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    Small sound company. 633, Tentacle, Denecke, Schoeps 641, Sennheiser 8060, Lectrosonics UM series, COS11-D, DPA Discreet,TRAM, Rode, Comtek, Anton Bauer.
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  1. Absolutely the RODE NTSF & VIDEO mic X are good substitutes. I like the sound of my kit, but wondering if I'm using it correctly in some circumstances. See how it says "Front up". That's the position I mount the mic, straight-up facing a band, with "front" facing me. I haven't had time to test it the other way around, anyone know for sure? I'll check Senn site to see... (soon)
  2. Great hack hold vertical! If Denecke made a reasonable priced water-proof bag for the TS-C, I'd take a look.
  3. Here are images of my Ambeo VB mic. It's connected to a MixPre10T. The mixer has a plug-in for the Ambeo. Notice the VU meter, the mixer records 2 file formats A and B (selectable). Recommended wind protection is the Rycote BBG 25mm. The dead cat is sold separately. I'll try to answer any questions. Leo Here is a video that was recored in a very echoey stone church. Ambeo was 30 feet from talent. https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/659411467 11.psd
  4. This is my Ambeo VR Mic kit. I use the Sennheiser Ambeo VR to record sounds. The stereo separation sounds awesome in VR, but I use it for rich, immersive sound in stereo-rocks. I use the Sound Devices Mix Pre 10T because it is one of a few mixers the Ambeo pretty much sets it's all perimeters for 4 channels linking. The Zoom F8 also works like the Mix Pre. I'll be posting samples on FreeSound. I have the 4 XLR connectors set with a stress loop using small zip ties. I run the mics multi-pin connector to a small hatch door at the bottom of the Porta Brace bag. This allows fast connection of the mic to the recorder, without plugging in the flimsy XLR plugs (1-4). I have my headphones in pocket 2 and a 5 ft cable with the DIN12 male and female connectors. The kit cost around $3300. If your into recording sounds this great. I was using the RODE stereo mic (big round one), but there's no comparison to sound. This mic is great to record live music. I also use an AKG C411PP small contact mic on this kit.
  5. leo153

    Sound carts

    I've been using the OR48 from Orca. In my video I said the case weighs 50 lbs. packed, but my friend said it was more like 30 lbs. Works great for the jobs I do... $600 US.
  6. If you have Lectrosonics transmitter this small mic is great in the cars visor. It is pricy but worth it. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/915811-REG/peter_engh_pe_1001_6_miniature_omni_gooseneck.html?ap=y&smp=y Example...
  7. I got my 6060's- they are terrific. Glad to hear about URSA straps coming- thanks.
  8. Amen Brother! I ordered 1 to be sure, now I have 5 on order. Awesome tiny mic. I don't recommend the $30+ 8 way clip- useless. The "dot" connectors are too expensive at $100, I mix and match pack types, Lectro & Sony. I love the clarity. Leo
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