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  1. Hey I can’t speak for wisy, but if it’s anything like mode 3 to sennheiser... I don’t think you will like it if you are coming from Lectro to Lectro (NA400, NU, ).
  2. Dear lord. That is serious range.
  3. I have some Beyers two pair. They hype low end but isolate well. I wear them and listen to music when I mow the lawn
  4. https://www.mumidesign.com/collections/all/products/mini-zipp-pouches
  5. I decided to ditch the boxes I was using and found these pouches. Was able to free up a whole drawer on my cart, and I can carry way more on my stingray jr bag. picture with the boxed lav was what I used to do
  6. If you can record a mix with and without NR you are good. If I’m doing post to something and the NR has already been done well, I might just use that track but I don’t have to.
  7. Yeah I feel that. I have a 688 and an 633, I’m thinking about going 888 with 2 D2’s and just have one kit.
  8. I dig them for sure. Pretty similar, maybe a bit better performance to the SNA600s, but I like them because there is no moving parts, the clamps they come with are nice and it comes with 4 cables too. Now I use my SNA600s for transmissions. The bow ties can transmit too though if needed. I’m only using bow ties on bag though. If I’m on my cart I use Betso Sharkies.
  9. Here’s my current pain and suffering:
  10. Glenn I’m looking forward to Thursday. I really love where you and your team’s heads are at. I have a few questions after spending a week with a Nova and some ZMT3s. I’m still considering a full Zax setup as I do a lot of reality TV/ Doc work. There are some things on the Nova that a bit confusing to me and I hope I could get them cleared up. Would I be able to ask questions on Thursday?
  11. I have a 85” Samsung Q80r, Devialet Phantom, and an Apple TV. Don’t have a theater room, but it’s in my living room. I really enjoy my setup
  12. Ah man wish I knew how this worked earlier! Thank you. Game changer If I could do this without my laptop, super slick
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