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  1. Yes, you just made me remember. The SQN Mixers have sweet headphone amps indeed!
  2. Hello everybody. I have several Sanken COS11D wired by a local audio shop for the Audio LTD A10 transmitters. Now I found that sometimes when quick dropping the TX in someones pocket, I get very nasty high frequency RF noise. When I take the TX out and get the cable of the COS11D away from the whip antenna, it goes away. I could reproduce this by coiling up the cable once or twice, holding it parallel to the antenna and moving it towards it. "Works" everytime. Its really bad when the TX is on high power, but also on low power it is noticeable. This does not happen with my DPA6060s - I can wrap that cable around the antenna if I wanted to and no noise at all. Has anybody had similar problems? Maybe the COS11D is wired wrong, so the "RF immunity" of the D series that Sanken says it has does not work properly? Anyone with knowledge on correct wiring for A10s and RF rejection? Any help is appreciated! Thank you
  3. Thanks, very interesting! I would love to see this too for other manufacturers. DADM226DT would be interesting, as it also has the feature of changing the filter band
  4. I asked a local reseller and he told me the DCHT cuts off hard at 10.5 I also heard they raised that number by a firmware update? Or is all of this incorrect? Thanks
  5. Was anybody able to compare the Orca Harness to the KSHRN3? really interested....
  6. Im also looking for a new harness to prevent damaging what hasn't been damaged already. Would also love to see a detailed comparison between the two.
  7. Does anyone know how the filters in the Nova / Micplexer compare to the ones in Audio Wireless's DADM226DT ? I find the DADM226's filtes are not too steep, even if the bandpass window is smaller than Zaxcoms (25 vs 35 MHz), I still find transmitters over 100Mhz away (reduced in RF power of course but still there) Thank you!
  8. It was recommended to me by Zeigermann Audio - also interested if someone has experience with this.
  9. Anyone any experience with the DADM226-Digitally Tuned? https://www.audiowireless.co.uk/online-store/AW-Digitally-Tuned-Diversity-Antenna-Distribution-Module-DADM226-DT-p137689118 maybe with this? https://www.audiowireless.co.uk/online-store/AW-LPDA-Diversity-Antenna-470-750MHz-LPDA-DIV-p90952468
  10. mano

    Kortwich microphones

    Thanks for the answers so far. Yes, in fact Im looking for something small, Fig8 that keeps me from spending money on a Schoeps, which adds a Side to the MKH50. Thanks for the russian link, I'll look into it!
  11. Hello everybody! I wanted to know if anybody has experience with the Kortwich line of microphones? They have some interesting designs. I'd be interested in the MS/Stereo combo mic, the NierePro version for transmitters and the KugelPro version for cars (maybe the better Cub?) I never heard them, but on the website they state something like "gain of a Sennheiser, sound of a Schoeps" Anybody got some real life experience with those? Here's a link: https://www.shop-ftt.de/de/kortwich-produkte/mikrofone Greets from Austria
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