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  1. Just picked up a couple of the dpa 4018C's, what's the lowest profile boom suspension system - cinela or..? And also what are others using as for light wind protection (indoor / quick boom swings etc) as I understand the supplied foam pop shield not so good. Another other user notes welcome. Thanks and seasons greetings to all. C.
  2. no mixer info required, very much the over the shoulder one boom mic look. Thanks.
  3. Hi all, my next film includes a low budget film crew in the cast and props require an authentic looking period sound kit. Set up will be a simple rec / headphone boompole / mic kit. Interested in the following info if anyone can help: Model of Nagra (or other rec?) in common use then Boom Mic (presume 416) Mic suspension XLR connectors boompole (I have an old aluminum panamic doc boom that I bought 2nd hand in the early 90's..?) Headphones (poss have a pair of old DT48's but a more comfortable option maybe preferred!) Photos of any of it would be much appreciated also. Thank you! Chris.
  4. cjh

    RIP Eric Toline

    Hi Eric, never met you but read your helpful advice many times. Thank you for all you have done for our industry, much respect. Rest in a nice peaceful landscape, no looping up there eh.
  5. Thank you, will get in touch with Charlie and go from there. Cheers, C.
  6. One of my long service Denecke slates is intermittently not shutting off display when the sticks are closed. Any info on user servicing / what needs replacing appreciated as don’t have time to send off the the mother ship at mo. thank you! chris.
  7. Hi all, having a few issues with zmt tx’s zaxnet freezing and not responding to zaxnet unless power cycled. This seems to be happen more often when they have been set to remote standby mode and left for a while before being trying to wake them up. (A star appears on the lcd when this happens, not sure what that means...) What’s the user intel re the most stable zmt firmware for zaxnet, what firmwares are you using if you having no such zaxnet issues..? Love zaxnet! thanks, Chris.
  8. A mix of block 20 and qrx200 Rx's, most of my Tx's are 3.5 units. In the worst locations the clear chunks are barely 10mhz wide. IMO the perfect product would be a distro with at least 2 operator separate selectable bandpass filters which are output assignable. The DADM226 distro does this but only one programmable narrow band pass filter across all outputs.
  9. Hello all, using this time in lockdown to re build the my bag wireless set up, hoping you can throw come thoughts in! I currently have a blk 20 micplexer1 in a bag rig with QRX200 and block 20 QRX100 and RX900's. I would like to run my qrx200 in a different block and be able to vary that block dept on location etc. I understand using a wideband amplified distro on the 200 is not a good idea but what about an unamplified distro with medium filtering (like the BSRF-62,470-700mhz / 0 dB gain), would that not be the same result as just patching the shark fins directly into the QRX200? I am also working on the principal that it's better to use a clearer freq block with wider band antenna distro than it is to use a micplexer / narrowband distro in a busier block? Simple / cheap option is it to use passive minicircuits splitters, one output into the QRX200, the other output into the micplexer which feeds the block20 Rx's but I'd also like to be able to distro feed a lectro SR and be able to run powered antennas when I have long coax runs which is why I like the BSRF-62 distro option as it provides that flexibility. Set up primarily for remote loc drama using remoted shark fins. Cheers, Chris.
  10. I call the 72mhz plug in crystal ones Gen1, had these and audio quality horrible, range not great. Model I upgraded to (late 90's / early 2000's?) was same housing but fixed freq (mine comtek 12-6 band from memory, 203Mhz..?) and colour of Rx's was grey. These have been brilliant, much better "hifi" audio quality and very good range. (I call these the Gen 2's) Not sure the actual model numbers, still use them but they locked away in truck at studio and no access while in lock down. Have a current model 216 system as well but had interference issues using it in conjunction with Zaxnet, never had that prob with the "gen 2" model. Have discovered faulty antenna connection on 216 Tx tho so need to retest after that fixed as that could be letting in the RF interference.
  11. Have 3 generations of comtek, zaxcom erx and an R1a system but currently moving to the Sennheiser IEM system. I have a block 28 lectro system with 11 rx's that I can no longer use freq wise and the cost / time of re blocking them made it not worth it. Have been using a Senn G4 IEM system for sound crew for the last few jobs as a test and they perform well so going to replace my whole system with them. The one cart based Tx can send 2 mono signals on the one freq also which is very useful also. I do really like the quality of the zaxcom system and with an amp range is ok but the with the proliferation of 2.4ghz stuff on set now I want a system that is clear of 2.4 also. Still love my generation 2 fixed freq comteks which sound pretty good (a lot better than the original gen 1 comteks) but 1 by 1 the Rx's get lost and they're not replaceable.
  12. Hi, any more recent user reviews of rfof? RF venue optix 3 etc? Thanks, Chris.
  13. Have 2 of these and after not much use the PTT switches are intermittent, they seem impossible to remove / replace / clean, any other user reviews / fixes out there..? Thanks, Chris.
  14. Good to know, maybe a faulty antenna or cable connection letting RF in. Makes sense as even with no zaxnet range wasn’t as good as old system.
  15. I have only tried a 216 system while using cart rig with 1W zaxnet amp, that sounded pretty horrendous so didn’t test nomad bag mode option. My old original 216 fixed freq comtek system works no prob with all zaxnet power options including the amp so I thought the newer 216 stuff would be at least as good.
  16. Yes would very much like to know how they improved the zaxnet range and also improved the zaxnet 2k whine / rf spray so you can now use comtek 216 Tx etc. Presume / hope they will release a new stand alone zaxnet IFB Tx with these improvements also?
  17. Got a few mozegear Qbits on a recent job when the arrri mini's latest firmware decided it didn't want to play with the zax erx TC, they were cheap and available in the time window I required, they worked, held sync and are tiny but were sometimes hard to jam and the charging led's weren't super reliable so I'd prob go another way next time.
  18. If I replace my QRX100IFB with a QRX235 will the 235's bandwidth (block20) start at 512mhz like the QRX200 or is it still at 518mhz like the qrx100? Zax specs say its 518 mhz but after a user conformation in case it is a typo..? Thanks, Chris.
  19. Is audio being sent to monitors via embedded SDI? If so a work around maybe a headphone out of the dir's hand held rig. The SDI cables are worth a dbl check, even tho vid says they all good they may not be or one may have a termination issue etc, if it's unbranded cable it may well be lacking in RF insulation. Good luck! C.
  20. A collaborative costume dept is the main tool to get the best of situations like these, plus a cast member who is open to some experimentation of mic placement in order to capture their performance as best as possible. Whenever possible try and get an early look at the costumes so you can get a jump on anything that might be a problem, in the calm of offset and less pressured time other depts will be much more open and negotiable to sorting such things.
  21. to coin a new old phrase: Two's company, three's a crew.
  22. The slower on set pace a 2 person crew work at is only half the argument, to me a 3 person crew is as much about what that 3rd person can also offer as a fast deploy 2nd boom and onset problem solver which has a direct effect on the end result of the quality and usability of the production audio. My aim is to get the best audio possible and that is always my main discussion point when negotiating a 3rd or 4th person, on set work flow speed is also a valid argument but I use it as a secondary point, fair to say that is often the clincher in terms of production saying yes. It's all project and budget specific of course and sometimes a 2 person crew is acceptable but the project mentioned in this thread is definitely not one of those.
  23. With that cast every single mixer who gets offered that job should turn it down until a 2AS is confirmed.
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