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  1. He told me that too, I just wasn't sure how wide spread it was. He said it was the next thing they had planned for expanding the line up. When those come out I will definitely be looking into getting a pair of the custom molded version.
  2. I tried them at Trew Audio Nashville about a month ago. Glen was telling another mixer and I about how they mimic the Sony MDR-7506 which is not my daily driver anymore, changed over the the HD-25s. We did a side by side comparison of the Mynas and a set of 7506's that were both fed through a stereo split and to my ears I liked the Mynas better. Not a real world test, but I did like the quality and the natural isolation provided.
  3. For mine I used some extra 1/2" (12.7mm) plywood that I had and some corner brackets. Allowing for a dual level where the bricks for the chargers and the power strip and extra cabling are all hidden, but have enough airflow to where they don't overheat. The cables in the upper right are for charging Tentacle Sync E's or other USB-C devices.
  4. So, it's not the cheapest solution, but, have you considered the Aputure MC? The back is magnetic, it has a 1/4"-20 Female thread on the bottom, charges wirelessly or over USB-C. Fully controllable as far as light temp and intensity are concerned. if you're on a show right now they might have some you could check out. I just got two in the mail today after being on a short with them for a few days. My plan is to mount one to the top of my cart with a Dinkum clamp and use the other to magnet to the underside of the deck of my cart to light cases, drawers, the surrounding floor. https://www.adorama.com/apmrrgbl.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw9_mDBhCGARIsAN3PaFP-tGRNeDe1X1AqNr3py_TtWbJVsIziTaqSD3dcFoXVqAKQrDA7GbEaAivmEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds&utm_source=nmpi-google-dsa
  5. Thanks for the recommendations! I went by Trew in Nashville this morning and picked some up iPower 9v's and with the help of Zach was able to run tests on a set they had in stock to confirm it fixed the issue. If you are looking to avoid the issue, the ones I was using were the EBL Li-Ion 600mAh 9v model 6F22. They don't seem to cause any issues in the Rx, but is problematic in the Tx.
  6. This is actually a fix and not a question. I’ve been having issues with a M-216 transmitter sending out a consistent ticking sound. I tried everything to fix it and it ended up being the rechargeable battery that was causing the issue. Switching to an alkaline battery immediately fixed it. Related, if you have a brand of 9V that doesn’t give you an issue, I’m taking recommendations, haha!
  7. While I don't have specific experience with these two products, though I do currently have the two transmitters on order, I would say that conventionally minimizing additional points of failure is the upside of the MTB40S. The MTB40S also about $250 USD cheaper than the MTP40S alone. I would also imagine that with the CAL48 cable it ends up being the same weight or slightly heavier. The MTP40s is ~138g with the battery and the PHA48 is 100g and the MTB40s is 250g with the battery. I can't find the weight spec for the CAL48, but I would believe it's more than 12g.
  8. K-tek makes a product called Boomshine, you can buy it at Trew and other audio stores. I literally just cleaned my 12' pole with it an hour ago and it is prefect for keeping it clean and retracting/extending smoothly.
  9. This exact model you can also get at The Container Store, that is where I got mine for my Rock n' Roller
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