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  1. Hey Ande, I own 7 R1Bs. They are great units. Small, built like tanks. I put two on cameras today for scratch tracks, they don’t sound like Digital Rx, but for sync purposes they work great and sound much better than R1As. Batteries last about 8 hours. i bought mine in block 941, and use an SMV. Tc just needs to be able to do “IFB mode”. They work great for me in 941 as I have Betso bowties that have 700mhz low pass filters. someday I’ll buy two more. My clients love them as IFB. -Chris
  2. I just Boom Op’d for a feature using a URX100. Such a valuable tool! Range is damn good. Our setup was my mixer sent me his coms and mix to a Sony receiver and I had a cable to input into the URX’s TA5. 3.5mm to TA5. i sent the mixer com and mix (Sony Rx) to my right ear, tuned URX to my boom with ZMT3 phantom 2 and routed to left ear. I programmed in all the talent Tx freqs into URX presets and could easily toggle between any Zax Tx to listen to mic mounts and make adjustments. I just talked back to mixer with boom on this one, but walkies would
  3. There are videos of people remoting Rx with Dante. The one I watched was with a DSQD. Sorry don’t have link off the top of my head.
  4. I have 4017c and 4018c with Cosi’s. Couldn’t be happier with my choices. Sorry can’t speak for B preamp
  5. Hey who’s using R1b’s? I'm considering switching from my Sennheiser’s to an SMV and R1b’s in 941mhz. Just looking for some feedback. Cheers
  6. I rented for 5 years. Tried all kinds of gear out. Either I would get a kit from a rental house here in SLC, or the production had gear and wanted me to operate it. Eventually, I got sick of going through kits the night before. Making trips to pickup kit. Finding out broken things, or missing things. Or just the fact that there was a lot of tools out there that made my job easier but didn’t come with the rental kit. Would I take it back? No. I believe I was able to gain knowledge of the industry and tools before I made a significant investment such as this. So
  7. I leave all my ZMT3s at 75mw no issues so far.
  8. In my opinion antenna choice and placement does more than output power on Tx. with that said though, 250mw with car to car stuff helps.
  9. Hey I can’t speak for wisy, but if it’s anything like mode 3 to sennheiser... I don’t think you will like it if you are coming from Lectro to Lectro (NA400, NU, ).
  10. Dear lord. That is serious range.
  11. I have some Beyers two pair. They hype low end but isolate well. I wear them and listen to music when I mow the lawn
  12. https://www.mumidesign.com/collections/all/products/mini-zipp-pouches
  13. I decided to ditch the boxes I was using and found these pouches. Was able to free up a whole drawer on my cart, and I can carry way more on my stingray jr bag. picture with the boxed lav was what I used to do
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