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    Currently trying to break into sound...Sound Mixer/ Boom Op and currently training and learning Post Production Mixing and Dialog Editing.
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  1. Hey David, Forgot to mention and update in my bio that I relocated to Washington DC, so I’m currently living there. Appreciate all the advice on the rental houses! That’s a great idea to get involved and become known to them, even if I’m a “nobody”. Thats totally fair and you make some excellent points. I have boomed for a couple of really cool mixers from DC, GA, and TX on a couple different shows, so while I lack experience, I still have just a little. Good to apply to what you’re saying though.
  2. Hey everyone! First off let me just say, reading all of your posts and comments to different people, wether just giving advice or answering questions, is super encouraging to someone who is new(ish) like I am. I just graduated from my university where I specialized in sound, post and production getting the opportunity to be the mixer on a small but professional feature, as well as now working on multiple short films. Post is where my passion is, but I love doing production sound whenever I can. I have some gear of my own, like my Mix-Pre 6, one super-cardioid mic from Audix, a boom pole, and some minor accessories, but I constantly feel like I can’t compare to some of you all who are just slinging huge bags and super cool toys. Obviously I will get there in time, but that is where my main question for this post stems from. I got a call from someone who is looking for a Sound Mixer for his production and it seems pretty legitimate. I’m just curious and asking for any advice you all have for someone who is just starting out but already has “some” relative experience. I sometimes just feel like if I had “x, y, z” then my confidence in doing the job I know how to do will increase. But considering I don’t know the in’s and out’s of renting gear, explaining what I have, renting kit from vendors and letting that be a kit- I just haven’t a clue how to proceed forward and which direction to move in. I feel stuck: how do I break into an industry or field without the gear that seems required to do so? Thank you to anyone who responds to this post. Appreciate it, everyone!
  3. Thank you all for replying. I am super new to the forum life and I think it is super cool to have a means of reaching out and finding specific answers to questions as well as building a community within my own niche. You all have been super helpful! I have decided to go with the Audix SCX1-HC. Seems like a sturdy little guy and will do for now!
  4. My boom op used a 5U Schoeps on a feature that I mixed and it sounded amazing. Wasn't my gear so I just got to taste glory for a moment. I have looked into purchasing an Oktava mic, and have been getting some suggestions from some people to get the mod, however I got literally made fun of once for going into, and not knowing that places like this existed at the time, a boutique sound store in NYC and asking if they had any Oktava Mk12 mics. Thank you.
  5. Hey everyone. First time poster here. I have been lurking for a little bit now and am inspired by the knowledge of everyone. That being said, I am currently trying to prep for a shoot and am looking to purchase a solid mic for some interior scenes that we will be doing that have plenty of dialogue. In the past, I have used a AT4053b, a solid Audio Technica Hypercardoid. However, I am looking to see what you all have used in the past or present based off of your experience, rather than internet reviews. My budget is pretty low end, not looking for Shoeps or anything near $1000. Probably a modest $450-$500 is my budget.
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