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    Motorcycles and sound crap.
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    Sound mixer in Salt Lake City, Utah. I enjoy motorcycles and I’m a bit of a gear slut.

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  1. The image I’m trying to upload is 4.2mb. directly took the pic from my iPhone. i just tried again. I get an error -200
  2. Doh. Maybe I should read better.
  3. It really doesn't weight very much at all so I synch it up just so it sits up higher on my chest, er belly. It's really comfy with the stingray harness. I bought this super lightweight orca harness, but its not so great. I bet the higher-end orca harness is great though.
  4. Yeah this is my mini kit. It’s not letting me upload a picture, but it’s just a Simpson framing metal strap I got at Home Depot. I think it was a couple bucks. Velcro! Velcro on the back of my phone, Velcro’d To the kit, TCX-2 is velcro’d.
  5. Hahah. I’ll keep that in mind next time! I completely understand now. Cheers!!
  6. Thanks Dalton. Can’t wait to show you guys my cart/bag setup soon.
  7. Ah thanks! I’ll keep that in mind next time to embed. Cheers!
  8. I thought it was funny, just a joke.
  9. Hey Sound People! Ive been a forum stalker for a while now and thought it would be good to start adding to the conversation. I guess I'll start off by embarrassing myself so I can just get that out of the way. https://youtu.be/cpT04m1HSgY Cheers
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