if you feel the hypers reduce the ambience too much. My bigger concern would be if you have the mic locked down on a c-stand and the talent leans forward or side to side. In that case I'd opt for the cardioid. Either way, I don't think loosing "presence" will be an issue. If it is, just back the mic off a little. Tom
  21. Actually, according to a quick internet search, Neil Young's net worth is about $65,000,000. His music isn't bad, but he's certainly is not worth "hundreds of millions of dollars". Regarding the shape of the player, I fully agree. However today "style" seems to trump practicality. I suppose acceptance will largely be based on how "cool" it is perceived to be, Tom
  22. Very true Senator! There are plenty of guys out there that are not necessarily "excellent" at what they do, nonetheless they work all the time because they are likeable and easy to work with. Of course I'm not sure that applies to any of us sound guys! Tom
  23. Really! ALL the Radio Shacks (if they are corporate owned) that I have EVER been to carry the small parts. Although some of the mall stores I've been to carry a more limited selection. Perhaps it's just this area of the country. Tom
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